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Montenegro - Serbia 11.10.Free fixed tips



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In the third round of the UEFA National League at the City Stadium on October 11, 2018 at 21:45 Montenegro will play against Serbia.


Montenegro is in the leading position in the table, with four points scored. The team held their first meeting in the tournament against Romania and ended in a dry draw. After that, the national team had a duel in its stadium, where it played with Lithuania and got Victoria, with a score of 2-0. The players didn’t always show such a good game, and the opponents were not favorites. On their own lawn, the Brave Falcons are staggered by confrontation, and do not always succeed.

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Serbia is practically the favorite of this group and now the team is located on the second line in the tournament. The Serbs in the first match beat simple Lithuania away, with a minimum advantage of 1-0. The second round was held on his own lawn with Romania, with which the hosts ended the world, but very effectively 2-2. The Serbian composition has long become more collected, so it’s difficult even for the grandees.


This will be the first in the history of the confrontation between Montenegro and Serbia. The stadium owners are still inferior in class and selection of Serbian players, so guests can at least not lose in this meeting. Bet: Serbia will not lose - F2 (0).


Forecast: F2 (0) with a coefficient of 1.5

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One of the most interesting matches of the third round of the League of Nations will be held in Montenegro, where they will play two principled opponents who were part of the same country fifteen years ago.


In 2018, Montenegro held six matches in which it celebrated only one victory. This happened in the September game of the League of Nations with Lithuania (2: 0). And in the first round, Tumbakovic's players played a 0-0 draw with Romania. Thus, they approach the next meeting in the status of one of the leaders of the quartet.

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The second best team in the C4 group is Serbia. She scored four points in her active round in two rounds - a 1: 0 win over Lithuania and a 2: 2 draw with Romania. Before that, the wards of Krstaic had experience at the World Championships, but there the Serbs took only the third place in the group with Brazil, Switzerland and Costa Rica.


As part of the Serbian national team, there are an order of magnitude more stars in world football, so it is considered to be the favorite of this pair. However, Montenegrins are unlikely to simply surrender to their principled neighbors and be able to impose serious competition on them.


Serbia wins one half (yes) at 1.53

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Montenegrins are strong and uncompromising team, which can spoil the nerves of any opponent, but this team has not yet managed to go through the entire qualifying way without failures, so we have not seen it in large international forums. But the League of Nations is a fleeting tournament that may help the "brave falcons” show their best qualities. As long as they have everything going according to plan. The guys in red shirts defended a draw in Ploiesti and took points from one of the main competitors for their leadership in the group. The Romanians owned the initiative, but they didn’t create any critical moments and couldn’t get through Daniel Petkovic. In the second round, the Montenegrins plannedly beat the houses of the outsider of the quartet. In the first half, they sent two goals to the Lithuanians in one minute, and then calmly brought the meeting to victory.


The Serbs for the second time in their independent history played in the summer at the World Championships. After winning the Costa Rican team, they lost a very important match to the Swiss, who predetermined their absence from the playoffs. With the Brazilians in the last round, it was hard.

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In the League of Nations "white eagles" started with a victory in Vilnius. They embodied their huge playing advantage in one ball, although they had to win without problems and with a big score, but in the end Dusan Tadic did not realize a penalty, and his partners had previously smeared from slaughter positions. A few days later in Belgrade had to fight with a stronger rival. Somewhat unexpectedly, the Romanians snapped at very high quality and managed to recoup two times during the meeting. The result was a combat draw, which, of course, more satisfied guests.


Despite its intransigence, Montenegro doesn’t even have any victories over strong teams even with friendly matches. I do not think that this tradition will be interrupted in the derby with the Serbs. "White Eagles", in turn, at a party play carefully and not very aggressively. Therefore, I will offer to take guests through the bottom.

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Montenegro has no serious international experience. Formation as an independent state, perhaps, is beneficial from a political and economic point of view. But in any way - with sports.


Although looking with whom to compare. Before participating in the League of Nations, the last victory happened to the "brave falcons” more than a year ago, when Jovetic and the company defeated the Romanians in the World Cup qualification.


And right in the new European tournament, the team of Lubisha Tumbakovich started with a rather faded "null” just against the "chickens”. The Romanians inflicted almost three times more blows (17-6) and generally controlled the course of the fight.

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The second game of the League of Nations Montenegro won. Savic and Jankovic scored a goal in the first half and set the final score in the match against Lithuania - 2: 0.



It is hard to believe, but even at the 2006 World Cup, the Serbs fought on the field side by side with the Montenegrins, defending the honor of one state. How quickly time flies ...

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Almost as quickly as the Serbian national team flew out of the World Cup Cup in Russia. Recall that in group E, the team of Mladen Krstaich took only the third place, having won only one victory - over Costa Rica (1: 0).

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Tovarnyakov after Mundialya did not hold, and immediately went to the League of Nations games. So far it turns out neither fish nor meat: in the first round, the Serbian national team beat Lithuania to the minimum (1: 0), in the second round, it rolled a 2-2 draw against Romania.


In both fights, the "white eagles” had an advantage in possession (at least 60%) and strikes, but they could not fully realize their advantage.



Both teams have a lot of losses. So, the owners may be left without Vukchevich, Savic and Jankovic, just as Sion defender Elsad Zverotich will not play. Guests will do without Matic, Kolarov, Nastasic and Krstičić.

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Forecast: "TM 2.5"


This leads us to the fact that the match will contain a lot of struggle and in general will be quite viscous and uninteresting from the point of view of technical skill.

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Based on this, we consider it expedient to charge for the "bottom” total goals in the match. So, our rate - "TM 2.5" for 1.66

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