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Real Valladolid - Barcelona 25.08. Free fixed tips



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In the opening match of the new Spanish season, Barcelona at its largest football arena in Europe "Camp Nou" hosted a modest Basque Alaves. But, despite all the efforts of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Usman Dembele and their partners, in the first half the current team of the famous Barca defender of the ninetieth Fernandez Abelardo successfully defended. And because of the break rivals left when the score - 0: 0.

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The situation changed with the beginning of the second half, when the helmsman Ernesto Valverde made a very interesting substitute for right-wing defender Nelson Semed on the winger Philippe Coutinho. After this substitution, Sergi Roberto, who played in the position of right midfielder Sergi Roberto, went into the line of defense, and his place was taken by the Brazilian playmaker, who naturally focused on the attacking actions. Thus, the classical 4-3-3 scheme was very quickly transformed into an equally classic 4-2-4, and, starting from the 64th minute, the balls flew to the visitors gate one by one (1: 0, 2: 0 and 3 : 0).



The authors of the three goals scored by the current champion of Spain were Lionel Messi (2) and Philippe Coutinho. Simultaneously, the Argentine genius was named the best player of the match with the highest possible score - 10.00.


And now Ernesto Valverde's team goes on a visit to the debutant Valladolid. The club from Castile was absent in La Liga four years (2014). During this time, "violets" have passed from the outsider to the favorite of the second in the status of the Spanish division. And according to the results of last season, the team Sergio Gonzalez became a member of the transition tournament favorites. Having beaten Gijón Sporting in the semi-final - 5-2 (3: 1 and 2: 1) and in the final Numancia - 4: 1 (3: 0 and 1: 1), after a four-year break, Valladolid returned to the elite of Spanish football.

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In view of the long absence of the club from Castile in La Liga, the last meeting of today's rivals for the Camp Nou took place on October 6, 2013, and ended with a completely natural victorious hosts with a crushing score - 4: 1. And now, even despite the status of a guest match, the experts' opinion is unequivocal: P1 - 13.00, P2 - 1.16.



In the match named above, the authors of the goals scored were players who are no longer in the Catalan club. This is Alexis Sanchez (2), Xavi and Neimar. Over the past four years, Luis Suarez, Usman Dembele and Filipe Coutinho have become successive partners for Lionel Messi. And because now Barcelona is also a favorite in matches with many clubs of La Liga.

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Our forecast is the victory of Barcelona with a handicap (-1.5) for 1.53.


Valladolid started with a dry draw with Girona on the road. But this draw was such that it was quite to itself to turn into a major fiasco. Control of the ball was not absolute, but only two blows in the direction of someone else's gate versus 16 from the enemy - a drop in the sea, as they say. Although before the match from Valladolid, no one expected a miracle, the club bookmakers were exposed to the six. Last season after a string of eight defeats in personal matches at home Valladolid won with a score of 1: 0, but did it no less by accident than in the first round of this season with Girona.

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Barcelona also started more than confidently, having defeated Alaves in her arena. It seems to be nothing new in the victory with a score of 3-0, except that the fact that Alaves is a very uncomfortable opponent for Barcelona and pre-match hands had to deliver a lot of problems and score a goal even, but in the end an easy victory with a score of 3: 0 . For such a game, Valladolid will not even be noticed here.


Closing Saturday game night of the 2nd round of the Spanish Examples will be a match between Valladolid and Barcelona.

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The last time these teams met in the season of 2013/2014, when they exchanged home victories - 4: 1 and 1: 0. I wonder what awaits us in this season?


Valladolid last season played in Segunda, and in the example came only because of an excellent performance in the playoffs. However, in the summer Sergio Gonzalez did not receive a decent increase, which is why the team is unlikely to be able to stay here. Whatever it was, but in the first round of "pusela" on the road played a draw with Girona - 0: 0.


But Barcelona had an excellent off-season, although it also did not intensify. Nevertheless, in the new season, the wards Ernesto Valverde even managed to win the Spanish Super Cup - 2: 1 with Sevilla. Well, in the example of "blue garnet" quietly at home beat Alaves, but only thanks to the efforts of Messi - 3: 0 and double Messi.

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Bookmakers are almost confident in the victory of Barcelona, ​​because the level of the teams is very different. In addition, the guests are now in great shape, but the hosts simply can not score. Most likely, the "blue-pomegranate" will simply dominate the whole match, so they must win very confidently ...


Free forecast for the match Valladolid - Barcelona: "Victory of Barcelona with a handicap -1.5." On this outcome, the betting office WinlineBet offers a coefficient of 1.53.

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In the second round of the championship of Spain, Real Valladolid, the newcomer of the Spanish elite, will take on his field Barcelona, ​​Spain's strongest team of last season. The obvious favorite of the opposition bookmakers see future guests, Barca very confidently entered the season, has already acquired a trophy, in the first round, defeated a weak opponent in the home match.


The first pancake did not come out lumpy

Real Valladolid started the championship in Catalonia, on the field of Girona, which itself spends in the elite only the second season. But it is worth saying that the Catalans for a long time were in the cage of applicants for a place in the zone of the League of Europe, only at the very end gave way to the European Cup more eminent Seville. Real Valladolid stood at 0: 0, has already acquired the first points in the new season.


Confident victory

Barca in Tangier won the match for the Spanish Super Cup at Seville, although the "nervyonense" in that game was the first to excel. After that, "blaugranas" at the "Camp Nou" defeated Boca Juniors in the Gamper Cup, and after the same result they beat Alaves in the first round of the championship of Spain. In that match, Messi made a double, also distinguished Coutinho from the transfer of Arthur.

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Barca equally successfully plays both in native walls, and on a visit, the current form of "барсиков" excellent that is visible by results. In addition, do not forget that there is a decent difference between the competitors in the class. While Barca plays only in the championship, the Catalans will try to make a reserve not only in terms of points scored, but also on the difference of goals scored and conceded. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory of Barcelona with a handicap -1.5 -1.51


August 25 at 23:15 at the stadium "Jose Sorrilla" will be a match of the second round of the new season Examples of Spain, where Valladolid will take Barcelona.


Real Valladolid last season played in the championship Segunda, and with earned 67 points the club finished the season 2017/18 on the 5th place of the standings. During the summer off-season "white-purple" held on the field 7 friendlies, of which there were 3 winning games, 1 losing game and 3 draws. This year on the home field "pusela" played in 12 games, including 8 wins, 1 loss and 3 draws. In the opening match of the first round Valladolid and Giron were unable to open the account, and the match ended with a score of 0: 0.

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Barcelona champion of last season Examples, with an asset of 93 points finished in the 1st place in the standings. In the summer, the "leopard" played two control matches, which both won at home and away Barcelona. In the summer games of the international champion's cup "blue-garnet" played 3 matches, of which 1 won after a penalty shootout, and 2 took a defeat. Just wards Ernesto Valverde won the Super Cup of Spain. At the exit Barcelona held 16 matches, which ended in 7 wins, 3 defeats, 6 draws. In the first round of the new season Examples of "leopard" won at home field Alaves with a score of 3: 0. Real Valladolid - 1: 0.


Football clubs in the last matches were won by everyone in their field, although they met in the distant 2014. Now the Catalans are unconditionally favorites. Bet: the victory of Barcelona with a handicap - F2 (-2).

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Forecast: F2 (-2) with a coefficient of 1.84


The calendar of starting tours for Blaugranas turned out to be very easy - already in the second game in a row they will have to play against the candidate for the flight. Despite the exit status of the confrontation for the Catalans, their victory is read even before the match begins.


In the first round of the La Liga, Valladolid managed to defend his away Zero draw against Girona. This result is considered to be positive for a beginner and one of the main contenders for a drop in the class. But in the game from another Catalan team to catch on points will be very difficult. Here, it is necessary for Violetov to show himself on the best side, in order to gain a long-term confidence in his own abilities.

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Barcelona confidently dealt with Alaves, sending three unanswered goals to the opponent's gate in the second half. Again a brilliant game showed Lionel Messi, without which the wards Valverde look not so impressive. If the Argentinian demonstrates himself on the best side already on the next Saturday, Blaugranas is almost guaranteed to write to himself in the asset three points.


Back in the Segund, the defense of Valladolid was the main problem of this team. And in the Example it will become even more difficult. Especially - against the best attack of the country. So there is no need to doubt the confident victory of Barcelona.


The victory of Barcelona with a handicap (-1.5) at 1.5

Free fixed tips

Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 2nd round of the championship of Spain Valladolid - Barcelona, ​​which will be held at the Estadio Municipal Jose Zorrilla stadium on Saturday, August 25, beginning at 23:15 (MSK).



The favorite in this game, of course, is Barcelona, ​​which bookmakers predict a major victory. In the first round, she confidently defeated Alaves in her field - 3: 0. All three goals Barca scored after the break, and a double in its composition was noted Lionel Messi. Since the middle of April last year, Barcelona lost just one match in the league championship, winning 36 wins and nine draws. It was a defeat from Levante in Valencia in the penultimate round of the last championship of Spain. It is also the only one in the last 22 guest matches in La Liga with 15 wins and six draws. By the way, in 10 of 22 of these fights Barcelona scored at least three goals. Including in the specified match with the Levant she scored four goals, but missed five and lost.

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Valladolid returned to La Liga after a four-year absence. In the first round, he played a 0: 0 draw against Girona. Given his last season in La Liga, Valladolid won just 4 of the 23 previous games in the tournament. And all the victories were domestic and with the same score 1: 0. By the way, the last five victories of Valladolid in La Liga were won by him in his field and without a missed goal. Eight of Valladolid's last victories in La Liga were without goals, and eight of the last nine wins were home games.



In the 2013/14 season, when Valladolid flew out of La Liga, he and Barcelona exchanged home victories. In particular, Valladolid won in his field with a score of 1: 0. Prior to that victory, he lost to Barca eight consecutive meetings and could not win her 12 duels in a row, having suffered nine defeats and three draws.

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Specialists site Bukmeker.rf predict the victory of Barcelona, ​​believing that it will score in the opponent's gate more than two goals. In the bookmaker office 1xStock predict the victory of Barcelona with a score of 2: 0 or 3: 0 (the coefficients are 6.00 and 6.50 respectively). The bets on the individual total of Barcelona more than 2.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 1.77.



victory of Valladolid - 15.88, draw - 7.31, victory of Barcelona - 1.18

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