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Republic of Korea - Mexico 23.06.2018 Free fixed predictions

South Korea
"Asian Tigers" started the tournament in Russia with a defeat of the Swedish national team 0: 1. "Blue-yellow" completely outplayed the wards Sin Tae Yong: 15-5 on the blows. In this case, football players of South Korea have never hit the opponent's goal.
The remaining components seemed to be competitive: on the angular 6-5, on penalties 21-20. Confuses a large number of fouls. If, for the Asian selection, "Daeju warriors" on average violated the rules 13.13 times, then in a duel with Sweden - 23 times! However, there were also the usual elements of the game of South Koreans. This is a low landing of all players. For all 90 minutes, Asians only once caught the Swedes in an offside trap. Themselves in it never hit.
Mexicans gave one of the most important sensations of the current tournament in Russia. Victory over Germany, albeit minimal, but quite deserved.
The first time in the performance of the "tricolor" was simply gorgeous. The arrangement of 4-2-3-1 was perfect for countering the German attack and contributing to its own. For the first time the national team of Mexico ten times had a chance to score. Almost everything is after counterattacks.

As a counteraction, the "green" chose a low pressure on their own half, which resulted in a small number of offsides for Lev's players - only one. However, this is typical for the team from North America.
On average, the national team of South Korea fell into the offside 1.28 times. Rivals caught on average once per game. Such a low location Sin Tae Yong considers the most profitable for his team. Mexicans are a faster team.
But they do not indulge in high pressure very often. The average number of offsides they have is at the level of 1.8 per game. The rival is caught even less often - 1.6 times per game. There is a second round, therefore we do not think that the coaches will change something in tactics.

South Korea

"Asian Tigers" in qualifying for the Mundial were the best, having painted the world with China, and also having defeated North Korea and Japan. The country of the rising sun went to Russia from the second position, but already managed to beat the Colombians. The Koreans had to perform no worse, but their attempts in the match against Sweden did not even have one point.
The Scandinavians had the whole fight with an advantage, the legitimate result of which was the penalty they realized. In fact, the "red devils" with one foot are already out of the tournament. There are no prerequisites to the fact that the players will somehow outplay the Mexicans, and then suddenly defeat the Germans. In football, miracles happen, but this is clearly not the case.

"Three-color" in the starting round of the World Cup created yet the main sensation of the tournament. The guys managed to restrain the onslaught of attacks by the current world champions, and also to excel in their goal with a productive blow. The Germans had a territorial advantage, but often came to a dead end in the final phase of the attack. "Green" perfectly acted in defense, and in the likeness of the springs they fired counterattacks, one of which became scoring.
Encouraged by the victory over such a serious opponent, the wards of Juan Carlos Osorio now have no right to block in the next two duels. Victoria in the upcoming match will open the doors for them in the 1/8 finals, and then the result in the match with Sweden can not be thought of. However, if the team wants to leave the group from the first place, then it needs to take the maximum points in each battle.
Forecast for this match

South Koreans looked good in the selection for the Mundial, but when they arrived in Russia they realized that the rivals were much more serious than in Asia. They have poorly shown themselves in the match against the Swedes, why there is no hope that the team will give the fight to the team that defeated the current world champion. Future guests are torn to 1/8 - stopping them will not be easy.