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Lyon-Nica 31.08. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Lyon has not very successfully started a new season, but all because of the heavy training. In the first matches, the players looked hard, and did not quite understand each other. Gradually Bruno Geneio improves the game of their wards, but so far it is far from ideal. In any case, at home "weavers" perform an order of magnitude better, because with their fans they constantly attack and hold the ball.


Nice also entered the season extremely disgustingly, demonstrating that the team does not have a set game. So far, Patrick Vieira can not do anything with his players, and the lack of Balotelli greatly affected the team. The Italian decided to stay in the team, but how soon will he feel partners again? After all, without him, the "eagle" attack looks very "toothless" ...

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By analogy with the previous third round, the fourth game day of the new French season also starts Friday's home match of Lyon at the "Stud de Lumiere". Only now, instead of Strasbourg, rival of the sevenfold champion of the country will be Nice.


Recall, a meeting of a week ago with the club from Alsace ended with a team of Bruno Zhenesio with a score of 2: 0. Here it should be noted that in the first half of the meeting, the guests gave Lyon a decent resistance, and within forty minutes successfully reflected all the attacks of the hosts. But, nevertheless, at the end of the first half the defense of Strasbourg wavered, and the left winger of "weavers" Marten Terje opened the scoring (1: 0). And then, already in the middle of the second half, center forward Bertrand Traore set the final result (2: 0).


Thus, after his previous defeat in Reims (1: 0), one of the three representatives of France in the autumn group tournament of the Champions League won a second home victory in a row, and with six points scored is fourth.

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On the eve of the fourth game day, at the head of the championship race of League 1 are two clubs. It gave out in three rounds a 100% result Paris Saint-Germain and Dijon (9 points each). Next, the third line of the table of ranks is Lille (7 points), and behind him is a large group of teams led by Lyon, earned six points.


And where is so successful earlier Nice? After the appointment of the former head coach of the New York City MLS Patrick Vieira, the bosses of the "Allianz Riviera" also hoped to see their team among the candidates for the lyguropean tours. However, at the start of the new season we got a diametrically opposite result. After all, in three previous rounds the new team of the world champion-1998 earned only one point in the guest duel with Kahn (1: 1). But in two home games, Nice successively lost to Reims (0: 1) and Dijon (0: 4).

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Pre-match information:


Location: France. Lyon. "Stud de Lumière"


Date: August 31, 2018 (Friday)


The beginning of the match: 21:45 (MSK)

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Tournament: championship of France. League 1. The 4th round



Especially painful and unpleasant was the second crushing fiasco of Nice in a home meeting with the recent debutant of the elite division. Undoubtedly, with another scenario in the upcoming match of the two top clubs, we would have got completely different bookmaker quotes. However, now the opinion of experts is unequivocal: P1 - 1.35, P2 - 8.00.

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Now about the statistics of the personal meetings of the two clubs at the "Stud de Lumiere". Here the situation is ambiguous, since in the last four matches, the "Lyon weavers" won only one victory (1: 2, 1: 1, 3: 3 and last 3: 2). However, given the completely different level of the game of hosts and guests, here the new favorite of the favorite is the most real outcome of the upcoming meeting.


Our forecast is the victory of Lyon with a handicap (-1) for 1.53.

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Open the 4th round of the new season of the French League 1 will be the central match of the tour - Lyon will take Nice.


Last season, both of their meetings remained with the "weavers", but now we can expect a revenge from the "eagle"?


Lyon in the new season is very difficult, and not entirely successful. First and foremost, the wards of Bruno Genezio unpleasantly impress with their game on the road, where they already managed to lose to Reims (1: 0). And in general it seems that the "weavers" simply lack a game practice, or vice versa - they are physically tired. In any case, with each match on the field there is more and more ease with the team ...


But Nice and does look uncertain, because stumbles in the games with not the strongest contenders. That's because you can explain the fact that the "eagle" lost to the home of Reims (1: 0) and on the road played a draw with Kahn (1: 1). Yes, and with Dijon, the wards of Patrick Vieira did not show what they can. Well, of course, do not forget that the team still remains Balotelli, who is able to add power in the attack ...

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On the eve of the fight bookmakers are clearly leaning towards the side of Lyon, for which there are several reasons. Yes, the teams still look heavy, but still the "weavers" are a bit more confident. In addition, the match will be held in Lyon, and in France the venue of the meeting greatly influences the outcome. And from this I propose to put on those who have a higher class ...


Free forecast for the match Lyon - Nice: "Victory of Lyon". Bookmaker office Pari-Match offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.62.

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Opening the next round of the French League 1 will be a duel between the "Lyon" and "Nice". In the last season, both matches ended with the win of today's hosts. Will they have the opportunity to extend their winning series over this opponent? See the forecast.


"Weavers" begin a new game year is extremely difficult. Especially hard for players Gesio are given trips, where they managed to rebound 1: 0 from the "Reims". While it is not entirely clear, perhaps it is physical fatigue, and maybe lack of practice. But this is a matter of time, because with each next fight they look better.


"Eaglet" look about the same, but on points much worse. The club lost 1-0 to Rheims, after it was a world 1-1 with Kahn. Druzhina Vieira can play much better, but for some reason do not demonstrate all the combat power. One can not ignore the fact that the team has Balotelli, who can aggravate the attack.

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Forecast for the match "Lyon" - "Nice", P1. Both opponents are not in the spirit, but if in general, then the hosts are more powerful. We put on the fact that they will be able to write down 3 points at their own expense.


In the coming Friday starts the fourth round of the French elite championship, scissors, in order to cut this honorary ribbon are in the hands of a couple of Lyon-Nice. The duel will take place at the home stadium of the "aristocrats", which is proudly called "Park Olympique Lyonnais". Local fans after work in a good mood will fly over the dome of the arena, in order to support their pets.


The sun shines in the afternoon, the wolves howl at the moon, and the "lions" are an obvious favorite in this confrontation. Only three people can argue with these three facts. Bookmakers completely on the side of the hosts and argue with the "all-knowing" in this situation is simply meaningless. Guests started in the championship even worse than the runner, who in the first steps stepped on the loose shoelaces. Let's try to find a stylish coefficient.

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The championship has just begun, and the "children" have already managed to make a dirty trick - in one of the matches of the domestic championship our today's heroes lost to Reims. Bruno Genozio and his guys claim the highest places, and to achieve this goal can not be lost to Rheims, even on the road. The first points are lost, the first tears are spilled, but the first bitter experience in the new season was also received.


On the home arena, things are much better - the "aristocrats" have already rolled out two sparring matches at the "Olympique Lyonnais Park" and in all cases appear victories. On the ass grabbed Strasbourg and Amiens. The league table of League 1 at the moment is not taken seriously, but for the pro forma we will clarify that the weavers have placed the carcass on the fourth position, and in the pocket there are six points.

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"Gymnasts" could not jump over the horse from the first three attempts. At the legendary Patrick Vieira after the start of the championship, the hair grew back again, in order to fall out from overexertion. In the first three rounds, our heroes of today have never managed to win. If the world can be explained with Kahn, then the defeats from Dijon and Reims in home games do not succumb to any logic, even female.


Two hundred and seventy minutes behind, and the team was not able to excel at the gate of the opponent. Mourinho would now pat patrick and his coaching genius, but after all the defense of the "gymnasts" is also planted on the twine without proper preparation. Terrible statistics, fans go through the streets of the city with their eyes closed, so that in the passing stall you do not see a newspaper with the headline about the next shame of the club.


Forecast for this match

"Weavers" in the home arena dismantle the opponent on strings. Still no team this season has been able to take away points from the "aristocrats". "Eaglets" do not look like those who can rip off the "Olympic Park Lyonnais.

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For the third time in a row, Lyon will play in the opening match of the next round of League 1. He got a once strong opponent, which this season looks very bad.


According to the results of three rounds, the Weavers settled down on the fourth place, having in their assets two victories with one defeat. Both times, the wards Bruno Genezio won home with the same score 2: 0. Last season, Lyon also looked powerful in his native walls. And now, when the team seriously pretends to the zone of the Champions League, it should make its own public happy with regular victories.

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And Nice earned just one point - a draw and two defeats. To date, the Eaglets have settled down in the eighteenth place. Considering the last two seasons, when Nice always finished at the top of the standings (and once even tried the Champions League taste), this is an undoubted failure. With the departure of the head coach Lucien Favre Red-black began to play much worse.


The undoubted favorite of the match is Lyon. This team is famous for its attacking football, but this season it is not very effective. It's time for the Weavers to finally please the fans with a scoring extravaganza. Especially - in a meeting with the troubled Nice.

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Total is more than 2.5 at 1.64

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August 31 at 21:45 in Lyon, the club of the same name at the stadium "Park Olympique Lyon" will take Nice in the starting game of the 4th round of the championship of France.


Since 1951 clubs have played among themselves 96 times. Lyon won 43 games, Nice won the "Victoria" in 30 matches, and 23 meetings ended with an equal score.


Lyon has on his account 6 points, which he earned in 3 rounds. The team with this indicator is placed on the fourth position in the standings of the French first league. Lyon managed to beat Amiens 2-0 and Strasbourg 2-0 at home stadium. And the team lost to Reims on the road 0: 1.

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Nice is now positioned at 18 positions in the standings. As a result of three fights, the club earned only one point. The team lost in their arena to Reims 0: 1 and Dijon 0: 4, and played with an equal score on the guest field against Kana 1: 1.


Lyon is one of the favorites of the season, Nice is the main disappointment of the start, and until there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Given the class of teams, the start of the season and the factor of their field, "weavers" should take three points, and the "eagles" will be rubbed against each other, so that in September to begin their exit from the peak at the usual places in recent years in the top- 10 French championships. Bet: Lyon's victory with a handicap - F1 (-1).

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Forecast: F1 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.55

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