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Reliance on statistics Over / Under

Reliance on statistics Over / Under

Betting type below / above provide an excellent opportunity for profit, but before it has a lot of depth to analyze statistics for teams scored and goals conceded. The most important thing is to see the average number of goals scored and allowed by both teams in the season. If both teams scored an average of one goal in matches, then you can expect a lower result in a future match between them. You may look at the percentage of matches of both teams finished under / over 2.5 goals this season. Some teams just do less effective than other games - whether because of weak or strong attack protection.

Another area of ​​research prior to bet above or below certain goals can be statistics from recent matches between the two teams. Sometimes the trend is clearly visible - for example, in almost all meetings between the teams have scored more than 2.5 goals. This fact will tip the scales to high effective meeting, and if the last matches of the teams in the championship are such the bet over 2.5 goals becomes even more appetizing. Another thing affecting betting over / under is a clear trend movements as the host, respectively guest. For example, the host may not be good form in recent matches and scoring many guest. All these statistics can give you direction for a match to make a more informed choice.

News teams


Keeping track of the latest news from the teams is also very important. While dry statistics can be given to one of the teams, injuries and penalties also play an important role and should be taken into consideration before putting the slip. Do not underestimate the importance of the news - watch them periodically for things that can tip the balance towards one or the other factor. For example, if the user is a team goalkeeper is injured or suspended, and therefore can not participate in the match, the chances an opponent score increase.