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Real Betis - Levante 17.08 Free soccer tips



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On Wednesday, we will wait for the UEFA Super Cup game, in which Real will fight with Atletico. Interestingly, last season the teams crossed twice, but the winner could not be identified - 0: 0 and 1: 1. What will end this meeting? We'll figure out.


"Blancos" last year spent the game blurred, but the team again won the trophy of the championship League. Now the team is being instructed by Lopetegi, who has not received much reinforcement, except Courtois. The club took part in the MCC, and then looked pretty good - 1: 2 rebounded from "MU", and after 3-1 beat "Juve" and 2: 1 "Roma".

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"Matresses" finished the last season second, but won the trophy LE. Summer Simeon got a little reinforcement, but in fact the team remained the same. In the course of the MCC, the team held three confrontations, but looked extremely mediocre.


Forecast for the match "Real" - "Atletico", 1X. Preferably look "creamy", which demonstrate a good, attacking football. But the "mattress" has problems with the game. Most likely, it is the first team that will play better, and will not lose.


In the past season, Betis surprised everyone and took the 6th line of La Liga, losing to Villarreal only 1 point. In the new season Kike Network will lead a slightly updated line-up, because a couple of leaders left, and their place was taken by less expensive newcomers. And now in the sparrows "beticos" have already managed to show their worth, but often the team misses ...

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At the same time, Levante finished last season in the rank of the 15th team of the championship, which is not worth bragging about. In the summer, the leadership bought Munisu many newcomers, but there was not a single "star" (just strong guys, able to strengthen any middle peasants). And here in the summer in the friendly matches of the "frog" they showed only that they can skip a lot ...


On the eve of the fight bookmakers are more inclined to win Betis, which is quite fair. In fact, "Betikos" is more powerful, and prepared for the season better. In addition, the guests miss too much, so I'll put a couple of goals from the hosts ...

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Free forecast for the Betis-Levante match: "The individual total Betis is more than 1.5". On this outcome 1XBet bookmaker offers a coefficient of 1.83.

On the seventeenth the opposition of the first round of La Liga will take place, in which the Betis will fight with the Levante. Five extreme fights between them culminated in the triumph of today's hosts. Will the guests break this series? We'll figure out.


"Betikos" pleasantly surprised in the past game year, as he finished on the sixth line. Soccer players actively prepared for the new season by sparring. The team's rod remained the same, but newcomers also appeared. So far, the main problem of the team is that they often miss.

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"Frogs" finished fifteenth, so there is nothing to rejoice about. In the cage of Munis appeared new players, that's only powerful was not particularly. During the summer sparring, they proved their inconsistency because they often missed a lot.


Forecast for the match "Betis" - "Levante" TB1.5 from the hosts. Given all the circumstances, it is unlikely that guests will keep their gates dry. We put a couple of balls from the side of the first team.


The second match of the Spanish example will be a duel between Betis and Levante. This meeting will be held in Seville at the stadium "Benito Villamarine", and the hosts are the clear favorites of the pair. It is worth paying attention to the fact that Betis in the preseason showed very decent results, but Levante recently more often pleased than the other way around.

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In Europe


Last season, Betis selected a place in the zone of the Europa League, the Sevillians in the standings The examples ranked higher than the main enemy, Sevilla. In 38 games, "cucumbers" scored 60 points in their assets, in home games statistics was this: + 10 = 4-5, 35:31 goal difference. In the last four products Betis only won, the "white-green" were stronger than Bournemouth, Cardiff City, Frosinone and La Palmas, during this period the hosts missed only two goals with 11 goals scored.


They saved the residence permit

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In the Levante last season was not so successful, the "frogs" took only 15th place in the peloton Examples, but at the same time they retained their position in the elite, and more than confidently. On the road team from Valencia in 19 games managed to win only 4 times, scoring 19 goals with 30 missed. In three final control meetings, Levante won twice in the penalty shootout of Albacete and Zaragoza, and was also stronger than Heerenveen 3: 1.



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Betis is a strong home team that will do everything possible to win the first round of the Spanish championship. Moreover, in the rivals of "cucumbers" the middle peasant Levante, who plays weakly outside his native walls. Our free forecast for this meeting: Betis Victory 1.80

In one of the fights of the first round of the Spanish examples will fight Real Betis and Levante. In both meetings of last season's teams, the victory was won by "green and white". I wonder if the guests will be able to impose an opponent on the upcoming game?

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Betis last season took the 6th line of the tournament table of the Spanish championship and won a direct ticket to the group round of the League of Europe. After the summer break, the hosts played 12 friendly matches. In these meetings, the wards Kike Setenena scored 8 victories, playing three times in a draw and having suffered only one defeat.


Levante, in turn, earned 46 points during the season and took 15th place in the standings Examples. After leaving the vacation, the "frogs" held 7 control matches, in which they won one victory in regular time. This quiz took place in early August, when the team of Juan Muniç defeated Dutch Heerenveen with a score of 1: 3.

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Bookmakers in the upcoming meeting give their preference to Betis. This is true, because the "frogs" at the training camps did not impress with their game and are unlikely to be able to catch the points in this match.

We offer to bet on the outcome of "victory for Real Betis" for a high coefficient of 1.8

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Good results were achieved by "green and white" in the last drawing. Examples. At the end of the season, they sat down a bit, but they managed to realize their European ambitions. Wards Kike Setenna, taking sixth position, secured their participation in the autumn stage of the League of Europe.

The composition of "cucumbers" has been significantly updated. In place of the leading players came quite qualified performers. It is unlikely that the tactical schemes of Betis will undergo serious changes. The team in the control meetings as always worked productively in the front line.

 The defensive midfielder Javi Garcia, as well as the winger Joaquin Sanchez and Christian Tello will not play.

Completely different tasks in the last season were solved by "frogs". It was important for them to keep a residence permit in the top division. They achieved their goal not least thanks to Juan Lopez, who headed the "Levante" in early March this year. His players immediately played brightly, showing a lot of noteworthy results. In a short time they managed to break away from the danger zone for a considerable distance.

In the control matches the team acted without much brilliance, but without the goals scored, she did not leave the field.

Disqualified central defender Eric Kabako partners will not help. Attackers Armando Sadiku and Emmanuel Boateng are in the infirmary.

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In four of the last five matches of "Betis" total more than 2.5 broke through.
"Betis" scored in each of the last five fights two or more goals.
In four of the last five matches, the "Levante" had more than two goals.
In each of the last five matches, "Levante" was scored by both teams.
"Betis" beat "Levante" in the last five games in a row.

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At the rallies, the rivals looked decent. They showed activity in the front line, with an enviable regularity marked by effective actions. Try to team and in the opening match of the season to show their best qualities. They can quite please the fans with a scoring extravaganza.

Our forecast - total is more than 2.5 for 1.93

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