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Lyon - Amiens 12.08. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


August 12 at 16:00 at the stadium "Park Olympic Lyon" will host the opening match of the championship of the League of 1 in France, in which Lyon will take Amiens.


Lyon in the 38th tour last season beat with a score of 3-2 Nice, and with an arsenal of 78 points finished in the 3rd place in the standings of the league 1 of France. Over the summer, the "aristocrats" managed to take part in 4 friendly matches, which ended with 2 victories, 1 loss and 1 draw, and 3 games of the International Champions Cup, in which the "lions" won only 1 match with 2 defeats. In 2018, in 12 home games, Lyon won 8 games, lost in 2 games and in 2 was a draw.

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Amiens in the 38th round of the last championship lost to Marcel with a score of 1: 2. With 45 points scored, the players of Amiens finished the season as a solid "middle peasant" in 13th place. In the summer, Amien spent 3 friendly sparring, in which 1 game the club Christophe Pelisie won, 1 lost and 1 played in a draw. In 2018, the division from Amiens played in 10 away matches, in which 2 wins, 6 losses and 2 draws.

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In all 4 meetings that took place between teams, always defeated Lyon, in the last games 2 with a score of 2: 1 and 3: 0. In the upcoming match, statistics should continue, "weavers" are stronger, the more they play in native walls. Bet: Lyon's victory with a handicap - F1 (-2).


Forecast: F1 (-2) with a coefficient of 2.19

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In the opening round of the championship of France, Lyon will have a home match against last year's newcomer elite. It is unlikely that something will prevent the current bronze medalist of the country from starting with a victory.


Weavers pretty well spent last season. They deservedly fell into the group stage of the Champions League, but in the Europa League they unexpectedly flew from Moscow CSKA still at the stage of the 1/8 finals. Lyon's goals remain the same every year - a worthy game in European competition and the fight for the highest places in the championship. In addition, Genezio's wards are successful, playing spectacular football.


Amiens can not afford that. He would not fly back to League 2. The previous championship team finished in the thirteenth place, while demonstrating a defensive football. If against middle peasants and outsiders it will be quite effective, then the grandees will easily beat Amiens even at their stadium.


The favorite of the match is obvious - this is a club from Lyon. It is difficult to compare the personnel capabilities of the Champions League participant and the fighter for survival. Especially when the game takes place on the first field. We expect a convincing victory for the hosts, perhaps even devastating.

Free fixed tips

Total is more than 2.5 at 1.54


On Sunday, the first to enter the field "Lyon" and "Amiens". Will competitors from different weight categories show effective football? - Read about it in the forecast of our experts.


Last season, "Lyon" led a desperate struggle with "Monaco" and "Marcel" for two tickets to the Champions League. The team of Bruno Genezio was two points behind the Monegasques and outstripped the "Olympians" teammates by one point. In the summer off-season "weavers" had four friendly matches and took part in the International Cup of Champions. The hosts managed to keep the backbone of the bronze composition.



A year ago, "Amiens" debuted in the League1. In the spring, the "unicorns" finished in the thirteenth place with an asset of 45 points. In the rookie's record, there are 12 wins, 9 draws and 17 losses. The ratio of goals scored / missed is 37:42. In summer, the guests held three control matches. The result - a win at Tjubiza, the world with the "Saint-Etienne" and the loss of FC "Paris".

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"Lyon" did not score in the last two matches.

In all the control matches of "Amiens" there was a bet "both will score (yes)".

Last season, "Lyon" won at the "Amiens" at home (3: 0) and away (1: 2).

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"Lion" was able to maintain the composition of last season. Now weavers are among the contenders for the medals of the new championship. It is not surprising that bookmakers consider them as the unconditional favorites of the starting meeting. "Amiens" has already gained experience of performances at the highest national level. We believe that the defeat will not be and four goals scored, too.


Our forecast is a total less than 3.5 and a bet with a coefficient of 1.60


Contrary to the general opinion of experts and analysts of football, and especially the two leading French editions "France Football" and "EKIP", at the final stretch of last season, "Lyon weavers" managed to drive Marcel from the third position, and after the champion Paris Saint-Germain and vice Monaco Champion, qualified in the Champions League.


Paris Saint-Germain - 93, Monaco - 80, Lyon - 78, Marseille - 77 ...


Decisive in the battle of the grandees was the 38th round. After all, before the last game day, the Provencal team also conceded one point to Bruno Zhenesio's team, and so they could only count on the possible misfire of Lyon in the home match against Nice.


And although Marcel himself defeated Amiens in the last match of the season in his native "Velodrome" (2: 1), in a parallel meeting at the "Stud de Lumiere" his hosts defeated Nice (3: 2), and did not allow the southerners to return to the third ligochempions position. And then, according to UEFA regulations, France's third club was to participate in the Champions League's summer qualifying campaign. However, Victoria of Real Madrid in the final match of the European club championship opened Lyon the way to the autumn group tournament.

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In the current summer off-season, the main merit of the leadership of Lyon, and personally his famous president Jean-Michel Ola is the preservation of the team leader and captain Nabil Fekir. Indeed, until recently, Liverpool was very actively applying for a new world champion.


Starting match of the new calendar season the French grand will hold in its arena. And his closest opponent will be black and white Amiens, in the arms of which unicorns are depicted. Therefore, the modern team of Christophe Pelissier is often called "unicorns". In thirty-eight matches of last season, the recent debutant of the elite division scored twelve victories and suffered seventeen defeats. In the end, having earned forty-five points, Amiens finished in the thirteenth position.

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The second season is played by Amiens in the elite league of French football. And two meetings of the current rivals in the previous championship ended with two victories of the grandee with a total score - 5: 1. Especially successful for Lyon was a home game with "unicorns", in which Mariano, Memphis Depai and Bertrand Traore scored three new unrequited goals for the debutant. Naturally, now the opinion of experts is unequivocal: P1 - 1.20, P2 - 13.00.

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In his last interview, Bruno Jeansio emphasized the main importance of his team's victory in the starting match of the new season. Naturally, Lyon wants to immediately compete with Marcel and Monaco in the fight for prize ligochempionskie places, while the new championship title is still designed by PSG.


Our forecast - one team will not score for 1.70.

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