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Montpellier - Lille 04.12 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


A very intriguing confrontation between the teams, which at the start of the season showed the most interesting and organized football in Ligue 1, if taken out of the brackets, of course, PSG. They have a slightly different approach to the execution of style, but they have built a high-quality game, balanced. Although in the last rounds, and those and others commit sometimes misfires. But Montpellier recovered from his mistakes and in the final round showed willpower, snatching victory from Monaco away. At home, Montpellier has not lost since the beginning of August, and in the last four games in his field scored at least two goals. If initially the "paladins” were betting on the closed reliable football, now they are allowing themselves and more attacking assertive ones.


Lille was initially more focused on attack and creativity. However, by the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, the team was a little exhausted, which resulted in a large number of mistakes in defense, which are not always compensated by a successful attack. At the same time, there is a huge potential - Lille tried to impose the struggle and PSG as a guest, and in the last round he played a draw with Lyon, who led with the score 2: 0. So Lille remains a very formidable team, one of the most powerful forces in the league. So the collision will be with a bang.

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Both Montpellier and Lille are very worthy teams. However, at this stage, Montpellier, who also plays much more convincingly at home, looks more organized and confident.

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You did not expect, and the French regular football championship, right in the middle of the week, decided to give us a string of matches of the sixteenth round. Next Tuesday, Montpellier will meet against Lille. Banal phrase can describe the future action - the team will go on the field to fight for six points. The reason for this pretentious forcing is simple - rivals butt for the final hit in the championship league zone.


In the best traditions we will go through the betting on this event. The people that decide the fate of humanity, identified the owners in the rank of a small favorite. The digital advantage is so scanty that it is even difficult to see it with an inexperienced eye. Dogas dream of biting rivals in enemy territory. Thus, the guys will be able to break into the prestigious zone. Let's understand the situation.

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"Paladins" recently made two campaigns. Twenty-fifth of the guys took in their own stadium in Rennes. The "red-black” guests were arrogant and took a valuable point from a rich apartment. On the first day of the fresh month, our today's heroes traveled to Monaco, where they had to fight with the team of the same name, at the helm of which stands the legendary Henri. "Monegasques” is now in a terrible form, therefore, the victory of Montpellier with a score of 1: 2 was read.


In the tournament hierarchy "paladins" managed to be in second position. After fifteen rounds won back, the guys collected twenty-nine points. It would seem that from this position it is possible to fight for gold, but Paris Paris Saint-Germain flew forward by thirteen points. The main task of the future owners is to stay in a promising position. Handicap before the future enemy, only two points.

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Great Danes at the start of the new season were surprisingly stable results. For a long period, the team even went to second position and somehow created pressure on PSG. After a full-time confrontation with the Parisians, life changed. Neymar and company managed to win 2: 1. In the next three battles Lille only lost precious points. For example, in the last round there is the home world with Lyon.


In the standings, "dogs" slipped to fourth place, but hope did not leave the heart. However, today the guys can go down to the fifth position, if Marcel defeats Reims. About tournament motivation is no longer worth a stutter. The main problem will be an uncertain game on the road - this season the Great Danes held seven such fights and managed to win only in two cases.

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Prediction for this match

"Paladins" defend their home fortress well. For guests, the situation is reverse - away from home, the results leave much to be desired. Statistics show that the owners have more chances to win. We decide to trust the numbers.


Bet - victory Montpellier with a handicap of 0.

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In the current season, "Montpellier” and "Lille” unexpectedly registered in the top of the French teams. How will the meeting of the European Cup contenders end? - read about it in our forecast.


Before the November holidays, Montpellier unexpectedly lost to Angers. In the game for Raymond Kop, Michel Ter-Zakarian’s players left the field even without a goal. Rehabilitation for the unfortunate defeat was gradual. At the end of November, the "paladins” played at home in a draw with "Renn”, and in early December they won a strong-willed victory in "Louis II”. Gaetan Laborde and Petar Shkuletić distinguished themselves in the end of the match. The home team is second with 29 points.


The white streak of "Lille" was interrupted in early November. Before the defeat of PSG, "dogs” won four wins in a row with a total score of 9: 2. Recently, luck has bypassed the team of Christophe Galtier. The asset of his club went just two points out of 12 possible. All thanks to anyone with "Strasbourg" and "Lion". At the weekend, the "weavers" were able to reduce the score and level it. Guests - fourth with 27 points.

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"Montpellier" scored in the last five home games.

In the last two fights, "Lille” missed strictly two goals per game.

A similar personal meeting last season ended with the score 3: 0.



"Montpellier" and "Lille" solve common tournament problems. The owners are kept on a good level. There was a recession in the guests' game, which could interrupt this midwick. We consider it inappropriate to flirt with any version of the outcome. Paladins play fairly aggressive football, especially in their own field. Confident in the goal of football players Michel Ter-Zakarian.

Predict the total of the first more than 1

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On Tuesday, the match of the sixteenth round of Ligue 1 between unexpected representatives of the upper part of the standings will take place. Both teams make the main focus on home meetings, so in this case, a small favorite status can be given to Montpellier.

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Paladins have already scored 29 points and climbed to the high second for themselves with a statistics of successful strikes 24:11. In the previous round, they defeated Monaco 2: 1 in a volitional style, and before that there were two consecutive failures - the world 2: 2 with Renn and 0: 1 fiasco from Angers. Zakaryan's players play excellently in their own stadium, where they lost only once in eight games with five goals conceded.


Lille is fourth with 27 points and a goal difference of 23:14, which is also more than a decent figure for last year’s outsider. However, in November, Dogi fell into the losing streak, during which they did not win in four duels in a row. Last Saturday, the wards of Galtier played a draw 2: 2 with Lyon, and before that was nuleva with Strasbourg and defeat 0: 2 from Nice and 1: 2 from PSG.

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Both teams are at about the same level of development, but recently the hosts have been showing more stable results. So in the next match, they will be closer to earning a full three points.


Victory Montpellier with a handicap (0) at 1.78


Experts of the information and analytical site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 16th round of the French championship of Montpellier - Lille, which will be held at the Stade de la Mosson stadium on Tuesday, December 4, beginning at 23:00 (MSK).



In this game bookmakers prefer Montpellier. The team spends a very strong season and after 15 days of gaming it is second, gaining 29 points. Above, the "Paladins” are unlikely to succeed - there is now PSG, which is 14 points ahead of Montpellier. The team against Michel der Zakarian is playing against Lille after a guest victory over France’s vice-champion Monaco with a score of 2: 1. And Montpellier conceded 0-1, but scored two goals after the 80th minute - Laborde and Shkuletic scored. For the last 14 matches in the national championship, Montpellier suffered only one defeat, scoring eight wins and playing a draw five times. In seven meetings, he did not miss a single goal, and only in two matches did he miss two goals. In his field, the Paladins have not lost seven games in a row. And out of the five previous fights in their native walls, they won four, and in each winning match they kept their own gates intact. In addition, in the last four games in his field, Montpellier scored more than one goal.

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Lille before the 16th round takes the fourth place, having gained 27 points - two less than Montpellier. On Saturday, he tied 2-2 at home with Lyon. And led 2-0, but allowed the opponent to win. Lille's losing streak has four matches in which he scored only two points out of 12 possible. Before this, Great Danes won four fights in a row with a total score of 9: 2. As for their away statistics, they lost three of four previous matches in a foreign field. Lille managed to win only 3 of the last 15 matches in a foreign field, and only once during this time he played to zero, and in ten meetings Lille missed at least two goals.



Last season, Montpellier failed to beat Lille on the road - the meeting ended in a 1: 1 draw, but he defeated him at home, sending three unanswered goals to the opponent's goal. In general, in recent years, Lille had an advantage in this confrontation, having won 7 of 12 previous matches against Montpellier, having lost only two times. We should also say that in 11 of the last 15 fights between Montpellier and Lille at least one team did not score.

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The experts at the site Bookmakers.rf predict Montpellier's victory, and consider the best bet for winning the home team with a zero handicap. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict a 1: 1 draw (coefficient 5.50). Highly rated victory of Montpellier with a score of 1: 0 (a factor of 7.00). Bets on winning Montpellier with zero odds are accepted with a coefficient of 1.715.



victory of Montpellier - 2.41, draw - 3.17, victory of Lille – 3.1


The central match of the 16th round, because there are the second and fourth teams in the table of League 1. It is worth noting that both opponents are not in the best shape. Montpellier won only one of the last three matches in the championship, defeating Monaco (2: 1) at the weekend, but Lille already has four rounds in a row does not know the taste of victory (two losses and two draws), and this fact hit the tournament prospects decently .

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The failures of Lille can also be explained by the complexity of the calendar in November and early December. The team of Christophe Galtier fought against PSG, Lyon and Nice with Strasbourg during this period, and these are all the teams from the first eight. In Montpellier, the last opponents were much easier, but, as we can see, Michel Der Zakaryan's players scored no points in these matches, and defeat from Angers (0: 1) is difficult to explain at all. However, the failure happened on the road, and at home the team is still very convincing.


Both teams are suitable for the Tuesday match with minimal staffing problems. Montpellier will not be able to count on the disqualified central defender Pedro Mendes, while Adam Sumaoro left the guests from Lille because of the injury - also a centback. Otherwise, all the key players in the ranks and ready for a hot fight for leadership in the "French Championship without PSG."

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Indicative compositions

Montpellier: Lecomte - Kongre, Ilton, Cozza - Aguilar, Skiri, Sambia, Oyongo - Mollet - Laborde, Delors


Lille: Manyan - Celik, Ie, Dabila, Ballo-Toure - Tiago Mendes, Sheka - Pepe, Araujo, Bamba - Remi


Bookmakers do not expect a lot of goals scored in this fight, but injuries to key defenders on both sides of the barricades can affect the reliability of opponents' redoubts. We are especially waiting for successful actions from the home team's attack, and the statistics of his last home games allows us to count on Montpellier's performance: 10 goals scored in 4 matches, at least two in each of them. Why not continue the productive series?

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