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Romania - Serbia 14.10. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips



In the fourth round of the UEFA League of Nations League From October 14, 2018 at 16:00 Romania will play against Serbia at the National Stadium.


The first two rounds of Romania held a draw with their rivals in the fourth group. This allows the team to be in third place, with two points scored. The first meeting was held against the leader of the table of Montenegro, and ended with a dry 0-0. After that, the Romanians had to make a difficult trip to Serbia, where they excelled in a productive game, but the match ended in a draw, with a score of 2-2. In general, the "Chickens” have a great confrontation on their lawn, where they rarely lose.

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Serbia deservedly takes the second place in the table and scored four points over the past tours. The first standoff for the Serbs went away against the Lithuanian outsider, where the players managed to outplay their opponent, with a minimum score of 1-0. The next was a match with Romania at the home stadium, and it ended in a draw.


Serbia played against Romania three times and during this period of history has never yielded to an opponent. Both teams look good in the last games, but in their field the Romanians are motivated, but the Serbs are higher class and level, I think the teams will play effectively. Bet: TB2.


Forecast: TB (2) with a coefficient of 1.6

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On Sunday afternoon, the League of Nations group stage will take place in Bucharest, in which the national teams of Romania and Serbia will meet.


In September, these teams played a draw (2: 2), but maybe someone will win in the second leg?


Romanian national team recently does not shine, and in the League of Nations is not particularly obtained from the team. Yes, draws with Montenegro (0: 0) and Serbia (2: 2) cannot be called a failure, but it is hardly a success. It is worth noting that a couple of days ago, the Kosmin Contra wards successfully won back against Lithuania (1: 2), but this is a national team of the wrong level ...

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But the Serbian national team seriously claims to win in the group, while Montenegro remains the main competitor. Nevertheless, the wards of Mladen Krstaich declared themselves in the course of the selection for the 2018 World Cup, so that now they will "tear” all rivals. Well, it is worth noting that on the road Serbs are well defended and miss extremely rarely


Bookmakers almost do not allocate any of the teams, which is not entirely logical. Yes, the Serbs on Thursday had a difficult duel, but fatigue in such matches is nothing. Well, the guests are frankly better in the game, so you should bet on them ...


Free match forecast for Romania - Serbia: "Serbia's victory with a handicap of 0”. Bookmaker William Hill offers high odds and an extensive line of football matches.

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There are four teams in the 4th League C group. The national team of Romania with its 5th points still ranks second. The gap from today's opponent is two points.


The team of Cosmin Contra before the start in the League of Nations had a great practice in friendly matches. Total played four and won everything. Although rivals were strong teams, for example, Sweden (1: 0) and Chile (3: 2).

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Directly in the official UEFA tournament, the "Carpathian guys” did not drive the horses and started with two draws: against Montenegro at home (0: 0) and against Serbia at the exit (2: 2). In the third round, they beat Lithuanians 2: 1.


In Vilnius, there was a dramatic ending. "Tsiplyata” opened the scoring in the 13th minute and led up to the 90th. But suddenly Lithuania scored the second, and the Romanians had to turn inside out to score the victory. You're back. We won.



The Serbs are leading the quartet of the 4th group with seven points. Plus, the "white eagles" the best goal difference: five goals and two missed. Favoritism there.


And the Serbian national team began to prove it from the first official matches after the World Cup. On the Mundiale, by the way, the team of Mladen Krstaich did not matter: two losses and the third place in the group.

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In the first round of the League of Nations "white eagles" minimally overcame Lithuania (1: 0). The account is deceptive; so you understand: 23-9 by strikes and 10-2 by hitting the target. A draw against the Romanians in the second round (2: 2) is rather an omission than an acquisition, because the Serbs also dominated the field.


In the last match so far, the team of Mladen Krstaich confidently outplayed Montenegro 2: 0 on the road. Twice more strikes (12-6), but fouls are significantly more (20-15).


Although in general, the Serbian national team began to gradually improve: if, at the World Cup, it violated the rules on average 15 times per game, then in the League of Nations it is already 12.3 times.

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Forecast: "Both will score”


If the match was held in another place, there would be no questions about the bet. However, the Romanians play decently at home: in the last ten matches there is only one defeat - from the Netherlands.


True, and the Serbs on the road do not miss - similar statistics (one loss in the last ten matches on foreign fields.


Forecast: "P2 in 1 ball or X”

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In view of this scenario, we offer two bets: "Both will score” for 1.88 and "P2 in 1 ball or X” for 1.85.

In the framework of the 4th round of the League of Nations, the Romanian national team will fight with the Serbian team. Both teams approach the upcoming game in good spirits, after victories on Thursday, and both the "tricolor” and the "white eagles” managed to win away, scoring two goals against their opponents.

Five points

After three rounds in the assets of the Romanian team five points. First, the "tricolor” tied with the Montenegrins and the Serbs, then on the road they defeated the Lithuanians 2: 1. In the standings, the future owners are located on the second line, in case of success on the coming Sunday, the Romanians will surpass the Serbs in the standings, will lead the peloton.

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Need to keep the advantage

Serbs need to keep two handicap points in front of the Romanians. In addition to leaving for Bucharest, "Orlam” will have two home matches against Lithuanians and Montenegrins, given that the guys of Krstiich defeated both the first and second away, the Serbs have a direct route to Division B and continue the fight for a ticket to Euro 2020. With Montenegrins, Mitrovic gave an excellent match, who scored twice with the result, the Serbs won 2: 0. In the tournament group 4 Serbia in the first place, 7 points in the asset.


The Serbian national team will come to Bucharest to play number two, the draw will completely satisfy the guests, there is no doubt that the guys of Krstaich will "dry the game”. In Romania, the attack is not the strongest in Europe, in Belgrade it turned out to score twice, but then the Serbs played the first number, attacked, now there will be a completely different situation. Our free forecast for this meeting: TM 2.5

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