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PAOK - Spartak Moscow 08.08 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips



Last season the club from Thessaloniki won the national cup and won the qualification of the Champions League following the results of the championship (second place). PAOK has progressed significantly in recent years, bypassing its potential Panathinaikos and becoming a serious force in the European football arena, which will have to be considered by everyone. At the previous stage of the Champions League qualification, PAOK broke down the strong Swiss Basel (2: 1, 3: 0), which showed the validity of conversations about the strength of the Greek club.


Confirms the strength of PAOK and the composition of this team, in which you can find such famous football players as: Varela, Crespo, Mauricio, Priovic, Cañas and Vieirinha. Plus in the summer PAOK signed a number of interesting newcomers, which will become a serious strengthening for the club: Hacheridi, Leo Jaba and Akpum. The Romanian specialist Razvan Lucescu, who is the son of the legendary Mircea Lucescu, is leading this Greek club.

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Last season, the Moscow club on the run participated in the group stage of the Champions League. But Spartak was unable to defend the title and must pass the qualification of the Champions League. Wards Carrera have already had two matches in the Premier League, where Spartak beat Orenburg (1: 0) and played a zero draw with Lokomotiv. The results for the Moscow club look acceptable, because Spartak is still rolling in the season and is in a non-optimal form.

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The appearance of the Moscow club has not changed much against the background of last season, and Massimo Carrera has at his disposal time-tested fighters. Spartak signed contracts with Zhigo, who quickly became the main central defender, and Alexander Tashayev, who is also counted as an important player from the main clip. Spartacus in the championship in the first rounds of the season looked somewhat academic, but this is a consequence and football style, which many teams demonstrate in games with the capital's grandee.



Bookmakers in this match give a slight preference to PAOK, assessing the victory of the Greeks for 2.34. The draw is assessed by the bookmakers for 3.16, and the success of Spartak at 3.36. PAOK won the status of the favorite due to a confident victory over the strong Basel, who was considered the leader of their duel. Total bets on the match have the following quotes: "total more than 2.5" for 2.36, "total less than 2.5" for 1.66.

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Despite the success of the Greek club in the match against Basel, we see the favorite of this duel Spartacus. The Russian club has a great staff potential, as well as an experienced and wise coach in the face of Massimo Carrera. The success of PAOK is easily explained by the deepest crisis of Basel, which predetermined the outcome of the duel.


Bet: Win Spartak Moscow or draw (X2) - KF 1.61.


At the moment PAOK is the vice-champion of Greece, but the new season has not started yet. As a result, the wards of Razvan Lucescu are satisfied with only the matches of the qualification of the Champions League, where they are all just superb. So, the second round of "two-headed eagles of the North" passed thanks to two victories over Basel - 2: 1 and 0: 3!

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But Spartak is a bronze medalist of the Russian championship, but he almost got involved in the new season. Yes, 2 matches in the Russian championship will not help much, especially since the result there was not the most successful. Yes, and it is unclear how they will show "red-white" on the road, because in the last season Carrera's wards at the exit showed an abominable game ...


Bookmakers are only slightly leaning towards PAOK, and then because of the venue of the meeting. In fact, the hosts in great shape, but the guests have not yet recovered, although they are more powerful in general. Nevertheless, the "two-headed eagles of the North" will not sit at home on the defensive, so I propose to put on their effectiveness!

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Free forecast for the match PAOK - Spartak Moscow: "Individual total PAOK more than 1". On this outcome the betting firm Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.76.

The central match of the third qualification of the Champions League will be a duel between PAOK and Moscow Spartak. In the first match, PAOK is the clear favorite of the meeting, but Spartak's staffing capabilities are even better than his opponent, although the "red-white" has problems with the game practice.

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Without lesions

PAOK began preparations for the season in late June, ie. the team from Thessaloniki for more than a month, plays both control matches and official games. In the qualification of the Champions League, the Greeks have already passed one round, from which Swiss Basel was knocked out. The first match in Greece brought PAOK a 2: 1 victory, in return the Greeks were stronger than the opponent 3: 0. It is worth paying attention to the high performance of the hosts, who certainly will do everything possible to create the necessary reserve for the final victory after the first match.


Will try not to miss

In turn, Spartak goes to Greece, so as not to lose, it is very desirable to score at least a goal in the opponent's goal. "Red and white" as well as PAOK had two official matches, only in the domestic arena. First, the "people's team" won in the native walls of Orenburg, 1: 0, and then played a 0-0 draw with Loko on the opponent's field. On the one hand, Spartak did not miss in two matches, but on the other, Orenburg is not at all an opponent for the "people's team".

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In this pair it is worth to start from the fact that PAOK is in excellent sports form, this squad decently plays in native walls, while Spartak has not yet got the necessary conditions, Carrera's team will be happy and one point in the battle with PAOKom. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory of PAOK with a handicap 1.67

Greek PAOK and Russian Spartak from Moscow will play in the first semifinal duel of the qualification of the Champions League. Like most teams of this stage of selection, in Free fixed tips their history these rivals have not met yet. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?


In preparation for the current season, PAOK held 6 friendly matches. In these meetings, "two-headed eagles" won, lost and painted the world two times. It is also worth noting that in the last round of the qualification of the European championship the wards of Rezvan Lucescu managed to pass Swiss Basel (5: 1).


The Russian Premier League has already played two rounds. In the starting matches of the championship team Massimo Carrera outplayed with a minimum score of 1: 0 Orenburg and painted the world with the Moscow Locomotive (0: 0). The guests just start their performance in the Champions League selection.

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Bookmakers in the coming confrontation on the side of PAOK, although they give to his victory a very high ratio. This is true, because now the "Greeks" look clearly more powerful than their opponent and must win in their field.

We propose to bet on the outcome of "victory PAOK" for a high coefficient of 2.31

As part of the third qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League, the Greek-Russian confrontation awaits us. PAOK in the stadium Tumba in Thessaloniki takes Moscow Spartak.

The hosts of this meeting have already managed to feel the taste of the Ligochempions battles. PAOK started its European Cup campaign against Switzerland's Basel, winning two games. We know perfectly well what this Swiss club is capable of, with which PAOK figured out confidently with a total score of 5: 1 (2-1 at home and 0-3 at home). In terms of the game and the more so the result, the Greeks can enter into the asset a second round of qualification.

Spartak begins his campaign in the Eurocups precisely the match in Greece. Muscovites have already had time to warm up a little, having played two duels in the Russian Premier League. In the first round in the home stadium was beaten Orenburg with a score of 1: 0, and in the second round was a goalless draw in the match against Lokomotiv. We note that in these meetings the club from the capital of Russia did not miss. It is necessary to recognize that the opponents of Spartacus did not have a lot of opportunities to excel. In this regard, the players of Moscow Spartak act reliably at the beginning of the season. But there is a downside to the coin. Red and white managed to hit the gate only once in these two matches, while the team had enough opportunities to take the goal, created a few really dangerous moments. Is it possible to say that we see a weak realization of our moments? I think yes. The main attacking player of the Moscow club K. Promes also paid attention to this.

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Given the venue, many, including me, tend to the fact that we probably will not see a productive match. Still, in Greece, anyone who comes to visit the club is hard to play, and as a result, we rarely see an abundance of goals scored in such fights. Yes, it is unlikely that this match will be an exception. We saw how PAOK can play the second number and counterattack, but in this match I do not think that the Greeks will give the ball to the opponent. Spartacus, in turn, will count on quick transitions from defense to attack. In this scenario, some will not risk, and others will wait for their chance - from here the meeting is seen to be unsuccessful.