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Mexico - Chile 17.10. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


On the seventeenth at 4:45 Moscow time, a match is expected between the national teams of Mexico and Chile. Despite the principled sign, the sparring will be comradely. The event will take place in the city of Queretaro at the stadium "La Correhidora". Both teams are not in the freshest condition, so we do not recommend waking up in the middle of the night for such a battle.

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The results of the rivals are sad, but the language will not turn to call future enemies weak representatives of the football world. Let's look at the line of bookmakers. It is clear that the owners are in favor, but the "all-knowing" leave chances for the Chileans. The situation, which is already ambiguous, confuses even the fact that the match will be held in a friendly format. We must try to squeeze the maximum benefit.



The Mexicans managed to get out of a rather difficult group at the recent World Championship, beating the Germans along the way. However, at the start of the playoffs, the guys flew away from the Brazilians. After that, three commodity houses were played, which our analysts suggest to consider in detail. First, the guys lost to Uruguay with an indecent score of 4: 1. For the Uruguayans scored twice Suarez, Pereiro and Jimenez.

Free fixed tips

Then they failed to replay their political enemy - the United States of America. The only goal closer to the end of the battle was scored by Adams. And on the twelfth of this month a miracle happened - the guys in the sombrero and with a mustache outplayed Costa Rica at their home stands. There were swings in the match, as if we were watching Turkish serials, but in the end our today's heroes managed to win with a score of 3: 2.



The South American team has not been able to squeeze into the world forum, we will not recall those bitter events, for it has already passed a long time. After the failure, a series of friendly matches was played, we recall only the last two, for they occurred in a recent period. At first, our today's heroes failed to beat South Korea - after ninety fascinating minutes, the scoreboard showed a shameful score of 0: 0.


And in the last match there was a surprise - a loss from Peru with a crushing score 3: 0. The result is screaming. Everyone understands that the "red” now has even more problems than the student at the end of the semester. In the attacking line, complete calm, zero goals scored in two games make the coaching staff think of it. In such a situation it is difficult to count on the fact that the guests will gather and will be able to give the winning football.

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Prediction for this match

Not so long ago, the Chileans were considered the best team in South America, but in today's realities one can even count on the fact that the Mexicans will overcome them. Guests are bad and nothing can be done about it.


Bet - Mexico win with a handicap of 0.


Mexico last match interrupted a series of four consecutive defeats and is coming to stand up with Chile in an excellent mood. How will the match end? The answer is in our forecast.

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The national team of Mexico at the past World Cup became the author of the first sensation, beating the current world champion, the German national team. The Mexicans got out of the group fairly easily, but in the 1/8 final came under the Brazilian "rink" and flew out. After that, the team Ricardo Feretti lost in a friendly match to Uruguay and the United States, and only in the last match could interrupt this series, defeating Costa Rica with a score of 3: 2 in his field.



Chile in the most offensive way lost his ticket to the world championship, losing in the last round of selection to the Brazilians. After that, the team of Reinaldo Rueda held a series of friendly matches, among which we can distinguish victories over Serbia and Sweden, as well as a bright 2-2 draw with the Poles. In the last match, the Chileans met with Peru and quite unexpectedly were defeated by an opponent with a score of 0: 3, failing to score even a prestige goal.

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Only in one of the last four home matches Mexico has failed to score

Chile won in the last three matches - defeat and two draws

In the last three home games Mexico has consistently beat Chile.


Pari-Match 2.28 3.45 3.1


Mexico last match managed to win and interrupt their series of four defeats, which should have a positive impact on the mood of the team. Chile, in turn, suffered a crushing defeat against Peru in the last game and looked, frankly, very weak. Mexicans consistently beat Chileans at home and today it makes sense to wait for the continuation of the series, Gareki’s team has been looking too sad lately.

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In our opinion, the owners will be stronger. The victory of the national team of Mexico League Stakes estimates coefficient 2.15, we propose to use them.


On Wednesday night (in Moscow) a friendly match will be held in Queretaro between the national teams of Mexico and Chile.


The last time these teams met was at the America's Cup in 2016, when the Chileans unexpectedly "carried out” the Mexicans with a score of 7: 0. I wonder if the greens are capable of revenge?

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Mexico's squad had staggering the 2018 World Cup, although the start was promising. As a result, the wards of Juan Osorio flew in the first round of the playoffs, and after the tournament continued to disappoint. So, in September, "green" managed to lose Uruguay (1: 4) and Mexico (1: 0). However, a couple of days ago, the Mexicans finally won - 3: 2 with Costa Rica.


In turn, the national team of Chile was left without a world championship at all, which is extremely surprising. This autumn, the wards of Reinaldo Rueda continue to disappoint, because not a single goal has yet been scored for 2 mats. So, in September, the "red team” tied with South Korea (0: 0), and in October lost to Peru (3: 0).

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In anticipation of the fight bookmakers lean slightly toward the Mexican national team, but it is worth discarding the outcome. It’s better to bet on the total, because both teams consistently miss a lot. So their face-to-face meeting does not remain "grassroots" ...


Free match forecast for Mexico - Chile: "Total over 2". At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.57.


As part of the international friendly games, Mexico will play against Chile at the La Correhidora Stadium on October 17 at 4:45.

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Mexico was able to leave the group at the World Championship, but then in the 1/8 final failed in a duel with Brazil, where she lost 0-2 dry. After that, the team had two defeats at once, in confrontations with the American teams and it seemed that the crisis was close, but in their last match the Mexicans pulled out a victory, with a big score over Costa Rica 3-2, playing on the home lawn.


A very long time ago, Chile was not on the field, for already more than five fights are held only on the road and trying to surprise their opponents over and over again. In fact, there is little that can be done by the players, and the last confrontation was crushed by the Peruvians, with a score of 0-3. Three meetings in a row at the national team can not finish Victoria.

Free fixed tips

The last time the teams confronted each other in 2016 at the America's Cup, and then Chile was given an enchanting victory, with an unforgettable score of 7-0. Naturally, the stadium owners remember that insulting defeat, which means they will try to justify it to the fans, the players will be motivated and will not be able to lose at least the guests. Bet: Mexico will not lose - F1 (0).


Forecast: F1 (0) with a coefficient of 1.57


On the seventeenth, there will be a standoff between Mexico and Chile. The last duel between the two is considered to be the 2016 fight, in which the Chileans defeated 7: 0. What will the Mexicans answer in the upcoming game? We'll figure out.

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The Greens looked like a mediocre at the World Cup, but the beginning was quite interesting. Recall that the players Osorio managed to beat the Germans 1: 0. After the tournament, they bounced twice, and in the last match they managed to beat 3: 2 to Costa Rica.


The Reds did not qualify for the world championship, although the team is quite powerful. Rueda's squad continues to upset his performances even now. Last month, it was 0-0 with the South Koreans in the world, and in October it was 3-0 with the Peruvians.


Prediction for match Mexico - Chile, TB2. In general, the teams are quite equal in strength, but a little preference on the side of the Mexicans. We will not bet on the winner, because it is best to take a bet with a top outcome. Opponents skillfully attack.

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Recently, both teams demonstrate mediocre results. But on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, some of them will try to return to the path of victories.


At the World Cup, Mexico reached the 1/8 finals, where it lost to the Brazilians. And in the fall, the Aztecs held three friendly sparring games, in which they celebrated only one victory - 3: 2 over Costa Rica. September matches Mexicans failed - 1: 4 from Uruguay and 0: 2 from the USA.


But for the first time since 2006, the national team of Chile has failed to qualify for the World Cup. Thus, the wards Rueda focused on holding friendly games. In total, in 2018 there were seven - two Chilean victories, three draws and two defeats. In the last match, La Roja lost outright to Peru with a score of 0: 3.

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To date, the Mexicans look much better, so they are considered the main favorites of this confrontation. In the previous meeting of the teams, the score was 7: 0 in favor of the guests. So the Aztecs will try to take revenge for that offensive defeat.


Mexico victory with a handicap (0) at 1.59

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Mexico started the gorgeous 2018 World Cup, but was quickly blown away, because of which it flew out after the first round of the playoffs. After the tournament, by inertia, Juan Osorio’s wards continued to lose, losing to Uruguay (1: 4) and the USA (0: 1) in September. However, in October, the "greens” finally began to play - the victory over Costa Rica with a score of 3: 2. And here it is interesting: now the Mexicans are letting in from everyone and everywhere, even from "drowning” weeds (like Costa Rica).


Chile, on the other hand, did not even take part in the World Championships, as the team failed the ending of the selection. In the end, it hit hard on the self-assessment of the "red team", which does not continue to shine. In September, the wards of Reinaldo Rueda tied with South Korea (0: 0), and in October they lost to Peru (3: 0). And the worst thing is that the Chileans stopped scoring, although their attack is very powerful ...

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