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Los Angeles - Los Angeles Galaxy 27.07 Free fixed tips



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The central match of the next round of the MLS will definitely be a derby between two teams from Los Angeles. Team Bradley in his arena will take Galaxy. In this pair of bookmakers on the side of the home team, Los Angeles FC holds a very decent season, has a chance to win in the Western Conference following the results of the regular championship. But it is worth saying that Galaxy by the end of July scored a very decent shape, future guests have already forgotten when they lost.


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After 20 matches played in the regular MLS championship, Los Angeles FC scored 35 points, which allow this team to be on the second line in the peloton of the West. Better statistics only in Dallas, the backlog of hosts from the Texas squad is four points. In the last five meetings FC LA twice won with two draws and one defeat.

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And Galaxy did not lose in July, the guests were stronger than Columbus, New England and Philadelphia, played a draw with San Jose and United FC. Such results led to the fact that the guests climbed to the fourth place in the standings of the Western Conference, Galaxy got 31 points after 20 matches, the backlog from FC LA four points. At the exit Galaxy in the season had 10 matches, in which he won 4 times, lost three times and tied three times.



The upcoming derby will be the second in a season, in the first game Galaxy in native walls has won 4: 3. There is every reason to believe that another bout between rivals will also be fruitful, only now Los Angeles FC will dominate. Our free forecast for this meeting:


After 20 matches, Los Angeles takes the second place in the Western Conference, because it has an asset of 35 points. So, the wards of Bob Bradley managed to win 10 times, 5 times drawn and 5 times lost, having played at the same time with a score of 42:33. Nevertheless, now the team is not in the best shape - 2 wins, 2 draws and defeat for the last 5 matches (the total score was 10:10).

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But Los Angeles Galaxy is gradually recovering and has already climbed to the 4th line of the Western Conference. In total for 20 rounds wards Zigi Schmid extracted 31 points - 9 wins, 4 games and 7 defeats, while the total score was 37:31. Separately it is worth noting the fact that the "galaktikos" finally broke up - 3 wins in a row with a score of 10: 3!


Bookmakers are more inclined to the victory of Los Angeles, but is it worth writing off with the Los Angeles Galaxy account? In fact, the hosts are now "staggering", but the guests scored an amazing form. Most likely, enchanting the effectiveness of "galaktikos" will continue in the derby, which I suggest to put!


Free forecast for the match Los Angeles - Los Angeles Galaxy: "The individual total of Galaxy is greater than 1". On this outcome, the betting firm Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.43.

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On Friday, the Californian derby will take place, in which the LA will host the Galaxy. In spring, opponents held their first match, in which the victory went to the current guests 4: 3. What will happen to the return meeting? See the forecast.


"LA" is still the second in the West, after all, earned 35 points. Footballers Bradley have won in 10 games, 5 more draws and the same number of bounced off with scoring 42:33. Now the team on the move - 2 victories, 2 peaceful outcomes and losses.


"Galaxy" begin to recover, and have already reached the fourth place of the West. Schmidt's team managed to earn 31 points - 9 triumphs, 4 draws and 7 times left with nothing, and the total score is 37:31. It should be noted that now the team has added significantly - 3 triumphs in a row, and the scoring statistics 10: 3.


Forecast for the match "Los Angeles" - "LA Galaxy", TB1 from the guests. So far, the first team is a little shaky, but the "galaxy" on the go and just have to prove.

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The California derby promises to be an adornment for the next round of the MLS, since both teams from Los Angeles are considered top in the league. The results of the clubs also correspond to their status, and Los Angeles FC is in second place in the standings of the Western Conference, behind the leader (Dallas) by 4 points. But the two last matches (Minnesota, Portland), Los Angeles FC scored only one point, which somewhat slowed down the team in the struggle for leadership.


Bob Bradley, the club's 60-year-old mentor, has one of the best teams in his disposal, and Los Angeles FC needs to occupy a high place in the standings. Who should be selected as part of this team? First of all, the recently bought Andre Orta, as well as the expensive Carlos Vela and Diego Rossi. Also worth noting such experienced players as: Tsiman, Bentakur, Urenya and Diomande.

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The legendary American football club, which five times was the champion of the country, and in its composition shone Kobe Jones, Carlos Pavon, Landon Donovan, David Beckham, Juninho, Abel Xavier, Steven Gerrard, Robbie Keane and N. de Jong. Until now, such famous football players as E. Cole, Ibrahimović, J. Dos Santos and Alessandrini are members of Galaxy.


After twenty matches held in the MLS Championship, Los Angeles Galaxy ranked fourth in the standings. Three of the last round wards Shiga Schmidt won, thereby reducing the gap from the top three leaders of the Western Conference standings to two points. The team somewhat disparagingly looks in terms of defensive actions, conceding 31 goals into their goal, which is unacceptable for the club, which sets itself the highest goals in the season.

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In this match, the favorites of the bookmakers are the hosts of the field, the victory of which is estimated by a coefficient of 1.90. But the victory of the legendary Galaxy is estimated at 3.92, while the draw is estimated at 4.14. Data estimates from bookmakers look somewhat unexpected, if you look at the extreme results of clubs from Los Angeles. Total bets with a classical mean value have such coefficients: "total more than 2.5" for 1.37, "total less than 2.5" for 3.05.



The home team are considered favorites from the bookies, but Galaxy is more successful in the extreme rounds and is quite capable of entering the leaderboard of the standings. Guests have a much more interesting composition, in which one Ibrahimovic is able to decide the outcome of the match, as the brilliant Swede is still in excellent shape and regularly scores goals.

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Bet: Victory Los Angeles or draw (X2) - 1.96.

Victory Los Angeles Galaxy or draw (X2)


Los Angeles FC is now in the western conference in the second position, but due to the fact that the recent fights were not entirely successful, it is very useless to consider the hosts of the arena as the guaranteed winners of this meeting. Only one victory in the last four matches with two draws, is the asset of Los Angeles FC. But what is stable in these meetings is the total. Only one game did not score both clubs, with a score of 1: 1 never seen in this series was not. Los Angeles FC is a good move forward, but at the same time and often misses, the defense is not exactly a leader in Los Angeles FC.

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Los Angeles Galaxy is located in the fourth position, having two points scored less. And the game at Los Angeles Galaxy has been going much better lately. For a long time there were no defeats, and the winning series totals four meetings in a row. And just note for the total, which is also very very high in this team. In the last five games in the Los Angeles Galaxy games, less than four goals were scored. This is more than a huge result.


As the second game I'll try to make out the game Los Angeles FC with LA Galaxy.


Again, I was attracted to the very coefficients on Galaxy. In the last round with Philadelphia gave the same, even a little higher, although the kefs grow on them. Why? Can not understand. LAFKK KF for 1.90 is coming, but is it really so strong on the game to slap such a giant? Let's understand. Firstly, LAFC only from this season stands in MLS. Those. experience on the side of the guests. Secondly, the team is now not in the best condition. For the last 4 games, only 1 victory and then over the feeble Orlando. Draw with Houston, with Portland. In the last round in general received 5 goals from Minnesota, as many as 5! Yes, there Minnesota's home is powerful, etc., but still 5 is too much and it's obvious that the team's problems are great. Although LAFC is on the number 1 guest rating in the Western Conference. Home 5 wins and 4 draws. But everyone who could stand up to them with dignity, did not lose. Dallas, New York City, DC, Portland. Won the team where the weak teams, the only exception is Columbus, which is still niche.

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LA Galaxy is on the move now. They do not lose for 7 games in a row, they won the last 3, scoring a total of 10 goals. Returned players from the infirmary, the same brothers Dos Santos, on the move Camara and Ibra. What Alessandrini did in the last round. The player was replaced in the second half and became the key, giving 3 assists. The reserve is much richer in Galaxy, relative to its future counterparts. Moreover, at a party only 3 pockets from Dallas and Houston 2-3, and from New York City 1-2, in stubborn battles. For the last 5 visits, there is not a single pocket, they are scored stably. For the last 3 departures 9 balls, stable to 3.


Yes, in principle, a complex game here, but the kefes are much funnier and do not have real numbers. Galaxy stands up steadily, and in attack and defense, the team has a character that does not lose concentration, like LAFC. Plus experience, composition, form. Therefore, I'll try again here to play the loss of Ibra and KO. In the first match of these teams there was a score of 4-3 in favor of Galaxy, then, I think, they at least do not lose and score a couple of goals. Ibra will do his job, Camara will insure. Since Minnesota has scored 5, then 2 this team must score here.

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On Friday, we are waiting for the exciting Los Angeles derby. Both teams are at the top of the standings, while playing very productive football.


Los Angeles FC is second in the Western Conference with the following indicators - ten wins, five draws, five defeats and balls 42-33. More than two goals on average per game - this is an excellent figure, even for the whole spectacular US championship. At home Bob Bradley's wards have never lost in nine games, but four of them were drawn in a draw. In the last round of Los Angeles FC, crushingly yielded to Minnesota 1: 5.

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But their colleagues in the city now go fourth, having in their assets 31 points after twenty rounds. Galaxy is in great shape - in the last five games, they did not lose. Attack of this team is also very formidable. 37 goals scored - a pretty solid figure. The last two away matches of Schmidt's wards ended with their convincing victories.


The only confrontation between these teams within the MLS ended with a score of 4: 3 in favor of Gorozhans. So, we have an excuse to expect the same fruitful match and next Friday. Both teams are not going to sit on the defensive and will surely exchange goals. Given the status of favorites for the hosts, they are unlikely to be limited to one effective strike.

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