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Napoli - Roma 28.10 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


To close the 10th round of Serie A on Sunday will be the match "Napoli" - "Roma". In the two extreme seasons, the teams enjoyed home wins, so what will end their upcoming fight? Let's figure it out.


"Parthenopeytsy" so far retain second place. Team Ancelotti scored 21 points - 7 wins and twice left with nothing, and the total score 18:10. It is important to note that in the recent game of the Champions League, the team managed to keep PSG - 2: 2.


"Wolves" are not pleased with their performances. Although the footballers Di Francesco have been pleased with their performances lately, the overall picture does not look the best - 14 points and this is the seventh line.

Free fixed predictions

The forecast for the match "Napoli" - "Roma", TB2,5. If we take as a whole, then the owners are stronger, but then the Romans are not ordinary guys. Most likely, the fight will be effective, and we will bet on it.


Italian passions will break out on a reporting Sunday. In the tenth round we will witness an exciting confrontation, the main characters of which will be Napoli and Roma. At this stage of the season, there is no direct struggle between the teams for the leading positions, but this will not affect the passions in the bowl of the Sao Paulo stadium.


Bookmakers put a line on this match, where the hosts are the favorites. It’s difficult to argue with "all-knowing” people, because Neapolitans are demonstrating consistently high results, both in the championship and in the Champions League. Future guests were able to eliminate all the mistakes that were made at the start of the season. Will they be able to impose a fight on a strong opponent in his field?

Free fixed tips


"Blue” even with the passage of Carlo Ancelotti can not improve their performance in Serie A. The club is still in a state of pursuit for Juventus, located on top of the standings. The backlog of "Old Signora” is only four points, but it will not be easy to reduce it. "Parthenopeytsy" managed to take advantage of the misfire of Juve, but this did not help much, because in the full-time duel they were defeated.


In the Champions League, the team got, perhaps, the strongest group, but after three rounds the guys show that they deserve to go to the playoffs. The club, supported by fans, managed to beat Liverpool and took a draw from Paris. Against the background of such achievements, it seems ridiculous to have a draw against Crvena Zvezda, where the players had to take three points.

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The "Romans” have noticeably worked on their game, which is clearly visible in the latest indicators of the team. In six extreme duels five victories were gained. A small glitch happened in the game against SPAL - then the fans at the "Stadio Olimpico” saw the defeat of their favorites. A series of excellent performances allowed the team to rise to the seventh position in the peloton - their asset is fourteen points.


The guys came close to the European Cup zone, which is closed by Fiorentina. "Violets" do not shine with stability, so there is no doubt that soon "wolves" will be able to easily get around them. In the Champions League affairs at the wards Eusebio Di Francesco are also going well. Last Wednesday, they took CSKA Moscow - Muscovites were not worthy of competition, receiving three goals in their goal.

Free fixed tips

Prediction for this match

The capital guys started to show stable football. They noticeably improved their performance in Serie A and Champions League. It will be difficult for them to confront the Neapolitans, who are in excellent shape. Both participants did not stint on the scored goals in the extreme meetings, so now it is worth assuming that the audience will see a considerable number of goals.


Bet - total more than 2.5.


"Napoli" and "Roma" successfully played in the Champions League this week, but did they still have the strength to compete in a full-time match? The answer is in our forecast.



"Napoli” under the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti shows very solid results and is currently the main pursuer of "Juventus”. In the table "parthenopeytsy” go second, behind the first "Juventus” only four points. In the last match, Napoli outplayed Udinese without a goal 3-0, and the newcomer of the team Fabian Ruiz was noted for an excellent goal, for which he became the debut in Serie A.

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On Wednesday, Neapolitans played with PSG in the Champions League and were very close to victory. The score in the 29th minute opened by Lorenzo Insigne, after which the Parisians played at the start of the second half of the meeting. However, Napoli again stepped forward in the 77th minute with the efforts of Dries Mertens, but they lacked a few seconds to three points - Angel Di Maria shot through the penalty area and deprived the Italians of two points.


Ancelotti after the game did not express disappointment with the result, he thanked the team for their dedication and noted that there was simply nothing to reproach him with.

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"Roma” gave a very weak start, but gradually got out of the crisis. Three victories in a row over Frosinone, Lazio and Empoli removed for a while questions to Eusebio Di Francesco, moreover, Djalorossi also defeated the Czech Victoria with a score of 5: 0 in their field. In the final round, the Roman mentor allowed himself to rotate, which led to defeat. SLEEPING, surprisingly to many, was not averse to getting three points and scoring twice, not allowing the Romans even a prestige goal.

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On Tuesday, "Roma” took home CSKA Moscow and again got hold of three points. After a rather nervous start, in the 30th minute the hosts opened the scoring with Edin Dzeko’s efforts, and after 13 minutes scored again. In the second half of the meeting, the situation on the field did not change - Roma attacked, CSKA weakly tried to counterattack. The third goal of the Romans was not long in coming - Cengiz Under successfully played in the penalty area Russians.


After the game, the mentor of the Romans didn’t praise too much the game of his team, but called on the players not to lose concentration and to maintain the winning attitude for the next matches, in which, quite possibly, the fate of Di Francesco himself will be decided.

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The previous match at São Paulo ended in a victory for Roma 4-2.

Only in one of the previous four in-person meetings, the team could not exchange goals

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Napoli scores in each of the last seven matches

Only in one of the last six games "Roma" could not score



"Napoli" perfectly proved itself in Paris and despite the status of a frank outsider, managed to take one point. Ancelotti's team has been playing very recently and has no problems with goals scored - both team leaders and players who recently joined the team score.


Roma's results are a bit more modest, but in the last fights the wolves also played out, Jacko scored a great shape and scored in almost every match. Both teams will strive only for maximum results, and given their style of play, it would be appropriate to assume that today they will not manage without scored goals.

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Closing Sunday evening of the 10th round of the Italian Serie A will be the central match of the tour - Napoli will take Roma in his field.


The last 2 seasons teams exchange away victories, but maybe it's time to stop this series?


Napoli has some problems, but he is still on the 2nd line of Serie A. Thus, in 9 rounds, wards of Carlo Ancelotti scored 21 points - 7 wins and 2 losses, while the total score was 18:10. In addition, at home, "partyenopays" are much more confident - 5 wins in 5 meetings in all tournaments, with a total score of 10: 2. However, we should not forget that on Wednesday the Neapolitans had the hardest away UCL game against PSG ...


In turn, Roma is not happy with his fans, and in any of the tournaments. In the Champions League wards Di Francesco, though they win, but still perform worse than expected. And in Serie A, the "wolves" are located on the 7th line with 14 points in the asset. It is noteworthy that at a party (in all tournaments), the Romans managed to win twice and lost three times, and now they are beginning to "stagger” again.

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Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Napoli, but is it reasonable? Yes, the "partyenopeytsy" at home is more powerful, but the "wolves" will be more fresh. Most likely, this will all be superimposed on each other, so that we will expect a lot of mistakes and scoring chances ...

Free fixed predictions

Free match prediction for Napoli - Roma: "Total over 2.5". Bookmaker William Hill offers a factor of 1.5 for such an event.


At the evening pool in the Italian Serie A passed the match between Napoli and Roma. In this pair, bookmakers consider the owners to be clear favorites, but it is worth noting that now both teams are in good sports form, which is reflected in the results. At the same time, the factor of his field, of course, can be decisive in determining the winner of the upcoming match.



Napoli before the 10th round in Serie A is located on the second line in the championship standings, this group has 21 points, which is four points less than the leading Juventus. In the last four meetings, the Neapolitans never lost: tied away from PSG, were stronger than Liverpool, Sassuolo and Udinese.

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Only seventh

Roma is only the seventh in the Serie A standings, 14 points behind the Wolves, four points behind Lazio and the TOP-4 position. After the international break, Roma played two home games: in the championship and the Champions League. First, the Jallo-Rossi lost to SPAL 0: 2, and after that they won against CSKA Moscow 3: 0. In total, Roma played 4 matches in the current season, in which she scored two wins and two losses, 4: 4 goal difference.



Napoli in a match with PSG showed a high class of football, and before that "Parthenopeya" overcame Liverpool in his field. Roma won twice in a row in the Champions League, but both matches were with weaker rivals, in addition, the matches were home matches. Last season, Roma beat Napoli on the "San Paolo”, for sure the hosts did not forget that insult, they will try to take revenge next Sunday. Our free prediction for this meeting: Napoli will score first

Free fixed tips

Napoli has once again demonstrated that the defeat of Juventus in no way affected the Ancelotti team. The second team of Serie A last week was staying with Udinese, where she won a confident victory on duty. At the same time, in the very first minutes, Ancelotti was forced to make a substitution - Verdi was injured, Fabian Ruiz replaced him. As a result, it was Ruiz who began the defeat of Udine - the Spaniard himself entered the pressure, picked the ball, and then irresistibly struck from outside the penalty area into the far corner. Goal turned out beautiful and became the only one in the first half. Napoli made mistakes, but did not allow Udine to actually dangerously threaten the gate of Carnezis. At the end of the match, Napoli made some more decent attacks that resulted in a penalty (Mertens realized) and a goal by Marco Horn. Napoil wins the 7th victory in 9 rounds, in the last four matches, only Juventus was able to score for Ancelotti.


Roma again disappointed, despite the fact that the signs of a possible recession were before the break for the national team matches. Against the same Empoli, Roma played frankly weak, and the match with SPAL completely ended in a dry defeat. Roma again has problems in attack, again makes mistakes in defense, the leaders fail again, and Roma seems to be too dependent on Jacko's form. Jacko had moments for a goal against the SPAL, but we didn’t see goals from the forward. For comparison - in the middle of the week Roma played against CSKA in the Champions League, Jack struck the goal of CSKA 5 times, scored 2 goals and gave an assist. SPAL eventually scored against Roma twice, interrupting a series of three consecutive victories of the Romans.

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Napoli has a lot of losses - they will definitely not play in the match Kirikesh, Younes, Una and Luperto, participation in the game Verdi is in doubt. Roma injured Pastor and Perotti.


The current Napoli and Roma look like teams of different levels. De Laurentis succeeded in replacing Surry painlessly, making the team more varied and even stronger (in my opinion), but Roma, in fact, started rebuilding the summer rebuilding, putting Di Francesco under attack. The main achievement of Ancelotti, I think, is precisely the variability, as a result of which 8 players from the Neapolitan club have already scored goals. I think that without goals from Napoli will not do and against Roma. I expect at least 2 goals from Napoli and victory over Roma.

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The old coach is the new coach, the old scheme is the new scheme: something has changed, but there’s no point. "Napoli” practically repeats the scenario of the past season: again second place, they play efficiently again (18 goals), again they deservedly lose points only in "lichkas” with "Old Signora”.


Although no, something new is still there - the Neapolitans are uncharacteristically missing a lot. If last season the team was still one of the most "dry” in Serie A. Maurizio Sarri, then in the current season "parthenopeytsy” missed the most goals among the top 6 teams of the top division - 10.


Champions League: 10 events you might have missed

True, apart from the game with PSG, I did not miss the last three matches in all the Napoli tournaments. This can be considered a local success, given that before last match in the Champions League was against the frantic "Liverpool" (1: 0 victory).

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Talk about the dismissal of Eusebio Di Francesco is based solely on the results of the team, because the seventh place in the standings is not what the fans and the wolves were hoping for.

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The indicators of "Roma” are also not encouraging, especially defensive - this is the main similarity of today's opponents. Only the Romans conceded two more goals - 12.


The connivance in the defensive order led to this: on average, in one match, Roma's rivals inflicted 11.7 strikes on its goal, which can be considered a weighty indicator.


The wolves themselves are concentrated on the attack: they usually pierce about 15 times in 90 minutes and show very good accuracy - 59.5%.

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Ideal would be to bet on offsides: that "Roma”, that "Napoli” rarely get there, but they catch the opponent very well (4.11 and 2.78 for the teams, respectively).


Yes, and the personal matches of the last season show that the number of players staying on the offside is moderate, but guests will certainly come across more often.

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So, if you find kafy, you need to try: at least for the total, at least for the victory of the guests. While they are not at the domestic offices, we offer to "charge” on "IT1: 2 time more than the 1st half” for 2.31

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