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Moldova - Belarus 11.09. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


On Tuesday evening, one of the matches of the group stage of the League of Nations will be held in Chisinau - the national team of Moldova will take the national team of Belarus.


The last time these teams met in 2012, when their sparring ended without a goal - 0: 0. I wonder what's in store for us this time?

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The national team of Moldova is going through not the best of times, because it sticks on any rival. And like the group in LN, the Moldovans are far from strong, but the difficulties were already in the first match against Luxembourg. And in general, the wards of Alexander Spiridon can not score, and in the defense of too obvious errors ...


But the Belarusian team also does not shine, but in general it is more powerful than its next rivals. In the League of Nations, the Belarusians started well, because they understand that the absence from such a group will be a disgrace to them. And in general, in 2018 wards of Igor Kriushenko show excellent football, based on strong defense and positional attacks.

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Bookmakers are clearly inclined to the side of the Belarusian team, which now completely exceeds the national team of Moldova. In fact, the hosts will only defend themselves, so there is no question of victory. At the same time, guests will play their game and must take 3 points, because they know how to "open" the defense and constantly attack ...


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Next Tuesday, at the Zimbru stadium in Chisinau, a duel of the group tournament of the League of Nations between the national teams of Moldova and Belarus will begin. In this pair of bookmakers on the side of future guests, the "brothers" had a great first match of the tournament against San Marino, while the Moldavians broke into the game against the team from Luxembourg.

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Damn it with a lump

The national team of Moldova recently is not at all pleased with the results, although it can not be said that the future hosts have a frankly weak composition. There are a number of players from the Russian Premier League, a few more experienced performers, but it's still not possible to make a team from Spiridon from this set. In the first round of the League of Nations, Moldova lost to Luxembourg with a score of 0: 4.

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I went to the game

The Belarusian team also did not look the best in the last official games, the Belarusians lost the qualifying tournament for the 2018 World Cup. But the friendly matches began and the "white wings" began to regularly score and win. And in the opening match of the League of Nations, the guys Kriushenko and did achieve a devastating victory over the San Marino team in their native Minsk. Such a start should charge the Belarusians with a positive, there is no doubt that the guests fly to Chisinau for three points, which will bring the Belarusian team closer to the desired goal - a trip to the Euro-2020.

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For the Belarusians the League of Nations, in fact, the only real opportunity to break into the European Championship, the guests will try not to miss their chance, and for this it is very important to bring points from the capital of Moldova, preferably, of course, to win. Our free forecast for the game:


Moldova is stuck in its problems, and football in the country is practically not developing. As a result - the team is constantly failing and can not show a decent game. Thus, the wards of Alexander Spiridon can not score at all, but they are consistently missed. And this is despite the fact that all Moldovans are throwing their forces into the defense!


Belarus, it seems, began to come to life, after all, during the selection for the 2018 World Cup in the team showed glimpses. Sometimes "zubrs" managed to surprise all the fans (sort of like a draw with France (0: 0)), but quite often the team lost. Nevertheless, in 2018, the wards of Igor Kriushenko played in a new way - they began to score steadily, and in the defense their actions became more harmonious.


Moldova's national team in Chisinau will host Belarus. Teams approach the game in the opposite mood, the hosts crashed in Luxembourg, while Belarus in its field beat San Marino. After the first game day it is clear that Belarusians and representatives of BelNiLyuks will compete for the first line in Group 2 of Division D, and it is possible that they will have to consider secondary indicators.

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Moldova somehow lasted 60 minutes of the match with Luxembourg, conceding only once, after an hour of play in the gate Koshelev was scored 3 more goals. In their field, for sure, the Moldavians will try so not to make a fuss, but in the victory over the Belarusians they do not believe at all, a draw will be a good option for the hosts, given their low level.


Belarus is also not a top team, but now the guests are in good spirits, which showed the match of the first round against San Marino. The opponent was frankly weak, but still not everyone can score five goals. The good tone of the Belarusians is due to the fact that the majority of the base players represent the national Major League, two from Kazakhstan, these championships are played in the spring-autumn system. Plus many guys after European competition, on the go. In Moldova, too, play the old scheme, but this team is much more legionnaires, so there is no effect.

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I do not think that Belarus will score five points again, an ineffective match is likely. The first option is to offer a combination through the bottom, but I believe in the final victory of the Belarusians.



Wards Alexander Spiridon terribly started in the League of Nations, devastatingly losing to Luxembourg on the road with a score of 0: 4.


And in the qualifying tournament for the 2018 World Cup, the Moldovans performed poorly, gaining just two points in 10 fights. They twice tied with Georgia (2: 2 and 1: 1).

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The win-win series of the Moldavian team at the moment has 14 matches already. The last time she celebrated the victory in March 2017, having won in the San Marino commodity - 2: 0.


Control duels after qualification brought Moldova two draws and three defeats. And again, Moldovans played a draw with teams from the post-Soviet space (Azerbaijan and Armenia).

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Belarusians in the first round of the League of Nations defeated the San Marino team in their field of the eternal outsider with a score of 5: 0, with a double marked Dragoon.


In the qualification to mundialyu Belarus was not impressed, taking the last place in its group, even being below Luxembourg.


In the asset "white wings" you can bring home victory over Bulgaria - 2: 1 and a draw with the world champions the French - 0: 0.

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The friendly matches after the selection for the World Cup brought Igor Kriushenko's wards two wins, draws and losses.

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The last time the teams met in 2012. And then opponents painted the world with a score of 0: 0.



Bookmakers consider the favorite of the upcoming match the Belarusian national team, assessing the victory of the guests with a coefficient of 2.25.

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Forecast: 1X


Moldova is offered 3.25, and a draw is assessed with a coefficient of 3.35.


Moldova in their field did not lose to their upcoming opponent, having won in two matches and one draw. Although now the Belarusians are in better condition, we predict that Moldova will not lose in its arena, because it is still quite successful playing with teams from the post-Soviet space.


Tuesday will please us with the opposition of the League of Nations, in which Moldova will play against Belarus. The last match between them can be considered sparring in 2012, in which the winner could not be identified.

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Moldova is not in the best game tone now, because they can not fight, even to a weaker opponent. In general, the team has a weak team, but so far it does not get to catch on to the points. The players of Spiridon often make mistakes.


Belarus is also not particularly pleased with its performances, but its first match, the squad Kriushenko won. If the collective fails to leave this group, then this can be considered a failure. The team stands out a good defense.

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Forecast for the match Moldova - Belarus, P2. "White wings" is clearly stronger than his opponent. Most likely, Belarusians will be able to win.


Match 2 round of the group stage of the League of Nations Moldova - Belarus will be held on Tuesday, September 11 at 21:45 (MSK) at the Zimbru stadium. In this game, bookmakers give preference to the guests, assessing the likelihood of Belarus winning just below 50%. In the first round, this team defeated San Marino in their field, sending five unanswered goals to the opponent's goal. This was the third victory of the Belarusians in the last six matches with just one defeat. Before that, they lost five meetings in a row with a total score of 3:14. By the way, in three of the last five matches, Belarus did not miss a single goal.

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Moldova in the first round played on the road with Luxembourg and was defeated with the score 0: 4. Her lose-lose series has already 14 matches, ten of which were lost. In ten meetings on this segment Moldova did not score a single goal. At the same time in nine fights, she missed a minimum of two goals.


The last match between these teams took place in February 2012 and ended in a draw 0: 0. It was their second consecutive draw. And before that Belarus won three times and Moldova won twice. In the upcoming game experts of the site Bookmakers.rp predict the victory of the guests, believing that Belarus will score more than one goal to the opponent's goal.

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the victory of Moldova - 3.15, the draw - 3.19, the victory of Belarus - 2.19.



victory of Belarus; the individual total of Belarus is more than 1.5.

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