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Lucio and absurdities of pho tight resuscitated Real

Lucio and absurdities of pho tight resuscitated Real



I was a big fan of inventions. Of crazy inventions of Professor Franz of Copenhagen (humorous comics in Spain). They were unreal and it was impossible to function. More or less the same way things look when Luis Enrique chooses starting line-up. There is only one difference inventions entertained. A absurd choice Enrique not be an iota of grace, because it costs points of Barca. Successive were lost on Sunday against Celta.

The coach of Barca already once went wrong (and many) against Alaves. He relied on brutal rotations and ended up with a home loss 1: 2. Something like we saw against Borussia Monchengladbach in the Champions League. But then he managed to fix it in the second half and ended up twist. Now, however, Barca looked absolutely ridiculous in my pitiful first half in Vigo. Like something we had not seen for many years.

I understand that Luis Enrique has to spin up to load dosed his players. It is reasonable is at 60 games per season. That which does not make sense is that change half the team and on top of it a day before the 15-day break for the national teams! But such incomprehensible decisions are paying very expensive.

Vigo coach rested heap of Mascherano, Iniesta and Rakitic - the whole backbone of Barca. And on top of that put Neymar in place of Messi. Brazilian football has many merits, but it lacks precisely the ability of Argentina to make the game. And the result was disastrous - 3: 0 for Celta within half an hour. Unprecedented disaster.

The disaster could be avoided in the second half. Despite the momentum in the game and goals from Pique. So on the day that Barcelona had to seize the third consecutive championship draw Real Madrid and topped the standings, suffered humiliation, amid which equals Madrid against Eibar on "Bernabeu" look like a joke. The worst is that in so Real Madrid will revive mentally. And all because the inventions of Luis Enrique and because of rough blunders of Terre tight. Just what the night had both ...

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