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Mariupol - Jurgårdden 02.08 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


August 2 at 20:00 in Odessa at the stadium "Chernomorets" Mariupol from the city with the same name will take Jurgården in the second leg of the qualification of the League of Europe. The first match in Sweden ended in peace 1: 1.


Mariupol despite the fact that he took the 5th place in the last season in the Ukrainian championship, since March 11, won only 1 victory in 14 matches, 5 draws and suffered 8 losses. This season the team of Babić held three games, in the championship both lost to Zare 1: 2 and Mariupol 1: 4, and in European cups, played 161 against Djurgården. Problems in the defense of Mariupol is obvious. As for the game at home, in 7 matches in 2018 Babich and his wards scored 2 wins, twice tied and lost three times.


Djurgården, unlike the hosts of the field, forgot what defeats are. Swedes since May 10 had 10 matches, which were 7 victories, with three draws. In the Swedish championship, which is now in full swing Djurgården after 16 rounds with 28 points in the asset ranked 4th. Visiting in 10 matches in 2018, the Swedes scored 6 wins, with one draw and three defeats.


In the first game with a clear advantage of the Scandinavians, the teams played a 1: 1 draw. I think that on this Thursday the teams will play effectively, at least a couple of goals scoring for two. Rate: TB2.


Forecast: TB (2) with a coefficient of 1.64


In the first match, Mariupol played the second number, but almost got a victory on the road. The Ukrainian team missed only in the 94th minute of the meeting, which left the opponents a good chance of reaching the next round. But in general, wards Alexander Babich showed a modest and defensive football ...

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But Djurgården is now in an excellent game form, so it was logical to take the game "under your wing". Yozkan Melkemikhel's wards scored 15 shots in 90 minutes, but scored just 1 goal. It is interesting that recently the Swedish team is not inferior, but also wins rather seldom ...


Bookmakers are slightly inclined to victory Djurgårdena, although the match will take place in the native land of Mariupol. The thing is that the guests have the best game tone, and in general they looked better in the first match. In addition, on a visit to the Swedish team often scores 2 and a lot of goals, so I'll bet on their effectiveness.

Free fixed tips

Free forecast for the match Mariupol - Djurgården: "Individual total of Djurgården is more than 1". On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.61.


In Odessa, at the stadium "Chernomorets", on the next Thursday will be the return match of the second qualifying round of the Europa League between FC Mariupol and the Swedish team Djurgården. The Ukrainian team in the first game of the confrontation managed to score a goal to the opponent and lead from Scandinavia draw, now the team Babich in order to break through to the next round of the European Cup will suffice and draw 0-0.

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In the ULF FC Mariupol started unsuccessfully, with two consecutive defeats. First, the representatives of the Donetsk region in Zaporozhye lost Lugansk Zary 1: 2, and then, in their own field in their hometown, lost to the newcomer of the elite, Desna 1: 4. Between these matches FC Mariupol flew to Sweden, played a draw with Djurgården 1: 1. In that game, Yavorsky opened the scoring on the 37th minute, Mariupol players missed only on the 90 + 4th minute of the meeting, an effective action on Badji's account.

Not a bad form

Djurgården holds a good season, the Swedish team played in Allsvenskan 16 matches, is on the 4th line in the standings with 28 points in the piggy bank. Lagging from the third in the peloton, Norrköping, two points, however, the competitor in the reserve is still a game. In general, the current form of Djurgården is not bad, in five final meetings the guests have never lost: three times having drawn and twice defeated, Kalmar and Hecken.

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For FC Mariupol, the field in Odessa is not home, but some support for the audience will be on Babich's side. In addition, the coach himself was recently the main one in Chernomorets. But, in fact, the upcoming game for both teams - exit, in such matches are often the bottom-line outcomes. Our free forecast for the game: TM 2.5 1.62

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In Odessa at the stadium "Chernomorets" in the return leg of the quarterfinal qualification round of the Europa League Mariupol will play against the Swedish Djurgården. In the first meeting the teams exchanged goals - 1: 1. I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents and break into the next round of selection?


In the Ukrainian Premier League played 2 rounds. In both matches of the championship Mariupol was defeated with a total score of 2: 6. It is also worth noting that in preparation for the season, wards Alexander Babich held 2 control meetings, in which they won and painted the world.


Djurgården is currently in the 4th place in the standings of the Swedish Major League and has 28 scored points in the asset. Do not lose the guests for 10 official matches in a row. Last weekend, the wards of Ezkan Melkemikhel exchanged goals in the next round of the championship with the Sundsvall club (1: 1)

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Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Djurgardens, although they give on his victory a very high ratio. This is true, because the "Swedes" are now in excellent shape and a constant playing rhythm, so it is worth putting on their passage to the next round of selection of LE.


We propose to bet on the outcome of the "Jurgårdden pass" for a coefficient of 1.66

In the evening on Thursday there will be a duel, in which "Mariupol" and "Djurgården" will hold the return match of the LE selection. We remind that in the first meeting of the winner it was not possible to reveal 1: 1. Who will go on? See the forecast.


"Mariupol" gave the initiative in the first fight, but could even win. Ukrainians led in the account, and only in extra time they missed the goal. So in their field they have a great opportunity to win. In general, Babich's players looked modest, and much attention was given to the defense.

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"Djurgården" on the move, therefore, will try to seize the initiative and in the return meeting. Druzhina Malkemihel in the first game dealt 15 hits, but realized only 1 of them. Recently, the collective rarely suffers defeat, but the winnings are rarely given.


Forecast for the match "Mariupol" - "Djurgården", TB1 from the guests. Favorable position for Ukrainians, so the Swedes will rush forward. Most likely, at least 1 ball they can score.

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On the next Thursday the qualification of the League of Europe will continue to bring food for thought to our table. On the reporting day, sparring will take place between Mariupol and Djurgården. The event will be welcomed by Odessa, or rather the stadium "Chernomorets", which for the last period has already been filled with football holidays - then the Super Cup of Ukraine, that's the European cups drove up.


The Ukrainian team in the first match on the road managed to score the most important goal in the opponent's goal and take away an effective draw. Such a result certainly plays on the foot of the temporary Odessa citizens, now it's enough to close on your own half and try not to let your opponent undress yourself. The Swedish team is in stable shape. Let's try to find out what kind of bet we need to register in the check.

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Mariupol team misfired in the start of the shootout in the domestic Ukrainian championship - the guys allowed the opponent to shoot himself twice. At first the team went to Zaporozhye, where it successfully lost to Zare with a score of 2: 1. Next was the battle in Odessa, where our heroes of today gave way with the score 4: 1 Desna. It's especially sad to become a team when you learn that Desna is a newcomer to the elite.


In a break between the two aforementioned fights the guys flew to Sweden. Already on the thirty-seventh minute Yavorsky managed to surprise the Swedes, but in the best traditions of the Ukrainian teams the guys missed. Baji's effective action was fixed on the ninety-fourth minute. To grieve Alexander Babich and his team is not worth it, because such a result is very convincing.

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"Blue Ribbons" after the first match must change the color to black, because to miss a goal in their own arena - in fact equivalent to a death sentence. The miracle of salvation at the end of the match still allows the fans to hope for a positive outcome. It should be noted that future guests are in good form - in five extreme games, players have never felt the taste of defeat.

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In the domestic arena, the "blue" are held with dignity - after the end of the sixteen rounds, the guys climbed to the fourth line thanks to twenty-eight points. The owner of the title Mr. Sophisticated surname Yozkan Melkemichel still has chances to catch up with the third Norrköping, which has slipped forward by two points. Fans, of course, would like to make their way to Europe, but it's hard to survive in Ukraine.


Forecast for this match

Odessa is not a very close city for the Mariupol team, which due to certain political circumstances is forced to fight far from home. However, it is obvious that the rostrums will be filled by those who ardently wish the victory of Babich's squad. Do not expect from this confrontation of a storm of emotions and goals scored.

The bet is a total less than 2.5.

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