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Monaco - Nim Olimpic 21.09. Free fixed tips



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The opening of the sixth round of the French championship will be a confrontation between Monaco and Nim. In the summer, the teams played a friendly match, in which the Monegasques were defeated. What can we expect from the game after a year? We'll figure out.

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"Red and white" started not in the best way, because in five rounds managed to score 5 points. The players of Jardim won, 2 draws and the same number of losses with a total score of 7: 7. And anyway, every duel for them turns out to be difficult. But recently they held a group fight in the Champions League, in which they jumped 1: 2 from Atletico Madrid.


"Crocodiles" began quite powerful, but only for a long time they were not enough, and now they perform at the same level. Blancar's squad started with two wins, after the same defeats and in the extreme confrontation it was possible to paint the world 3: 3 with "Bordeaux". If the defense team has difficulties, then the attack is fine.

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Forecast for the match "Monaco" - "Nim", TB0.5 from the guests. Most likely, that we will wait for a productive game in which the "crocodiles" will be able to score.


Monaco looks "disassembled", despite its full potential and powerful composition. Apparently, just Jardim did not have time to prepare his children for the season, because of what for 5 rounds of national championship the team scored only 5 points. It is interesting that the only victory in the season "red-white" was obtained on August 11, when Nant was beaten on the road - 1: 3. And since then, the Monegasques do not shine, skipping from everyone. In addition, on Tuesday they had a Champions League match, which would not add strength to them ...

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Nim also shows a good attacking football, but does not shine. Just for 5 starting rounds Blanquara's wards scored 7 points, but played with the score 12:12. Yes, "crocodiles" are too aggressive and constantly play in an attacking manner, wherever. That's because of this, all their fights and turn out spectacular and scoring .


Next Friday starts the sixth round of the regular French championship. Pleasing our eyes and pockets will be a pair of Monaco - Nim Olimpic. Quite frankly, not the brightest representatives of the tournament, but who are we to turn up our nose. Our task is to write dry texts and, if possible, dilute them with all sorts of references to pop culture. The battle will take place in the arena, named after the last representative of the genus Grimaldi-Matignon, who ran in Monaco - "Louis 2".

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Only glancing at the billboard of confrontation, an involuntary stroke of fate comes the understanding that the owners are favorites. This is a fact, and it's badbeg. It is difficult to argue with the position of "all-knowing", but in the standings this unattractive guest, whose name is not even remembered after ten readings, goes higher. Let's see what happens in this wild league.



Little water has flowed under the bridge since the Monegasques became the champion of the country, and this is doubly more painful for the fans. Fans wake up in the morning not with a desire to brew their own coffee or sharpen a baguette, but with the desire to go to the toilet and squeeze out a couple of tiny tears. Now the team is only on the fifteenth line in the standings after five rounds played. In the asset, the "red-white" five points.

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We will not rush accusations that the leadership has launched the team, let it be decided by the supreme forces, but the result is on the face. The only victory was won in the first round against Nantes, oh, how much then the fans were wrong, that they were happy. After this, there was a black streak that seemed to be about to start shooting. A separate proposal I want to recall the pocket from Atletico Madrid in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League.

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Nim Olimpic

The team on the emblem has a painted crocodile, but this fact gives +10 points to the respect parameter. The newcomer broke into the main dance floor with confidently set movements. In the first two rounds our today's heroes beat Angers and Marcel. Then there were two defeats from Toulouse and from PSG. Parisians are not ashamed to lose, because this monopolist is a whole ladder higher.


As a result of all the above-mentioned matches, our heroes today collected up to seven points. Oh yeah, forgot to still remember the colorful world with Bordeaux 3: 3. The tournament position for a beginner is not bad, but it is difficult to imagine a situation in which the result will not only be a starting event, but a regular indicator. Obviously, a lot of failures and tears are expected in the future.

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Forecast for this match

In Monegasques now it is not accepted to believe, it is not fashionable in the current trends of football. Well, when else to win, how not in the home match against the newcomer to the elite division ?! We suggest believing that the hosts retain conscience along with performance skills.


Bet is the victory of Monaco.

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And the vice-champion - "Monaco", and the newcomer of the League1 - "Nim" did not win since mid-August. Who will interrupt the streak of failure in the first match of the sixth round? - Read about it in the forecast of our experts.



"Monaco" began the championship with a confident, large, riding and exit victory over the "Nantes". Then the results of the team of Leonard Jardim became worse and worse. Draw with Lille with an unrealized penalty, defeats from Bordeaux and Marseille. In the last round of the Monegasque they did not keep the winning account with the outsider of last season - "Toulouse" (1: 1). Among the week they started in the Champions League with a home loss of "Atletico" (1: 2). The hosts take the fifteenth place.

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"Nim" returned to the League1 after a long absence and immediately gave a couple of remarkable results. "Olimpic" knocked out a modest "Angers" and ex-champion "Marcel". Team Bernard Blakar played sharply and effectively. The takeoff was immediately followed by a fall - two defeats in a row with a total score of 2: 5. Last week, the "crocodiles" did not allow themselves to offend the "chevrons" (3: 3). Guests with seven points in the eighth position.



Three of the five matches of Monaco were mounted.

Four of Nim's five fights were mounted.

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"Monaco" and "Nim" did not score only in one game.

A year ago, a friendly personal meeting ended in favor of "Monaco" (4: 1).



Bookmakers deduce "Monaco" in the favorites. However, "Nim" was not lost in high society and did not recognize authority even in "Marcel". We believe that the "crocodiles" will give battle to the Monegasques, therefore the victory of the former is not obvious and requires the insurance of X. We also expect that the meeting will be fruitful.

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Our forecast is a double chance of the first with a total B (2.5) and a bet with a coefficient of 2.10

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