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Progress Niedekorn - Gabala 19.07 Free fixed tips

Free fixed tips


In one of the return matches of the 1/8 qualification of the European League, the Luxembourg Progress Niederkorn will host Gabala in his field. In the first meeting of the teams an unexpected victory with the score 0: 2 was won by the "Luxembourgers". I wonder if the guests will be able to reverse the course of this confrontation and compete for an exit in the next round of selection?


Progress Niederkorn completed last season in second place in the standings of the National Division and from the first Dudelange fell behind by 5 points. The hosts win over 8 official matches in a row. In the first qualifying game of the LEF wards Paolo Amodio acted from the defense, but managed to score two unanswered goals for the opponent.


Gabala also took the 2nd place of the tournament table of the Azerbaijani Premier League. In the last 5 fights, the team of Sanan Gurbanov was defeated. It is also worth noting that in these meetings the guests did not score a single one, but conceded 7 goals.

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Bookmakers in the coming confrontation on the side of Gabala, although they give her a very high ratio. However, it is unlikely that the hosts will tear forward, and all their attention will be paid to the defense. Based on this, it is unlikely that we will see a large number of scoring chances and goals scored.

Progress Niederkorn does not know defeats in 9 extreme official matches, since April 4 the team has won 8 wins with one draw, and the series of wins just counts 8 matches and continues. Following the results of last season, Niederkorn with 63 points in the asset and goal difference 72-28 became a silver medalist in the championship. The game a week ago and the victory on the road became a pleasant surprise for Luxembourgers. In his field in 2018 Progres spent 6 fights and scored 4 wins, with 1 draw and 1 loss.


Gabala unsuccessfully completed last season, losing two extreme games. As a result, becoming the second in the national championship with 49 points in the asset after 28 rounds, and losing in the Cup final Kesle 0: 1. In the summer, more personnel changes occurred in the team, the mentor changed, the composition also changed. While these changes are not in favor of the team from Azerbaijan, in summer in the control meetings of defeat from Dinamo Zagreb 0: 2 and Cracow 0: 1, start in Europe and home 0: 2. With the attack, big problems. Plus, you can not forget that in 9 games in 2018 on the road the club was able to win only three times, with three draws and 3 defeats.

Free fixed tips

The first meeting in many ways decided the outcome of the confrontation in this pair, I do not think that the match will be productive, the hosts will play from the defense and should succeed in it. The rate: TM3.

In the coming Thursday selected European teams continue to sort things out for the right to participate in the group stage of the Europa League. One of the matches of this day will face Progress Niederkorn against Gabala. Already on the signboard it is clear that the event does not attract category A, the clubs are not very well known, and for the general viewer such a war remains hybrid, but it is still possible to charge the bet.


The Luxembourg team arrived for the first match in Azerbaijan and surprisingly outplayed the heroes there with a score of 2: 0. Future guests are in a bad situation - the guys need to win back such a solid superiority of the opponent in the enemy territory. That event, which did not cause any interest, suddenly began to acquire intriguing notes. Let's find a bet in this foggy match.

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Progress Niederkorn

This time the event will be held at the "City Stadium Differentsh", local fans are gradually beginning to pour champagne on the glasses and celebrate the success of pets. The thing is that on the road Luxembourgers gained a solid advantage and you need to try to lose the exit advantage in two points. For sure Paolo Amodio will tell the players to play closed.

You can remember how our heroes performed today in the internal championship of the season 2017/2018 - the team took the honorary second stage thanks to sixty-three points. The lag from the leader was five points. Noteworthy is the home stats Amyodio wards - in the home arena in the last season the lads had thirteen fights and in nine cases managed to win.

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Professional football club "Gabala" was preparing for a reporting war by way of friendly sparring. Obviously, our guys were set up peacefully, but there are no rivals. Sanan Gurbanov's druzhina during the preparation period was twisted by Dynamo, which is from Zagreb, and also from Cracow. The sad tendency continued in the selection of the LE, when the Azerbaijani hot guys could not even score a goal to the opponent at their native stands.


You can even more significantly go deep into the memories and conclude that in the last official matches the guys also did not score. Problems with the attack line are being posted. How bad that in the future sparring should be scored and preferably not miss. With both factors the guests have a problem. Oh, yes, still have to go to a foreign country, and with trips of this kind in the guys Gurbanova there are problems.

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The forecast for this match

On paper, Gubala is considered a favorite, but we scattered the assumptions of bookmakers in the corners. Of course, individually the guests are stronger, but the team action is now lame among the Azerbaijanis. In this situation, you can hope that the owners will give a worthy rebuff to the favorite, as it was in the first match.


Bet - Progress will not lose.

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Progres Niederkorn, a team from Luxembourg, made one of the loudest sensations in the first matches of this round, defeating Gabala on a visit. Progress Niederkorn class looks like below the Azerbaijani club and in theory was supposed to lose there. But the victory with the score 2: 0, which was also dictated by a good game in the attack, there may already be a little alarm, because there were no accidents. It seems that in such a courage Progres Niederkorn will try to win back at home, which can lead to yet another goal, at least. Only here the opponent still in this series, we will not write off the accounts.


And we will not write off Gabala for the reason that the team against the backdrop of the club from Luxembourg is much more experience, the composition is better staffed. Still it seems that in the first fight there was a banal underestimation of the opponent, and when the opponent started to score goals, the hassle and the Gabala banal could not be stopped. Now underestimation will no longer be, but again the question now after seen in the first match, but will it be possible to win so that to pass on?

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Quite unexpectedly ended the first fight in a pair of Prores Niederkorn - Gabala. The team from Luxembourg in Azerbaijan defeated Gabala with a score of 2-0, now the team of Sanan Gurbanov in order to go to the next stage of the tournament, it is necessary to score at least two goals to the opponent's goal.

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Second in Luxembourg

In the season of 2017-18. Progres Niederkorn finished second, scoring 63 points, losing to Dudelange, who eventually won five points in the Luxembourg championship. In his field Progres played 13 matches, in which he managed to win 9 times with two draws and two defeats, 31:15 goal difference. In the first match against Gabala, the Azerbaijanis had an advantage in possession, but the Luxembourgers cleverly used the free zones when playing the second number.

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Not yet in shape

The fact that Gabala is not in shape is evident from the results of friendly matches in which the Azerbaijanis took part before the match with Progres. Gabala lost to Zagreb Dynamo 0: 2 and Cracow 0: 1. It is worth recalling that the Niederkornu Caucasians could not score, even playing at home. And if you remember the last two official matches, which happened in May, the guests are already in five consecutive meetings can not excel at the gate of the opponent.



Gabala is the clear favorite of the upcoming meeting, but Progres, judging by the first game, is in excellent tonality, which can not be said about Azerbaijanis. In addition, the upcoming meeting will take place on the field of Niederkorn, so in this pair the bet on the hosts looks logical enough. Our free forecast for the meeting:

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