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Pisadou - Villa Nova 13.07 Free fixed picks

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On Friday night (Moscow), their match of the 15th round of the Brazilian Serie B will be held by Paysandu and Vila Nova.


Last season, these teams had 2 matches, in which the "big dad" was more successful - a 1: 2 away win and a home draw (1: 1). I wonder if the "tigers" will be able to take revenge in the new season?

Coefficients PariMatch:


victory Paysandu - 2.37; draw - 2,8; victory of Vila Nova - 3.3

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After 14 rounds, Paysandu takes the 12th line of the standings, as the team scored 17 points. Thus, the wards of Marcinosa Santos won 4 times, 5 draws and 5 concessions, having played with a total score of 13:17. However, now the "big dad" has a "black streak" - 2 draws and 4 losses in the last 6 matches.


But Vila Nova is one of the favorites of the championship, and now it is located on the 3rd line of the standings. In total for 14 duels Emerson's wards Maria got 23 points - 6 wins, 5nichnyh and 3 defeats, while the total score was 13: 9. It is interesting that at the moment "tigers" are not inferior to 6 fights in a row, but only 2 of these matches won - 0: 2 with Boa and 0: 1 with Juvendude.

Free fixed picks

Bookmakers are slightly inclined to win Paysandu, but is Vila Nova so bad? In fact, the guests are now in better shape, and someone else's field is their only problem. But can a football field really bring down football players that much? Most likely not this time. So I'll just put on a more powerful (at the moment) team.


Free forecast for the match Paysandu - Vila Nova: "Victory of Vila Nova or a tie". On this outcome the betting firm Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.55.


В ближайшю пятницу футбольный мир скукожится and did not give us any interesting interesting. Наши эксперты поставить отыскать приличные матчи. In the frame of desert, you can see the Series B, in Brazil, Soydulsy Pesandou against Villa-Novy. Not only does the prize show, but the innocence needs to be in the comfort. Yes and no, no matter how much you want, is enough.

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The battle is coming to the beauties of Belene at the "Kurusu" stadium. Bookmakers do not post, for commodities, and can not define favorites. Небольшим андердогом выступают гости. Sophisticatedly, you have the opportunity to win the championship, you have to be equal, and you want to have a devastation in a sober way. Provide a more proactive analysis of your own, and you will be able to work with it.



«Большой попа с улицы Курузу» show flat results - in the extreme of the sparring of the college we did not find a chair in the crowd. For the reporting period with the rebels, they ended up with two nichey with commands-abbreviations SRB and CSA, and defeats are then stscheck with Corritiboy, Goyayosy and Fortalezoy. Sopranki does not have the quality but it does not matter whether our heroes come in or not.

The rebellion after a series of defeats spells in a tournament table, a word list, a list of "Bolshoi Papa", which is a reminder of what happened, with two Londoners and three overtaking positions. In the spear of Margueris Santos, he is a semblant. The area is close to you, so you can feel the command of the SRB, which is the place where you can find the situations you are experiencing.



You have to say that the club is not named in the bourgeoisie of Barcelona, ​​which is not the smallest cancer. Это самостоятельная команда, которая смятаттся одной из самых популярных в штате. It is called "tigers," which are often spoken, respect for which we grow afterwards, how do we know, in the last few years we have been on our minds. The rebels pereigrales страшных Итуитубы, Жувендуде, а также значится три мировые.

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Somebody else Эмерсон Мария has a third position in the tournament table, thanks to a couple of players who are looking for a six-ball game rather than a leader in the face of Fortaleza. The main trablon could be a mathematical character, but our sophisticated heroes could not help in an enemy tribune - in the maths on the other day, they won the victory at two times and nowhere.


Prediction of this game

Guests staying in a hurrying condition, Mary smells always, чтобы его did not consider ginseng. The "Tigers" are all waiting for the leadership and even no-one can be a major sponsor of the plan to win the medal. In these situations, you can use the bookmarks and bookmarks of the guest.


Rate - Victory Villa-Nov.

Free fixed tips

Then the 14th Turist Pysandou took up the 12th scoring tournament tables, a command posting a 17 ball. Tak, underneath the Marguerite Santos 4 races won, 5 away from home and 5 away from the game, with a total of 13:17. An equal number of "balls" called "the black belt" - 2 nicks and 4 defeats for the 6-end mat.


We voted Villa-Nova as a favorite in the championship, and the match was ratified on the 3 rd tournament tables. Everyone for 14 over 2.5 goals and 6 defeats, 3 wins and 3 defeats, with a total score of 13: 9. Interestingly, he did not have to score 6 times in the league, but he was 2 out of 2 with Boa and 0-1 with Juventud.


Бумекерские конторы немного склоняются к победе Пайсанду, но разве Вила-Нова настолько плоха? At only partial guests seachas come into luckheed form, and waving field - the only problem I have. Can the soccer field be soccer tips? Scramble all over again. This is how it is done by the sick man on the command line.


Бесплатный прогноз на матч Пайсанду - Вила-Нова: «Победа Вила-Новы или ничья». At this time, the bookmaker Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.55.

Free fixed picks

The next Friday the football world will skudkozhitsya and will not give us any interesting fights. Our experts have tried to find decent matches. In the framework of the duty, already the fifteenth in a row tour of the Series B, that Brazil will converge Paysandu against Vila Nova. Not the most attractive sight, but sometimes you need to get out of the comfort zone. And it's not necessary to watch this duel personally, it's enough just to stick the bet.


The battle will take place in the city of Belem at the stadium "Kuruzu". Bookmakers also do not understand that the teams will converge and can not determine the favorite. A small underdog serves guests. It is difficult to say anything about this, guessing the winner in such a foggy championship, it's like looking for a virgin's tear in the modern world. Let's try to analyze the event, in order to belch out a favorable coefficient.

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"Big Daddy from the street Kuruzu" shows bad results - in the last five sparring, the team never covered the table in honor of the victory. During the reporting period, the guys had two draws with the abbreviation teams SRB and KSA, and the defeats appear after the skirmishes with Coritiba, Goyasoy and Fortaleza. Opponents are not very high-quality, but do not forget that our heroes of today are far from the top of the food chain.

The guys after a series of setbacks fell in the standings, like leaves in the spring, now "Big Daddy" is more like a son who shares with Londrina twelfth and thirteenth positions. In the piggy bank, the guys Markinyos Santos seventeen points. The departure zone is very close, the fifth point can already be felt by the sweaty team of the SRB, which is trying to get out of the sad situation.

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Vila Nova

Just want to clarify that the club is not named after the former coach of Barcelona, ​​who could not defeat the cancer. This is an independent team, which is considered one of the most popular in the state. Their nickname "tigers", which already says a lot, respect for them grows after we learn that in the last five battles they have never thrown out a white flag. The guys outplayed the terrible Ithahtuba, Juvendude, and also there are three world ones.

The team of some Emerson Maria hangouts in the third position in the standings thanks to twenty-three points, which is six points less than the leader in the face of Fortaleza. The main trawl may be the visiting character of the match, but our heroes today are not bad at the enemy stands - in seven games they four times managed to win with two defeats and no one.


Forecast for this match

Guests in good condition, Maria will do everything so that he is not considered a woman. "Tigers" are still in pursuit of the leader of the championship and even a draw can significantly spoil the Napoleonic plans to win gold medals. In this situation, you can go against the bookmakers and catch on to the guests.


The bet is the victory of Vila Nova.

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the first game I'm playing is a Serie B match between Brazil between Pesandou and Villa Nova, a curious match in which the winner is the favorite to win, but the guests are 4th in the standings while the hosts are only 12th but at home play good football and have only one win but if guests want to go far or better to get into the best you will have and as guests to beat not to rely on their households but here I think the match to predict it to have not many goals


Forecast -1.5, co. 2.28, Bet 10,

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 The coefficient below 3 ... Basics. But how much. This X is safer even from Levski's victory in the Vaduz with 3 goals difference. That is, it is VERY SATISFIED. Bypassanders and newcomers have been making draws in the past, and they do not like fighting against each other. Maybe in some previous life they were relatives. Only Lord and grandmother Vanga, God forgive her, know these things. I know that you know that I know that when I say X, you put on 12.


Forecast X, co. 2.74, bet 10,

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As a first date for the Friday's hot July day, I chose a Brazilian series B series again, between the teams of Pesandou and Villa Nova, which will place a win for the guests. Pysandou are now in the middle of the ranking, but in recent times he has a pretty good shot and can not even score a goal. Villa Nova's guests are doing well and are now in great shape with their ambitions doubling more.


Forecast 2, co. 3.30, bet 10,

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