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Rayo Vallecano - Espanyol 28.09. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


September 28 at 22:00 at the football stadium "Campo de Vallecas" in Madrid will play the 7th round of the Spanish Examples, in which Rayo Vallecano will take Hispaniola.

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Rayo Vallecano during the summer off-season held 5 friendly matches, in which the "giants" won in 2 games and lost in 2 matches, in a duel with the Portuguese Belenenses, the Spaniards within the regular time played with a score of 1: 1, and after a series of penalties lost with the result 1: 2. Of the 7 rounds of the new championship in Example 2018/19, "bees" played only in 4 matches, finding themselves in the relegation zone with 3 points. At the moment in the Example, the team of Miguel Angel Sanchez Munoza was able to beat only Huesca with the score 1: 0 in the 4th round. In the remaining matches Rayo Vallecano lost Sevilla with a score of 1: 4, Atletico with a score of 0: 1 and Alavesu with a score of 1: 5.


Barcelona club Espanyol for the summer holidays held 6 victorious friendly sparring. By the 7th round, "parrots" came with 5 matches played, 7 points and 8 places in the standings. "White-blue" started the new season 2018/19 with the world at a score of 1: 1 with Celta. In subsequent matches, Ruby's wards defeated Valencia on the home field with a score 2: 0 and Valencia at the score 1: 0. In the remaining two games, Espanyol at a party lost to Alaves with a score of 1: 2 and Real Madrid at a score of 0: 1.

Free fixed predictions

The last time the teams played in the 2015/16 season, in those matches the clubs exchanged home victories. Rayo Vallecano won 3-0, Espanyol with a 2-1 score. This season, both teams do not have a high performance, so in the upcoming game do not wait for the total to break through. The rate: TM3.


Forecast: TM (3) with a coefficient of 1.4


The seventh round of the Spanish regulars will be open this Friday. In the opening match will converge Rayo Vallecano against Hispaniola. The battle will be held in Madrid at the Estadio de Vallecas stadium. The Catalan team will come to visit, do not need to be a political technologist to understand how scrupulous these battles can be even in ordinary football.

Free fixed tips

The favorite is hard to find, the betting line is approximately equal. The situation is transparent - although the hosts are at the bottom of the standings, but on their side will be the home arena. Guests on the other hand are hanging out at the top of the tournament, but the field factor is already very much affected the opinion of the bookmakers. Let's try to find the truth amid this turmoil that the "all-knowing" created.


Rayo Vallecano

"Giants" can not boast of commensurate results. In the last five rounds of the Spanish regular championship our heroes of today managed to win only once. It happened this significant event in the extreme round. Miguel Angel Sanchez Muñoz brought his temporary squad on a visit to Huesca and under the disapproval of the hum of the tribunes he took home three points thanks to a minimum victory of 1-0.

Free fixed tips

During the reporting period, you can also recall the world with Real Sociedad and three defeats from Sevilla, Alavesa and Atletico Madrid. In the standings the team is located on the seventeenth position thanks to four points scored. The zone of departure is not just close, the eighteenth of Huesca is not inferior to the "giants" in terms of the score. Only due to additional indicators, Rayo is kept outside the danger zone.



Failures of Valencia and Seville opened the doors for teams in the likeness of Hispaniola to be in the top four. Future guests are in a decent form - in six starting matches of the domestic championship, the guys won three times. Triumphs appear in the battles with Valencia, Levante and Eibar. It is noteworthy that in all cases the total was not interrupted by more than 2.5.

Free fixed tips

Such a responsible approach to the tournament allowed Ruby and his guys to climb to the fifth position in the team event. Representatives of the Catalan club may even hit their dreams, ordering the team to win the tournament. Purely mathematical chances are present, the leaders in the face of Barcelona and the Madrid real are only three points ahead. However, at the head of the "white and blue" for sure there are adequate people.


Forecast for this match

The Catalans play in ineffective football, especially in matches, where they can win. From Rayo also do not expect an aggressive game. In this situation, you can use the total.


The bet is a total less than 2.5.

Free fixed tips

Open the 7th round of the Spanish Examples will be a match between Rayo Vallecano and Hispaniol.


The last time these teams met in the season 2015/2016, when they exchanged home victories - 3: 0 and 2: 1. I wonder if this series will continue in the new season?

Free fixed picks

After 5 played matches Rayo Vallecano is located at the very exit zone, because in the asset team only 4 points. Thus, the wards of Miguel Muñoz managed to win once, they once tied and lost 3 times, while the total score was 5:12. And it would seem that the team has potential, but not at home. The houses of the "bee" for some reason are too nervous and make many mistakes - in the season there were only devastating defeats from Sevilla (1: 4) and Alaves (1: 5).


In turn, Espanol is still in the zone of European cups, having extracted 10 points for 6 rounds. In total in the new season, Ruby's wards have won 3 wins, one draw and twice stumbled, while the total score was 6: 4. However, all 3 misfires "parrots" were allowed just on the road, which indicates their dependence on the native public ...

Free fixed tips

Bookmakers do not single out any of the teams at all, which is quite reasonable. Some do not know how to play at home, and others - on the road. Nevertheless, goals in this match should be, because each of these teams can skip ...


Free forecast for the match Rayo Vallecano - Espanyol: "Total is more than 2". William Hill bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.5.


In the seventh round of the La Liga, we will wait for a confrontation between the "Rayo Vallecano" and "Hispaniol." Collectives crossed a couple of years ago, and then pleased with home winnings - 3: 0 and 2: 1. Will this trend continue? We'll figure out.

Free fixed tips

"Bees" are in the fall zone, after all, they managed to get only 4 points. Football players Muñoz achieved success only in one match, there is one draw, as well as three losses under the scoring statistics 5:12. It is interesting that the team is easier to perform on the road, but at home the game for some reason does not go.


"Parrots" so far are holding the European Cup zone - 10 points in 6 meetings, but will the players of Ruby stay there? So far, they have three wins, a draw and two fiasco with a total score of 6: 4. That's just all their failures happened on a foreign field.

Free fixed tips

Forecast for the match "Rayo Vallecano" - "Espanyol", TB2. We are waiting for a pretty exciting duel, because some do not know how to play at home, and others on the road. Most likely, the meeting will be fruitful.


Rayo Vallecano with such defense work has little to do with this meeting. To miss 12 balls for five fights, and having answered only with five exact shots, this is too big a skew. I would like to note not so long ago a match with Alaves in his arena, when Rayo Vallecano missed five goals at home and it is logical that he lost. The current Alaves is essentially a copy of Hispaniola on many points, clubs and are now near each other in the European Cup zone. Rayo Vallecano is located above the departure zone.

Free fixed tips

Espanol, as you know, started this season much better than his opponent. The team confidently leads the game, and lost only on the road and only very serious opponents, like the same Alaves or Madrid Real Madrid. And what's more, all this was done on a "thin", with a difference in one goal scored. At the moment, the defense of Espanol plays exactly three times better than the defense of our hosts in the arena.


The team from the "basement" of the standings takes the team located in the zone of European cups. It would seem that the favorite is obvious here, but in assessing the deplorable tournament condition of Rayo Vallecano, two important factors need to be taken into account: the team spent one match less than their rivals and only once played in home walls because of problems with the stadium, and in the last match against Real Sociedad (2: 2) looked very good. And, first of all, in the attack.

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The more interesting it will be to look at Vallecano in a game against his antipode, because Espanyol scored six points more than Madrid, scoring at the same time only one more ball. But the main trump of the team Ruby - it's still the defense, which at the moment is one of the best in the league (on a par with Atletico and Villarreal), and this despite the fact that in recent matches, the Catalans have to play without one of the leaders of defense David Lopez. And not the fact that tsentrbek will have time to fully recover to the match with Rayo.


Approximate compositions

Rayo Vallecano: Alberto - Advincula, Gálvez, Amat, Alex Moreno - Comesña - Kakuta, Imbula, Trejo, Bebe (Embarba) - de Thomas

Free fixed tips

Espanyol: Diego Lopez - Javi Lopez, Duarte (David Lopez), Hermoso, Vila - Victor Sanchez, Roca, Darder - Baptistao, Borja Iglesias, Piatti


The last three matches of Hispaniola in La Liga ended with a score of 1: 0 (twice so the Catalans themselves won, and again - lost), and this despite the fact that the rivals of the Ruby team had Levante, Real and Eibar - not the most closed teams of the championship , to put it mildly. It would seem that from the match in Vallecas you can expect a "grassroots" game, but we dare to assume that this will not happen.

Free fixed tips

First, Rayo will necessarily want to apologize to his native fans for the previous two painful home defeats from Sevilla and Alaves with a total score of 2: 9, so he will not agree to the measured pace of the game, which will necessarily offer opponent Espanyol.


Secondly, the Catalans themselves will get a huge space for counterattacks and, having in the players such as Baptistao and Piatti, will definitely try to make the most of the opponent's options offered.

Free fixed predictions

Open the program of the 7th round, at the stadium Campo de Vallecas, will be Rayo Vallecano and Espanyol.

 Rayo Vallecano can not find stability. The team is unreliable in defense and it really hinders. Alberto Garcia at the gate is not a mainstay of reliability and when the goalkeeper is nervous, this state is passed on to defense. In any duel between striker and keeper Rayo, I mentally put Garcia in defeat and in most cases it is. For 5 matches, only Huesca and Atletico could not throw Rayo Vallecano balls. Hayeska was not ready to resist Vallecano, and Atletico was not in the best condition. In the last round, Rayo stayed on Anoeta and brought home a souvenir in the form of one point. I was expecting a draw, but far from fruitful. The chances for a bottom were good, but Rayo missed a quick goal, and then Rulli started to kink, a penalty and Villan Jose goal. Events developed very quickly and the pace was rather big, moments were created, but the game was not from gate to gate and there was no big number of dangerous moments. The owners of the fight on the field will not be able to get Gorka Elustond, and Bebe is in question.

Free fixed tips

 Espanyol ranks high 6th. "Parrots” show nice football, but they still win only in their arena. Away, scored one point on Balaidos. Wards Ruby play football, exactly. Barcelona's little brother learned to play football. Last year's torment with football is hard to name. Against Real, it was hard to show something, but the very fact of minimal defeat is already good. They had a great match against Valencia, they also beat Levante and Eibar. Not once said that Espanyol beat Alaves, on the road, on the game, but, alas, not on the result. So with the "parrots" is not so simple. 3 days ago Eibar came to visit. Given the minor composition of the guests and the home game of Espanyol, everything for the hosts should have been good. Espanyol won the match, but did it minimally, although personally I was expecting more than one goal from the hosts. Espanyol started very powerfully, the starting quarter-minute was successful, but Espanyol could not realize at least something and stopped his attempts with this. The team continued to play the game, but without much sharpness ahead. In the second half we scored and calmed down even more.

Free fixed tips

 Espanyol has a difficult time leaving and, this season, the team has not won away yet, but at the same time, it plays consistently, and the game of good quality is at its level. What can not be said about Rayo. The owners have the opposite situation, did not win even at home. 2 fights on Vallecas Rayo lost with a total score of 2-9. Espanyol, of course, will not score as many goals, but the "parrots” look more solid in terms of the game and the level of the team should be enough to not lose this match.

Free fixed tips

In this fight, the dispersed Espanyol will try to defeat the modest Rayo Vallecano, who only returned to the top division. We propose our forecast for this match.

"Rayo Vallecano" approaches to a duel with "Hispaniol" with four points in the asset. And earned "bees" these points exclusively in away matches. Team Michel on a visit managed to defeat the "Huesca" (1: 0), and in the last round to snatch a draw with "Real Sociedad" (2: 2).

 However, at home "Rayo" was less successful. "Giants" in their field suffered two crushing defeat, losing first with a large score of "Seville" (1: 4), and the previous weekend, "Alaves" (1: 5). The team definitely needs to be rehabilitated in front of the fans a good game.

Free fixed tips

"Espanol", on the contrary, plays beautifully at home, but on a visit can not succeed in any way. "Parrots" in the home arena won all three past meetings, beating the "Levante" (1: 0), "Eibar" (1: 0) and "Valencia" (2: 0), but on the road "white and blue" earned only one point. Even in the very first round, "Espanyol" played a draw with "Celta" (1: 1), then lost to "Alaves" (1: 2) and "Real" (0: 1).

 Last season, "Espanol" also did not stand out as a good guest form, but in the final away matches the "parrots" managed to beat Atletico (2-0), Athletic (1-0) and Gironu (2-0).

Free fixed tips

"Rayo" won only one of five fights in this championship.
"Homes" "bees" scored in each of the 21 previous official match.
The lose-lose Espanyol series on the road trip has reached three meetings.
Not scored in the last six guest fights "parrots" only "Real".

Free fixed tips
The bet "total less than 2.5" played in eight of the ten last matches of "Hispaniola" in La Liga.
"Rayo Vallecano" defeated "Espanyol" only in one of the six previous face-to-face meetings. The last time these teams met in the season 2015/2016, exchanged then home victories (3-0 in Madrid and 2-1 in Barcelona).

"Espanyol" is a fairly strong opponent, who, although unsuccessfully played on the road this season, but lost away only "Real" and "Alavesa". "Rayo" will definitely try to please the fans with the first home victory, but will the "giants" have enough strength for this? Given that the defense resembles an entrance yard.

Also, the statistics of the previous meetings of the team of Ruby hints that it is unlikely that the upcoming match will be too effective, but it is possible to wait for goals from the guests.

Our forecast - the victory of Hispaniola with a handicap (0) for 1.85

Free fixed tips