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Nigeria - Argentina 26.06 Free fixed tips

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Argentina is leaning against the wall after playing unimaginably in the first two games. Jorge Sampaoli's selection was defeated by Croatia's creative and successful athletes. The duel against Nigeria is the last chance for South Americans if they aim for the next round. The Krestovski Stadium will be full of Argentine fans who will be praying until last for convincing success.
We must not forget the importance of the other match in the group. Argentine's fate is somewhat related to the performance of Iceland, as "islanders" have a slightly better goal difference. The "Gaucosos" must win a 2 or 3 goal difference to bring peace to their fans or to hope for a minimum of draw in the match of the Icelanders.
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The only chance for Argentina to qualify for 1/8 - the final is to win this match. Even then, it is not certain whether the Gauchoos will jump over the group because it depends on the final exit of Iceland - Croatia, but Messi and the company are obliged to win and think they will successfully fulfill this mission. Nigeria has its merits, but if the Argentineans finally wake up and show their real potential, the super-stars will not even get a point, although they have a motivation for success because they are also in the fight for a place in the direct eliminations.
Forecast 2, co. 1.51, bet 10, typestar the_rain_ss
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Messi and the company have made such an exposition that I am beginning to doubt whether they will overcome the Nigeria team that has shown against Iceland that it is a quality team and will continue boldly ahead. Mesu is the big star from Messi, and this fight will be very interesting this evening. It is possible for both teams to reach a goal or at least Nigerians to make at least one hikes in this difficult and interesting game. I expect a lot of goals and I expect guests to lose and leave.
Forecast 1X, co. 2.52, Bet 10, DAGETO Tipper
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It was a betting point and I decided to put it on this absurd but very desirable result of me, namely Nigeria's victory over Argentina. The two teams face each other in the final match of their World Cup team. Argentina needs a mandatory victory to have chances to qualify ahead of the first two disappointing matches in the group. Nigeria can also qualify for a tie, which will have a positive effect on the African team, which may try to take all three points against the weak team of Argentina.
Forecast 1, co. 6.17, bet 1, typest player777
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Hello, I just have to play this game this way. Argentina is clear that it is a favorite but so far has not shown that they are even contenders for the title. And Nigeria, without shining, won 3 points, and even they even got a draw in this match to continue. Naturally, they will be the biggest fools if they go out for a draw. And I'm sure they will not. Tensions in Argentina will be many times higher and this may prove decisive.
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Forecast 1X, co. 2.52, Bet 10, Tipster kumchowalcho
Latest forecast for the month. Tragic Argentina faces Nigeria. Only Argentina's victory qualifies them and will be reloaded. Nigeria will reach them even and will play for a draw. I do not believe the Latins can regain weakness, they have quarrels inside. The press crashes, Messi is bad and all this leads to a tie or victory for Nigeria and I think there will be a surprise. Even more so that Argentina has bought tickets to Buenos Aires. I `m not joking. They have tickets back
Forecast X, co. 4.30, bet 6, tiprov Petrov12
Better have 11 motivated on the pitch and 0 motivated among the reserves than having motivated reserves and a few unmotivated on the pitch. There were rumors that Messi and other players wanted the coach to be removed, but he still remained. However, I think that Messi and other players will determine the composition, which is the lesser evil in a dressing room omitted by the coach. When Messi and others determine the composition, at least those 11 on the pitch will be motivated, if all the reserves will get angry and there will be no one to enter the field. It is better for the starting 11 to enter the match harder than Messi and others just to walk around the T-shirts. As for the match, the variance in luck in the long run is balanced. Argentina - Croatia and 10 times to play, the Croats can beat the 10, because they are more classy. But even in its current tragic state, Argentina is a little (not much) more classy than Iceland and Nigeria. Against Iceland, there was no luck - missed a penalty, now the luck can be balanced against Nigeria.
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Forecast 2, co. 1.54, bet 10, typist M__i__r__o
Argentina are terrible at this World Cup and I do not see how they will get out of their group. At first glance, Croatia, Nigeria and Iceland were favorites for the first place, and even more considered them as one of the trophy favorites. Well, yes, no. After the Argentine shocking 1-1 against Iceland and even worse for them 0-3 from Croatia are now facing the elimination in the group stage. The Icelanders have one point, as Argentina has, although Eilfsson and the company have a slightly better goal difference. Nigeria defeated 2-0 in their last game as they pulled out of luck and managed to get a 0-0 break at the break (by a miracle), but the second one twice punished the Icelanders. Nigeria are second after Croatia, who are sure 1/8 finalist. Argentina has great footballers but their mentor can not motivate them and order them correctly. Check out their game and results. I'm giving X a sign that Nigeria will be waiting for from the game of the Icelanders. I think the African representative is capable of stopping Messi and a company. They have good players and are able to make mistakes, and we have not seen one or two surprises. Why not see it here?
Forecast X, co. 4.30, bet 10, typist levskisofiq
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The match of the 3rd round of the group stage of the World Cup 2018 Nigeria - Argentina will be held on Tuesday 26 June at 21:00 (MSK) at the St. Petersburg stadium.
In this game, bookmakers are betting on Argentina's victory. And many believe that she will win with a difference of not less than two goals. As if there was no defeat in the game with Croatia 0: 3. As if there are no problems between the players and the head coach. As if Argentina really can claim the title at this World Championship. She needs a victory. And the victory is greater than the possible victory of Iceland over Croatia in a parallel meeting.
Nigeria can even arrange a draw - if Iceland does not beat Croatia with a difference of two or more goals. In the second round, the Nigerians very confidently beat Iceland - 2: 0. In the second half, they dominated the field and if they also play with Argentina, they can count on a good result. In general, at every World Championship there are sensations, expressed in the absence of one or several favorites of the tournament in the playoffs. Suffice it to recall the last Mundial, when Italy, England, Portugal and, of course, the current world champion Spain, were not in the 1/8 finals.
Now, perhaps, the only team among the main favorites that really hangs in the balance is Argentina. She poorly held the qualifying round and she clearly does not have everything in order with the attack. It is worth recalling that for the last six matches at the World Championships in regular time, Albiselest scored only two goals and never more than one per game. Yes, Nigeria won only 2 of the last 14 matches at the World Championships and both victories were over debutants - in 2014 it beat Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this year - Iceland. But the chances of Africans look strongly undervalued.
draw 0: 0
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Team Nigeria is not so successfully started at the current world forum. His first match, Nigerians deservedly lost to Croatia with a score of 0: 2 and were immediately credited as one of the main losers of the championship. The fact that this is not so, showed the second match wards Guernot Ror. And if you look at the statistics of the attack of Nigerians in the match with the Croats, then it is quite good. Nigeria dealt 14 blows, Croats - eleven. Europeans scored from the penalty spot, and the second - an own goal. In the match with Iceland, Rora wards competently played on the defensive and used their capabilities on counterattacks. As a result, the victory over the Icelanders 2-0 gave the Africans a chance to enter the next round.
Our experts have prepared another forecast for the match Nigeria - Argentina, in which they determined the winner of the fight.
Because of the injury, only Moses Simon will not play.
On the prospects of the Nigerian team in the group, our experts told us in a special blog.
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Team Argentina in their game in both first matches frankly disappointed. First, Jorge Sampaoli's wards did not keep the victory in the duel with Iceland - a draw 1: 1, and then were completely defeated by Croatia with a score of 0: 3. Note that the defense in these matches played not the best way, and the attack and did look dull. The Messibyl is tightly closed, Aguero did not fit into the command actions, abusing
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individual game. Paulo Dibala and Higuain in the starting lineups in these games did not appear at all.
On the prospects of the team of Argentina in the group, our experts told us in a special blog.
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Nigeria missed out in five of the last six fights.
In three of them for this period more goals.
Argentina scored more than two goals in three of the last six matches.
In the last four full-time matches of the opponents, four and more goals per game were scored.
Argentina in the last three matches scored Nigeria more than two goals.
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Argentina needs in this fight only a victory, and preferably with a large score. Otherwise, one of the favorites of the entire World Cup 2018 will go home after the group stage. At the group stage of qualification, the Argentines managed to gather and in the final match to beat Ecuador 3: 1. Hat-trick from Messi. Last matches between rivals turned out to be quite effective. It is unlikely that the upcoming game will be an exception.
Our forecast for the match is the individual total of Argentina more than 1.5 for 1.64 in BC 1xStavka.
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