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Method idiots

I. Method idiots:


Many bettors have heard of this method even applied it, but hardly a bet on a tie or at least - so precisely directed to the aforementioned leagues.

Ironically his name comes from the fact that each time repeating the same bet with double the amount until eventually win ... Most people who use it play only against certain medium-strong teams which are know that sometime during the season will lose ... For example teams like Arsenal and Napoli - in top positions, but not super giants. And lurking odds of their rivals from 2.5 up ...

But based on scientific above information - can be used to meet an expected draw, here's how:

1. We need a bookmaker with the most decent odds for X and as least likely to limit / limit bets ... For example -> Betfair (which recently dropped fees for deposit and withdrawal, which mean higher odds of bet365 etc. + zero possibility of limiting the exchange - makes it quite suitable for this purpose).

2. We need a reliable source (tipster) who is good at forecasting meetings with final completion X. If you can not afford better paid one - follow your nose, but direct to the above mentioned championships and use statistical sites like soccerway .com, to view and compare previous meetings between the two teams for which you're going to bet on the likelihood of a draw ...

3. We have a match or pick a suitable one and do an initial bet amount to 0.25% of the total value of the bank to sign X (coefficients can be between 3.00 and 4.00 above). That - assuming own starting bankroll of 1,000 E - rely only 2.5 E in the first meeting.

4. If the finish is successful - take profits (from say 10 E surplus) and make a new bet again from 5 E to the next meeting (ie still 0.5 percent - the same bet). Always do your bet based on the predicate bank rather than the residual swollen bank (at least a doubling).

5. If the finish is unsuccessful (which should not startle you, because it is within the normal range at stake X not yet come first meeting, even between 2 and 5 losses in a row is within the normal range) - We are making a new bet but this time it doubled rely ie 0.5% of its original bank (5 E). In another fumble - again double the 1% and so on until it hit profit in mind the increased stake - will is a real blow as a row to lose ... But if you make more than 5-6 consecutive losses - tipsters means or selection does not cost. You need a source that can not make more than 5-6 consecutive losses or that case to be a single exception! I have such sources - who is interested can write me a private message!

At 5 strangers try and hit the sixth and a bank of 1,000 E, you earn 92 E surplus in properly and patiently application - it's not gambling, and secure long-term investment!