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Pep Guardiola started a revolution in Man City

Pep Guardiola started a revolution in Man City

There's no question that Pep Guardola started a revolution since led the Manchester C. Revolution, which seriously affects all competitors in the Premier League, but mostly being the players of Citizens. Because of them they have to comply with a pile of rules, some of which, to put it mildly, strange. "Pep obliges us to have breakfast and lunch together, and it cut our whole Internet," he complained the second captain Pablo Zabaleta before Argentine media. This is a very small part of the internal regulations of 10 paragraphs in the City. Here they are...


1. Nutrition is the most important

Just as he had done in 2008 when it led the first team of Barca, Guardiola now has totally changed the diet in the City. Pizza disappeared completely from the menu to the players. But not only it. Sandwiches, sweets, beer and soft drinks are now absolutely taboo. The diet is already built on pasta, rice, meat, fish, yoghurts, cereals and fruits. Like the regime in Barcelona and then Bayern players City are welcomed to work every morning with huge trays of fruit and smoothies. Including matches after a special menu, along which monitor very carefully the diet of the players.


2. The accuracy adorns man

If training starts at a specific time, all must be in place for at least an hour earlier. Latecomers are fined by its size increased in proportion to the time which allowed the guilty to be late.


3. Communication is enemy

Mobile phone use is extremely limited. This is, firstly, to enhance communication face to face between the players on the other - for maximum isolation from the public domain. In club coach talking on the phone is also prohibited except in urgent cases, such as serious family problem.


4. The dress code is law

Manchester City provides each player in the City full wardrobe, which should be used whenever it comes to official events of the club. Improper dressing already led to a remark by Guardiola in preparation and with time everything on track. Including in respect of the staff, which is also obliged to comply strictly with the club's dress code.


5. Cohesiveness is a priority

Guardiola does not just keep the good relations between the players, he wants them to be as close to each other. As a former player and then a coach he realizes that there are things between athletes who can not be controlled. Yet this requires the team to be as united and possibly no cracks in it.


6. The education is a virtue

The staff at the City of stock mostly to facilitate maximum daily players. But in no case does not work under their dictation.

Guardiola has given his players to understand how things and emphasized that they should treat them politely and with respect. One of the duties of the players in this direction is to leave already used equipment for washing just designated area, not just to throw somewhere in the locker room.


7. The club's image is above all

The players are the face of the club to fans and the media and their behavior should never go beyond normal. Their duty is to hold the most adequate and not harmful to the media at the club's image.

This point can be attributed to the Case 'Yaya Toure' arising after the statements of his agent against everything and everyone at the club.


8. Nothing should come out of the locker room

The events surrounding Toure and his subsequent removal from the first team are warnings for other players with respect to the information exported in the public domain.

Vilification by address teammates criticism of the club and the issuance of an intriguing insider dealing will be punished severely!


9. curfew for all

Yet we will see how Guardiola will be referred to the traditional celebrations of Christmas Island that are in fact all clubs and in many cases past zaformya memorable scandals. The celebration of Christmas, however, may be the only exception in the City. Because with the arrival of Guardiola to "Etihad" end the night departures of players during the week. All have a curfew and must abide by it.


10. Fines are the solution for everything

Guardiola apply this approach in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthen Bayern and now in the City. He has imposed a code of conduct, which has a fixed penalties for a sucker. The fines are between 250 and 6000 euros in Barcelona and Bayern collect them captains Kompany and Zabaleta.

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