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Olympia Ljubljana - Karabakh 11.07 Free fixed tips

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On Wednesday evening in Ljubljana, local Olympia will host Azerbaijani Garabagh within the first round of the Champions League qualification.


These teams also never crossed their history, and here it will benefit the intrigue in this duel ...


William Hill rates:


The victory of Olympia - 3.25; draw - 3,4; victory of Karabakh - 2.05



In the past season, Olympia won the Slovenian championship, making it only for the 6th time in history. In addition, in the end of the season, the "dragons" also won the Slovenian Cup, beating Aluminius in the final - 6: 1! And that's interesting: on the eve of the qualifying round wards Igor Bishchan has not conducted a single sparring.


But Karabakh for the 5th time in succession won the championship of Azerbaijan, and clearly intends to continue to dominate the national championship. However, now the case with the "horses" is clearly not "very", because they did not win any of the 3 sparring in preparation. In addition, in these 3 matches, the wards of Gurban Gurbanov did not score a single goal!


Bookmaker offices slightly lean towards the side of Karabakh, which is quite fair. "Riders" in general look more powerful, but their performance may be affected by an inarticulate form and a long flight. Whatever it was, but the guests have already felt the "taste of the game," so it is unlikely to give the owners a "walk around".


Free forecast for the match Olimpia Ljubljana - Karabakh: "Total less than 3". On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.42.





Olympia Ljubljana and Karabakh start the season!

Last season Olympia won the title in Slovenia in a very dramatic way. Until the last moment they were in battle with Maribor's team. In the end, both teams finished with the same asset - 80 points. But capitalists have triumphed for their better performance.


Karabakh, on the other hand, became champion of Azerbaijan. And with a convincing lead over their main competitor over the past few years - Gabala.


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In pre-season Olympia played several low-level teams. As Karabakh recorded two draws at his camp in Austria against Ludogorets and Austrian Vacer Innsbruck.


Both teams are unlikely to be optimal at the start of their preparations. But time is up and the official games must be played.


Forecast for Olympia Ljubljana - Karabakh

I think the teams in this pair are relatively equal. And in this case the household factor will weigh in favor of Olympia (Ljubljana).


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And if they do not win in this match, they will hardly have the chances of going into the next round. Because in Azerbaijan it will be really hard. Forecast: 1.



The match of the 1st qualifying round of the Champions League Olympia - Karabakh will be held on Wednesday, July 11 at 21:00 (Moscow time) at Stozhytsa Stadium. In this game bookmakers give preference to the guests, estimating the probability of victory of Karabakh slightly below 50%. And in general in this pair the obvious favorite is the club from Azerbaijan. Karabakh debuted in the Champions League in 2014. And he achieved the highest success last season - he managed to pass three qualifying rounds and get into the group tournament. There in the quartet with Chelsea, Atletico and Roma, Garabagh scored two points, having suffered four defeats. He took the last place, but still performed very dignified. At home, the team plays better than a guest. For example, she won five matches in her field, including three wins with a difference of two or more goals, but on the way to victory Garabagh won four times and all four wins were with a minimal advantage in the account. Nevertheless, in the duel with Olympia, the Azerbaijanis may well expect a positive result.


Olympia is a Slovenian team that plays for the second time in the Champions League. For the first time in this tournament, she got in 2016, when she lost to the first opponent - Trenchin from Slovakia. Then Olympia lost at home 3: 4. And inferior to 0-4, but was able to reduce the gap to a minimum. And in the return meeting, she conceded 0-2 and won 3: 2. Analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that Olympia will lose the match against Karabakh, but not without goals scored.



the victory of Olympia - 3.24, the draw - 3.31, the victory of Karabakh - 2.11.



Victory of Karabakh; both teams will score. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.00). The second place by popularity is the victory of Karabakh 1: 0 (coefficient 7.00). The bets on what the two teams will score will be accepted with a coefficient of 1.888.


The duel between Olympia Ljubljana - FC Karabag will be held on July 11 (Tuesday) at 21:00 at a meeting of the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. On Wednesday evening Olympia will take on Karabag in the first qualifying campaign for the first round of the Champions League championship.


Olimpia Ljubljana's odds ratio is 2.90. Equality in the collision is estimated at 3.25. FCK Karabag's odds ratio is 2.25. See the TV Match Program here.


These two teams have not met before.



We can not guess that this game is for Carabag because they have more experience at a higher level.

It's a tricky game for them and the value is in your home country to get the result.


At least this will give them a chance for the second match and the fans of the hosts will certainly cheer them up.


Karabag can only start with one team and should be Olympia, which has more chances because the second match in Azerbaijan will be very difficult for them.


If they are 100%, they have the chance to win this game and with very good chances for us.

The guests, of course, have much more chances to continue the fight, but with the draw in the first round of qualification they are clearly not lucky. The home team is well-trained, and coping with them will not be so easy. Analysts of the site bet-team.ru represent the forecast for the match Olympia Ljubljana - Garabagh.


Olympia Ljubljana can not boast of his achievements in the international arena. Not once did the team make their way into the autumn part of the European tournaments. Yet in recent years, dragons have been gradually gaining momentum. They twice in a short period of time became champions of Slovenia. Ahead of tough competition strong Maribor, wards Igor Bishchan made a golden double. They were successful in the local cup. In the off-season on the coaching bridge appeared Elijah Stolitsa. The club fruitfully worked in the transfer market, but the mentor did not have time to build an efficient team.


Karabakh is not the first year at a high level holds European Cup matches. He was the first of the Azerbaijani clubs to be in the group stage of the Champions League. Only Chelsea racers could not provide worthy resistance last season in the autumn stage of the competition. At the disposal of Gurban Gurbanov there are many skilled performers. Nevertheless, the composition is constantly increasing. The club managed to sign the goalkeeper Khalddorsson, who successfully performed at the World Championship in Russia, although he will not be able to take part in the upcoming meeting due to injury.


Olympia Ljubljana is trying to realize her high ambitions in the international arena, but so far she can not boast of her achievements. The club started a revolutionary transformation, but it will take time for the new coach to realize his vision of football in life. Karabakh has already reached a certain level, below which it is not going to sink. Forecast from analysts of bet-team.ru for the match Olympia Ljubljana - Qarabagh: F2 (0) coefficient BC Marathon 1.73.