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Martingale is one of the best known management strategies "Bank" (money set betting) infallible in theory this strategy requires a very large bank has a very low return, you can predict wrong and still make money.

How doEs the strategy MARTINGALE:

You start with a bet of one unit by a factor of meeting more than or equal to 2 (two). If you win, the next bet is equal to the first, if you lose - you double your first bet. Whenever you lose, you double your last bet. In the end you need sometime to know the outcome of a meeting and then it is an even money on all your lost bets plus a profit equal to the first bet. The soil again.

The principle of MARTINGALE:

1 - 2 - 4-8 - 16-32 - 64 ....

No doubt ITS fantastic strategy if you have unlimited funds, nerves of steel and a cool mind. Remember that in the seventh lost bet, the next should be 128 shares, and the chances of success are the same as the first bet.

Supposedly Martingale is not a good system for managing money for the average player because of the high level of progression bets, which is enshrined in it.