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Newcastle United - Arsenal 15.09. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Newcastle United started as a matter of fact out of hand badly, for the starting four rounds the team scored just one point, but if you look at the calendar of Benitez's wards, it becomes clear that not only the "magpies" are to blame for the fact that they are now weaving in the relegation zone having still victories in a season. That Tottenham, then Chelsea, then Manchester City, now here's the Arsenal. Such a calendar and the enemy at the start of the season do not want, figuratively speaking. And if we talk directly for the football there, then in some places Newcastle United played actively, even though it's not usual for him to look at matches with the leaders. So there is a hope that here Newcastle United will try to attack, and at home the club becomes even bolder.


Arsenal can not miss us. For the starting four rounds, the Londoners missed eight goals, eight scored and scored. And it's okay there Chelsea and Manchester City hit the gate of Londoners, but Arsenal three goals scored in the sum of West Ham and Cardiff, and this is more than a serious indicator that the defense is not all right.

Free fixed tips

September 5 at 17:00 at the football stadium "St. James Park" will be played at the stage of the fifth round of the Premier League, in which Newcastle United will take players from the Arsenal.


Newcastle United after 38 rounds of last season finished in the 10th place standings, collecting 44 points. In the summer, the "magpies" participated in 5 friendly matches, in which there were 1 win, 2 losses and 2 draws. In a series of football League Cup matches in the 1/32 finals of the "george" were defeated with a score of 1: 3 from Nottingham Forest. In the four previous games of the new championship, the "black and white" lost to Tottenham (1: 2), Chelsea (1: 2), and Manchester City (1: 2), with Cardiff Newcastle United dispersed 0-0.


Arsenal recorded on the 6th place in the standings, earning 63 points. During the summer off-season the "Gunners" played five matches. In 2 friendly games, Arsenal beat Borham Wood 8-0 and Lazio 2-0. In 3 matches, the Manchester United team wards Unai Emery 2 games won and 1 lost. In the starting matches of the season 2018/19 Arsenal lost to Manchester City (0-2) and Chelsea (2: 3), and also managed to beat West Ham (3-1) and Cardiff (3: 2).


In the last matches the teams exchanged home victories, Arsenal won 1: 0, Newcastle United with a score 2: 1. "Gunners" at a party play poorly, but the "magpies" now look very weak. Bet: Arsenal's victory - P2.

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Forecast: P2 with a coefficient of 1.96



After two defeats in a row in meetings with Manchester City (0: 2) and Chelsea (2: 3), the new team of Unai Emery, finally broke. In the beginning, "Gunners" in his "Emirates Stadium" beat the London derby West Ham (3: 1). And then, in Cardiff, Arsenal defeated the eponymous club with a minimum score (2: 3).


The score in the last match could be more convincing in favor of the guests, but this evening the Czech goalkeeper of the "Gunners" was very fanciful, and over and over again made unforgivable mistakes, which were soon corrected by the attacking quartet of guests led by Pierre-Emerick Obamaamyeng and Alexander Lakazett . But, in the end of the match Peter Cech gathered, and for the third time did not allow the Welsh to equalize the score (2: 3).

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So, the team of Unai Emery scored a very important guest victory, and immediately improved their tournament performance significantly. Now in the asset owners "Emirates" six points and the corresponding ninth place in the table of ranks.



Looking at the current schedule of "forty", do not cease to be surprised by the oddities of compiling a football calendar. After all, in five starting rounds, Rafael Benitez's team was only lucky once with the rival. It was a guest duel of the second round with debutant Cardiff, ended in a goalless draw. But in three other matches, the average player selection for Newcastle was consistently opposed by Tottenham (1: 2), Chelsea (1: 2) and Manchester City (1: 2). That is, three representatives of the Premier League in the current club championship of Europe.


And now the next guest of "St. James Park" will be the London Arsenal. And although this season the new team of Unai Emery does not play in the UEFA Champions League, but with Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerik Obama, Alexander Lakazetta and Aaron Ramsey, the "Gunners" can create problems for almost any opponent, except for the current champion Manchester city.

Free fixed tips


And now about the statistics of personal meetings of two clubs in the northernmost city on the Premier League football card. Until recently, or rather, until April 15 this year, the owners of "St. James Park" were very convenient opponent of the London club (0: 1, 0: 1, 1: 2 and 0: 1). But in the last to date battles "magpies" were able to beat the team then still Arsen Wenger (2: 1). Now experts give their preference to the guests: P1 - 4.35, P2 - 1.85.



Despite the current stay in the relegation zone, even in matches with favorites the game of Rafael Benitez's team makes a good impression. Here, in our opinion, the most relevant is the stake on the plus side of the hosts.


Our forecast is Newcastle's victory with a handicap (+1) for 1.55.

Free fixed tips

In the coming Saturday will be a whole brood of matches of the next, already the fifth round of the English regular season. In one of the matches of the reporting day, Newcastle United will face Arsenal, which will come straight from the capital. The battle will take place in the county of Tyne and Wear at the stadium "St. James Park."


Teams at the start of the new season show old problems. "Gunners" traditionally heavily enter the championship, but the "magpies" are falling lower and lower. Even if everything was the opposite, the bookmakers would still bend the old line with slogans like - vote for the Gunners. In general, you can agree with the "all-knowing", but when it comes to betting on Arsenal, you need to think a hundred times, go to church to cleanse your sins, do a dozen good deeds, and only then hopes that fate will thank you for such boldness.



"Magpies" somewhere warmed up, and how else to explain the fact that they had to go through two rounds of hell at the start of the season. The guys in the domestic arena can already boast of losses from Tottenham and Chelsea. In both cases, the guys scored a goal, but missed more in consequence and won (this proposal is written under the influence of creativity Klitschko). And here again you need to fight with the top representative of the capital.

Free fixed tips

You can also remember the visiting game against Cardiff, in which "Jordi" painted the world 0-0. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention also about the match with Manchester City, who is the current champion of England. Rafael Benitez's squad in the first half managed to even impose the fight "eagles", but in the second forty-five minutes the guys missed an optional goal from Kyle Walker.



Each new season for the fans of the "Gunners" is a new hope, which for a long time turns out to be unjustified. That's the new season already the Emery's squad started a little weak. In the opening round, the boys lost to Manchester City with a score of 0: 2, and then also lost to Chelsea 2: 3. It was not possible for the Spanish specialist to score points in battles against direct competitors, and this casts doubt on champion ambitions.

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On the third attempt, we managed to score three points. It was on the Emirates against West Ham. The final score is 3: 1. A week later, the "Gunners" in a strong-willed style managed to outplay Cardiff on the road with a score of 3: 2. In small steps the team of Unai Emery is gaining the condition, the guys have endured the starting two rounds and in battles with the middle peasants they show that they can achieve victories.


Forecast for this match

The Spanish specialist tries to deliver an attacking game to the team, only in a match with Manchester City failed to score. In all other cases, the "Gunners" managed to score at least two goals. In this situation, it is worth using the total.


The bet is a total greater than 2.5.

Free fixed tips

In the fifth round of the Premier League there will be a match in Newcastle, in which the local club will try to take away points from the not unreasonable at the start of the Arsenal season.


In four matches, the Magpies scored just one point - in the away game against Cardiff. The rest of the game wards Benitez lost with the same score 1: 2. But their rivals were Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City. Against their backdrop, Newcastle's next opponent looks less threatening, so the main loser of the start of the season will have a good chance of catching up on the points.

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Arsenal started the championship with two defeats in a row - 0: 2 from Manchester City and 2: 3 from Chelsea. But then the Gunners slightly corrected - 3: 1 with West Ham and 3: 2 with Cardiff. Wards Unai Emery successfully operate in the attack, but their defensive redoubts crack at the seams. Londoners need to work on this component of the game, and only then they will be able to stabilize their results.


The last match at the Newcastle Stadium was celebrated by the hosts, and four times in a row - guests. Saturday's game will give us a very competitive standoff, in which Arsenal's chances to win are a bit more preferable. But the weak game of the Gunners on the defensive gives a chance for success and the team Benitez.

Free fixed tips

Both will score at 1.645


In the fifth round, the Newcastle Premier League will play against the next team of the top six in the championship. This time with Arsenal. Will Benitez's wards be able to score points in a duel with the Gunners? Our forecast.


"Newcastle" is considered a strong middle peasant Premier League, but after four rounds, the "forty" in the asset only one point. The reason for this is the heavy calendar that fell at the start of the season at the Newcastle. Wards Rafael Benitez already played with Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City, each of them losing 1: 2. The only point "Newcastle" earned only in the guest meeting with "Cardiff" - 0: 0. However, this does not justify the result of this club in the League Cup. "Magpies" flew here, losing to "Nottingham" - 1: 3.


Note that before the upcoming match, "Newcastle" has some problems with the composition. In question, participation in the fight of Xavi Manquillo, Matt Ritchie and Johnjo Shelvey.



At the "Arsenal", too, was damaged one important player. This is the newcomer of the team - Lucas Torreira, unsuccessfully went to the team. His help to "Arsenal" would not be in the way, as the "Gunners" have terrible results on the road. The heavy victory over "Cardiff" in the last round - 3-2 became for the London club only the second for the eleven last guest matches in the Premier League. During this period, the "Gunners" often lost on the road, including, and "Newcastle" - 1: 2.

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Considering the weakest representative of the top 6 at the moment, "Arsenal" is very important to earn points in matches by the middle peasants and outsiders. In the first rounds, the Gunners lost to Manchester City 0-2 and Chelsea 2: 3, and only then beat West Ham 3: 1 and Cardiff 3: 2.



"Newcastle" won in the Premier League only one of the last nine matches.

At the "St. James Park" "magpie" lost three of the 11 previous matches of the championship.

"Arsenal" missed all four past Premier League matches.

"Gunners" lost in eight of the last ten guest appearances in the Premier League.

"Arsenal" defeated "Newcastle" in nine of the ten previous full-time matches.

In five of these meetings, the "Gunners" won the "forty" with a score of 1: 0.



In general, before this fight, not in favor of "Newcastle" is evidence only statistics of face-to-face meetings with "Arsenal". However, the guest form of the "Gunners" and good results of the Benitez team at home have put on the hosts. The problem is that the "Gunners" have another coach. And it is possible that the London club on the road will play more successfully. Although the "Seville" under the leadership of Unai Emery also stood out just good results in home games, and not guest. In addition, great importance here should play psychology. Since the "Newcastle" only one point in the asset, "magpies" for this match can go out as the last battle.

Free fixed tips

Our forecast is Newcastle's victory or a draw for 1.94



Footballers of "Newcastle" started the current season terribly, having scored just one point in four played rounds.


"Soroki" started with a home defeat from "Tottenham" (1: 2), after which the guests broke up the world with Cardiff City (0-0), not having scored a penalty in the very final whistle.

Free fixed tips

After that, the wards of Rafael Benitez lost to Chelsea at home (1: 2) and Manchester City on the road (1: 2).


Add that "Newcastle" also managed to fly out of the English League Cup, having suffered defeat from "Nottingham Forest" (1: 3).


In the infirmary "forty" is Florian Lejeune. Javier Manquillo, Matt Richey and Johnjo Shelvey are close to getting back into service.

Free fixed tips


London "Arsenal" is in the middle of the standings, having on its account six points scored.


"Gunners" began the season with two defeats - first they lost to Manchester City (0: 2), and then - to London "Chelsea" (2: 3).

Free fixed picks

Slightly recovering the wards Unai Emery were able to win at West Ham (3: 1) and Cardiff City (3: 2).


The problem for Emery. Ozil becomes a burden to Arsenal

The highest paid player of Arsenal is becoming a real problem for Emery28 / 08/2018

Among the injured Arsenal are Karl Jenkinson, Sead Kolasinac, Laurent Koselni and Ainslie Maitland-Niles.

Free fixed tips


In the upcoming match, the bookmakers give the advantage to the guests: Arsenal win 1.93, Newcastle win 4.00, draw 3.90.

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We must admit that the "magpies" are a little unlucky with the calendar, because already from the start of the season they are regularly confronted by grants, to which can be attributed and "Gunners".


Despite this, the wards of Rafael Benitez played with all the opponents with dignity, without losing to anyone with a difference of even two goals.


Forecast: Total Goals Over 2.5


We would pay attention to the fact that both teams play effectively and often miss. Yes, Newcastle did not score Cardiff, but the Magpies played in the minority, and in the end the meetings did not realize a penalty. Based on the foregoing, our forecast is "total heads over 2.5" for 1.75.

Free fixed tips

Forecast: Both teams to score

An alternative may be a bet "both teams will score," but it is accepted with a modest odds of 1.64


Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 5th round of the championship of England Newcastle - Arsenal, which will be held at St. James' Park on Saturday, September 15, starting at 17:00 (MSK).

Free fixed tips


In this game, bookmakers predict the victory of the guests, estimating the probability of such an outcome is slightly above 50%. Arsenal scored six points for four starting rounds: after defeats from Manchester City and Chelsea, he beat West Ham at home with a score of 3: 1, and then Cardiff on the road 3: 2. It is interesting that in the total number of eight goals scored by Arsenal, there is not a single player who has recorded more than one goal on his account. Now the series of Arsenal is going on, which already has 20 matches - ten times he won and lost. The last time the "Gunners" played a draw on January 3 this year - then their match with Chelsea ended with a score of 2: 2. Away wards Unai Emery won just two of the last ten matches and lost eight other meetings. In eight fights on this stretch, they missed a minimum of two goals.


Newcastle is one of five teams that this season has not yet won. Now in his assets only one point and already three times the wards of Rafael Benitez lost. Including in the last round, they lost at the exit of Manchester City with a score of 1: 2. Taking into account the last season, "Soroki" won just one match out of the last nine, having suffered seven defeats and once tied. And in their field they lost three of the four previous fights, although before that they won four consecutive duel in their native walls. By the way, none of the eight last home games of Newcastle ended in a draw - five wins and three defeats. Before that in three consecutive games the team recorded a draw.

Free fixed tips


Last season, these teams exchanged home victories. In particular, Newcastle won in his field with a score of 2: 1. And, beating Arsenal, Newcastle broke the ten-match losing streak in the confrontation with him. The last draw in this confrontation was recorded in August 2011 - then they played on the field of Newcastle 0: 0.



Analysts Site Bukmeker.rf predict the victory of Arsenal and put on a high total of the match - more than 3 goals. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.50). Arsenal's victory 2: 1 is a little less high (coefficient 8.00). Bets on the total match of more than 3 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.22.

Free fixed tips


the victory of Newcastle - 4.11, a draw - 3.67, the victory of Arsenal - 1.88