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Napoli - Fiorentina 15.09. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Napoli after the change of coaching staff has not yet found the optimal form, and let Carlo Ancelotti more than experienced, being at the moment one of the best mentors in the world, until the build a perfect football Neapolitans can not. In the attack, it seems like everything is going well, but now the defensive is a complete failure, for three rounds, Napoli missed six times already. Well, the guest 0: 3 from Sampdoria in the last meeting is really an indicator of the problem zone, and Napoli should be plus to everything to be very evil after such humiliation, so it's not a fact how the club will play in terms of defense when it will be necessary to run forward to be rehabilitated.


Fiorentina managed to win back only two rounds, but to win them out very successfully, having won both. It all began with a great pogrom Chievo in his arena - 6: 1. And they finished the "violets" with a victory 1: 0 in the match against Udinese. Note that these two games Fiorentina held in their arena, and rivals were far from the level of the Neapolitans. So here it is especially not worth counting on the fact that the defense of Fiorentina suddenly became excellent and will not miss the ball here. And a guest.

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In the fourth round of Serie A at the stadium of "San Paolo" on September 15, 2018 at 19:00 will meet the teams of Napoli and Fiorentina.


Napoli, after 3 previous rounds, takes the 5th line in the table with 6 points. After transfers, the team has not changed much and is still marked by an attacking style. In the last three games the players managed to win twice, in the first case the dangerous Lazio 2-1, and in the second even more serious opponent, Milan with a score of 3-2. In the last meeting the club lost at the exit of Sampdoria 0-3. Naturally, this insulting defeat will make Ancelotti's wards go ahead.


Fiorentina played on the game less than her rivals and scored 6 points, which confidently settled on the 3rd place. Both matches were held at the home stadium, where Chievo was defeated with a crushing score of 6-1, and then 1-0 was defeated by Udinese. This season began to shine Benassi, on account of which already 3 goals. In the guest meetings "Violet" appear convincing and in friendly games they lost only once, and in Serie A this will be the first exit.

Free fixed tips

Between each other, Napoli and Fiorentina have met frequently, but the hosts have been stronger in the last 5 matches at the San Paolo stadium. I think this time Neapolitans will take three points. Bet: the victory of Napoli - P1.

Napoli - Fiorentina 15.09. Free fixed tips

Forecast: P1 with a coefficient of 1.64


The Italian championship can also offer the next Saturday a duel, which claims to be the top one. It's about sparring between Napoli and Fiorentina in the next, already the fourth round of the regular season. Both teams arrange a move at the top of the standings, so the guys have what to share with each other.

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The event will take place in a mafia-like Naples, as if the imitators of Don Carleone did not come to the "Sao Paolo" and did not arrange a brawl. Bookmakers support the home team, well, still, try under Thompson's gunshot to make a different decision. However, we are far from Italy and we can speak directly - the Neapolitans have done a little bit in the last round, and this factor can affect their psychological state.



Carlo Ancelotti came to the captain's bridge and immediately screwed the will parameter to the maximum. Otherwise, how to explain that in the starting two rounds of Serie A our today's heroes won with their teeth clasped. First there was a triumph in a principled match against Lazio with a score of 2: 1, and then the "Parthenopians" beat Milan 3: 2. The last victory was especially difficult for Carlito, given his relationship with the "red-black".

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In the third round, the incident happened - the Neapolitans surrendered to Sampdoria, like a supermarket cashier to a man who paid without surrender. The team lost with a score of 3: 0, Cavalierella and twice Defrail scored at the gates of the "blue". Then there was a break for the games of national teams and all this time Ancelotti reflected on the reasons for the failure and coached his own skills in the football manager.



"Violet" a little behind and rolled only two matches in the regular championship. But the quality exceeds the number - in both cases, the guys won. First, the "lilies" brought six flowers to the grave of Chievo, and later in his native "Artemio Franchi" beat Udinese. Indicators are good, but do not make premature conclusions, because the rivals were not the first echelon.

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It is important to say that the coming battle will be the first exit for our heroes of today. Therefore, there are certain doubts about the fact that the guests will be able to impose an equal fight on the motivated enemy. The upcoming match is a test for the team of Pioli, because in the season 2018/2019 the guys did not face serious problems. We are sure that the owners will be able to deliver these problems "purple."


Forecast for this match

Sampdoria became an excellent motivator for the Neapolitans, like the Purulent for one Jew. After a devastating defeat, the team simply has to gather and give out excellent two rounds in a fight with the "purple". In this situation, I want to put on a favorite.

Free fixed tips

Bet is the victory of Napoli.


Saturday night, Napoli will take Fiorentina in the 4 th round of the new season of the Italian Serie A.

Napoli - Fiorentina 15.09. Free fixed tips

Last season in this field these teams played a goalless draw - 0: 0. I wonder if there will be goals in the new season?


Napoli in the summer has seriously changed, but so far it has gone to the team is not good. Yes, according to the results, everything is fine (6 points for 3 rounds), but this can not be said for the game. Yes, and pass the wards Carlo Ancelotti in every match, and just missed 6 goals. In addition, in the extreme game, the "Parthenopians" did not even score - a weak-willed defeat from Sampdoria with a score of 3: 0.

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In turn, Fiorentina shows great football, but the whole team managed to win back 2 official matches. In these matches, wards Pioli beat Chievo (6-1) and Udinese (1: 0). And now the "violets" will have a really strong opponent, and even on the road ...


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Napoli, but is it fair? In fact, the "Parthenopians" do not shine, and the "violets" are stuck. In addition, the break should cool the team, and therefore in the defense will be more errors. And that's why I recommend putting on a goal from guests ...

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Free forecast for the match Napoli - Fiorentina: "Fiorentina will score". Bookmaker William Hill offers a 1.47 coefficient for such an event.


One of the most interesting confrontations of the fourth round of Serie A will be a match in Naples, where a new team of Carlo Ancelotti will take an absolutely unpredictable opponent.


After three matches played, Napoli has two strong-willed victories over Lazio and Milan and a devastating retreat from Sampdoria. As we see the Parthenopians play very unstable, which is not surprising, given the loss of the leader of midfield, Jorginho and head coach Sarri. And although the status of Ancelotti is not in anyone's doubt, he needs time to build a new team in Naples.

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Fiorentina started with two victories. First, the Violets destroyed Chievo's home 6: 1, and then defeated Udinese with a score of 1-0. This Saturday, wards Pioli will hold their first match on the road, and immediately against such a serious opponent. But a young team from Florence should not be scared of the Neapolitans and will certainly play in its corporate style - from attack.


Napoli is the clear favorite of this match. But now Parthenopei has serious defensive problems, which should be used at least once by Violets.


Both will score at 1.66

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The central match of the 4th round of the Italian Serie A will take place in Naples, where Napoli in his field will take Fiorentina. The Florentines started well in the season, but Napoli in the last round before the pause on the national team games suffered a painful and devastating defeat. It will be interesting to look at the reaction of the vice champions of Italy after this break. Also worth noting is that the upcoming meeting will become a real test for strength for the "violets".




After 3 rounds played in Serie A, Napoli is placed on the fifth line in the standings with 6 points in the asset. The Neapolitans started the championship with an away victory over Lazio, continued the victorious over Milan, but already home. But in the third round Sampdoria found the keys to the southerners, defeating the opponent with a score of 3: 0.

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Only two matches

Fiorentina played for the time being only two matches in the championship, and both won. In the second round of "violets" defeated Chievo with a score of 6: 1, in the third round Florentines, again in native walls, but already more modestly, 1: 0, were stronger than Udinese. For the Pioli team, the upcoming game will be the first outing in the season, there are some doubts about the fact that the "violets" are able to give a fight to the motivated Napoli, who, incidentally, three days after the match with Fio, to play in Belgrade against Crvena Zvezda.



Napoli from the first minutes of the match against Fiorentina, will play aggressively, which should affect the result. There is every reason to think that Napoli will make every effort to win, will try to score first to simplify the task of obtaining three points. Our free forecast for this meeting

Free fixed tips

Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 4th round of the championship of Italy Napoli - Fiorentina, which will be held at the stadium of San Paolo (Stadio San Paolo) on Saturday, September 15, starting at 19:00 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of Napoli, believing that he will be able to win with a difference of not less than two goals. After three rounds in the asset wards Carlo Ancelotti six points - after the victories over Lazio and Milan in the last round of the Neapolitans unexpectedly lost in Genoa Sampdoria, conceding three unanswered goals. This result interrupted their four-match winning streak in the Italian championship and a five-match unbeaten run in the national championship. In his field, Napoli has not lost since March 3, having since spent six fights and winning five of them. In these six games, he scored 14 goals. It is worth noting that in each of the last five home matches Napoli scored both teams, and the effectiveness exceeded two goals.

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Fiorentina this season held only two matches and won both - at Chievo with a great score 6: 1 and Udinese with a minimum score of 1: 0. Three of its seven goals scored midfielder Marco Benassi - last season, he scored only five goals in 35 games of the championship. Fiorentina has eight games in a row does not play in Serie A in a draw, four times winning and losing. And of the last 15 matches in the championship, she only reduced to a draw, winning ten wins and losing four times. At the exit, Fiorentina lost only two of the eight previous matches, five times winning and once drawing a draw.



Last season, Napoli did not win any of the two matches against Fiorentina, playing 0-0 at home and losing 0-3 on the road. Before that, the Neapolitans won six of the eight fights of the confrontation, without suffering a single defeat. It is worth noting that none of the eight previous matches between Napoli and Fiorentina did not end with the victory of the team that played on someone else's field - five wins of the hosts and three draws, although before that in four consecutive matches with each other the guests were defeated. The effectiveness of the confrontation is generally high. For example, in five of the last seven official matches between Napoli and Fiorentina, more than two goals were scored.

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Specialists site Bukmeker.rf believe that Napoli can not justify the status of the favorite in the game with Fiorentina and lose points. In this case, the bet on winning the guests with a handicap (+1) will be profitable. In the bookmaker office 1xStavka believe that the game will end with a score of 1: 1 or victory Napoli 2: 1 (odds 7.50). The bets on the victory of Fiorentina with a handicap (+1) are accepted with a coefficient of 1.87.



the victory of Napoli - 1.61, a draw - 4.09, the victory of Fiorentina – 5.37.

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To Napoli Carlo Ancelotti at the start of the season there are questions. After the matches with Lazio and Milan, they concerned defense. The Azzurri were passed first, but they won, because they spoke more about the character of the Neapolitans than about the problems in defense. But the meeting with Sampdoria was formed in a completely different scenario. Napoli again missed the first, but this time did not break the course of the meeting and unexpectedly lost 0-3.


This was Samp's first victory over Napoli since 2010 and only the fourth defeat of the Adzurri in the championship for the calendar year. Since October 2016 Parthenopei twice lost in the championship on a visit: to Sampdoria problems arose with Fiorentina, which the Neapolitans lost in April this year with the same score - 0: 3.

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Violets now go level with Napoli, although they spent less on the match - the same two wins. Team Stefano Pioli defeated Chievo 6: 1 and defeated Udinese, scoring six times less. Fiorentina in these two games left a very pleasant impression. The Tuscans think only about the attack and act as Pioli promised before the start of the championship: "I told them - play as if you are children in the yard". Stefano has the youngest Serie A team, but the players are not afraid to take responsibility - for example, midfielder Marco Benassi has scored three times already, this is the best result in the league.


In the last championship Giovanni Simeone in the match with Napoli issued a hat-trick, and the defense of the southerners need to prepare - perhaps it will be even more difficult than against Sampdoria. On the other hand, a serious test awaits and Fiorentina, because it's a rival not the level of Chievo and Udinese. The last time home in the championship, Napoli did not score in December 2017, and in the last five games on San Paolo scored at least twice.

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Napoli has not lost Fiorentina in his field since 2014: four wins, one draw, with a total score of 10: 2. The second defeat in a row from the team Ancelotti is hardly worth waiting for, but the Violets will fight - there's no doubt.

Napoli - Fiorentina 15.09. Free fixed tips