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Locomotive - Spartacus 04.08 Free fixed tips



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Lokomotiv opened the season with a duel with CSKA Moscow in the Russian Super Cup, which looked like a typical Lokomotiv Yuri Semin - cautious, pragmatic. The only thing that the railwaymen could not do is to score a goal in regular time. As a result, CSKA added to the extra ball, which turned out to be decisive. The supercup was taken by the "army men", but everything for Semin's team could have developed more successfully.


In the first round of the Premier League "Locomotive" went to Ufa, where he played a match with the same club. Again, Semin did not change his style - "Locomotive" did not hurry anywhere, trying to play as reliably as possible at their gates. Two hundred percent of the Muscovites still had, but they could not realize. "Ufa", in turn, could take all three points, but did not score a penalty in the end. Semin after the match called the result logical, and it is difficult to disagree with him - none of the teams scored three points

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"Spartacus" opened the season in the Premier League duel with "Orenburg" in his field. "Red and white" managed to score a quick goal - after the turmoil in the penalty area "Orenburg" beginner "Spartacus" Samuel Gigot managed to push the ball into the goal. It seemed that guests could not be defeated today, but the hosts slowed down and began to over-cautious. In the second half had his moments Ze Luis, but the striker that night was too unsuccessful.


The victory with the score 1: 0 for sure for Massimo Carrera is a completely acceptable result, which the coach said at the post-match press conference. According to the Italian coach, "Spartacus" could play better, but so far the functional capabilities of the players are not at the best level, which is probably not encouraging fans of the "red-white" on the eve of the Champions League qualification.



Last season, the team met twice - at home, "Spartacus" lost 3: 4, at home, held a draw

Only in one of the last six matches between "Spartacus" and "Locomotive" were scored more than two goals

"Spartacus" does not miss the last six games more than one goal

"Locomotive" did not score goals in four of the last five matches

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The duel for the Russian Super Cup and the match against Ufa showed that Lokomotiv will fully adhere to the tactics that allowed it to register the championship last season. "Railwaymen" focus on the defense, not too worried about the attack. "Spartacus", despite all his desire, could not play at home qualitatively against "Orenburg" - the victory "red and white" was taken away, but the content of their game leaves a lot of questions. Both teams have not yet entered the season, it's obvious, so counting on goals in this match is hardly worth it.


Our forecast - the total number of goals is less (2.5). In 1xStack such an outcome is estimated by the coefficient 1.78.


The locomotive started very ambiguously in the first round. Yes, the team had a grueling game with CSKA in the Super Cup of the country, which lasted all 120 minutes, but after all, Ufa played the day before the first fight with Domžale within the framework of the European League qualification, and was tired, and played there the team is not very interesting . But Lokomotiv could not win, playing as a matter of fact on boring zeros. So here it is very difficult to wait for Lokomotiv's success, the team does not show the game that is expected, but the potential, that is. Now here in the rivals in general Spartak will be, and this is much more complicated than Ufa, even on its arena now.

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But Spartak Moscow played its first match perfectly, beating Orenburg in the Russian capital with a score of 1: 0. Yes, the opponent is weak, the score is minimal, but the game was good, the Spartak beat a lot, and in the end they had to score much more. Therefore here and the bookmaker companies even Spartak deduce in a role of the small favorite of opposition.


Lokomotiv started a new season with a defeat in the Russian Super Cup. And all would be nothing, but the "railroad" lost in overtime to the exhausted and bloodless CSKA - 0: 1. On Monday, Semin's wards had a match of the first round of the new season with Ufa, in which they rehabilitated a bit, but were also not impressed. But still, the team has problems with the implementation ...

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But Spartak began the season with a victory over Orenburg - 1: 0. The victory is more than deserved, although so minimal. "Red and white" in the first round proved to be very competent, but they still lack the game tone. However, Carrera will clearly "drive" his children towards the end of the summer ...


Bookmakers do not single out any of the teams at all, which is not entirely reasonable. "Railwaymen" have certain problems and will be more exhausted, so I still lean towards the "red-white" side. And constant moving can not have a positive effect on Loco ...


Free forecast for the match Lokomotiv Moscow - Spartak Moscow: "Spartak's victory or a tie". William Hill bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.44.


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Closing the Saturday evening of the Premier League will be a game between "Locomotive" and "Spartacus." In the past season, collectives twice divided points, and once the victory of the current owners. What will the coming confrontation bring about? We'll figure out.


"Railwaymen" started with a fiasco in the Super Cup - 0: 1 from "CSKA". After Semin's team held a duel with Ufa, in which the team also failed to score - 0: 0. If "Loco" can not solve the problems with the implementation, then they are waiting for problems.


"Red and white" started with a win of 1: 0 over "Orenburg", but the triumph was well deserved. The team spent quite a lot of their first round of the season, for which he received 3 points. That's just freshness Carrera wards are not enough.

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Forecast for the match "Locomotive" - ​​"Spartacus", X2. "Railwaymen" have not yet found their game, so the "red-and-white" look preferable. We'll put them on, only with a safety net.


The central match of the second round of the Premier League will be the Moscow derby, in which Lokomotiv at his RZD Arena will compete with Spartak. Bookmakers in this pair consider Spartak to be a small favorite of the meeting and it's hard to disagree with the exposed line. The thing is that Loko is far from his optimal condition, which was evident both in the match for the Super Bowl, and in the first round of the Russian championship.

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The locomotive was strengthened by two experienced players. First, the "railwaymen" leased Kryhovyak in PSG, and now, bought in Schalke central defender, Benedikt Höwedes, who could not play in Juventus. Obviously, Muscovites have a developed strategy that has already borne fruit, for example, with Farfan. If Höwedes does not have injuries, then the German is quite capable of becoming the main one in Loco.


Spartacus also strengthened the central defender Zhigo, who also had time to bring his new team a favor. The Frenchman scored the only goal in the gate of Orenburg in the first game of the season. It seemed that Spartak should defeat the newcomer to the Premier League, but Gigot's goal, and was the only one in the match. Spartak in that match did not show even half of his potential, there is a hope that against the champion, "red and white" will win back more confidently.

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Loko in two matches was not impressed, the team Semin for 180 minutes of allotted time could not score even one goal. Spartacus also did not enchant, but the guys Carrera, however, put in a piggy bank three points. In this pair, you can try a bet on the guests. Our free forecast for the meeting:


Spartak will not lose 1.41

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The central match of the second round of the Premier League will be the confrontation between the last two champions of the country, which started very vigorously in the current championship.


This season, Lokomotiv had already had two official matches, and both had a zero draw in regular time. As you can see, the Railwaymen themselves do not play, and they do not give to others. This is the strategy of Yuri Semin, which led to the title. Now, the Red-green will be much more difficult, because they will not only protect the championship, but also worthy to perform in the Champions League.

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Spartak also performs in the most prestigious club tournament in Europe, but will start his way from the qualifying round. In the championship Red-white started with a minimum victory 1: 0 over the newcomer Orenburg. To achieve high goals, the coach of the team Massimiliano Carrera continues to use defensive football, and so far he is giving the result.


The small favorites of this pair are the Spartak people. Since they play in the qualification of the Champions League, the team has already started preparing for the season. In any case, in the duel of two reliable defensive lines, we will not see productive football.

Total is less than 2.5 at 1.64

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A new race for the championship title of the RPL began, and Lokomotiv will become one of the main acting clubs in this race. Last season, "railroad" took the gold, despite the decline in the final rounds of the championship. Now the wards of Yuri Semin will take part in the main grid of the Champions League, where Lokomotiv will try to demonstrate high results. The locomotive is full of the desire to keep the championship title at the end of the season 18/19. Started Loko match for the Super Bowl (defeat from CSKA Moscow (0: 1 (0: 0))), and after and failed to beat Ufa in the first round of RPL (0: 0).


The composition of the champions has not changed much against the background of last season and even became stronger. Lokomotiv bought a starry Hededes, experienced Eder and Idov, talented Zhemaletdinov, and rented Kryhovyak. Semin has grown a human resource, as well as increased the variability of the composition and tactical schemes of the team.

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Do not stand still and Moscow Spartak, who, after winning the championship, somewhat slowed down, but did not lose the title ambitions for this season. Spartacus began the championship with a modest victory over Orenburg (1: 0), and now will test his strength in a duel with the current champion of the RPL in one of the most striking derby in the country. At the head of the team continues to work an Italian specialist Massimo Carrera, who created by bit this cute team.

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The capital club did not particularly excel at the transfer market, having worked only to strengthen the defensive line - the Belgian Zhibo was signed. Also talented midfielder Tashayev was signed by Spartak. In the rest, the team is well aware of their personnel potential, and Carrer left to build a cool team of cool players.



Quotations for the outcome of the Moscow derby from the bookmakers have the following figures: Lokomotiv's victory for 3.05, a draw for 3.18, and Spartak's victory for 2.68. Higher staff potential and a good game in the first round made an easy favorite for the visiting team. Classic quotes for total-rates have the following ratings from bookmakers: "total is more than 2.5" for 2.44, "total less than 2.5" for 1.64.

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In the Moscow derby there is never a clear favorite, because both clubs are set up for the match in the most serious way. It's interesting that both clubs started the championship in a very cautious manner, minimally risking losing points in the first rounds of the season and playing in a pragmatic style. A failure in this match and at all can become a key in the season, so none of the clubs will not once again take chances on the football field.

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Bet: Total is less than (2.5) goals - 1.64.


Total is less than (2.5) goals 1.64



Moscow "Locomotive" officially started the season on July 27, when he met CSKA in the match for the Super Bowl.


It was not possible to win the trophy "railwaymen". The main time of the game ended in a goalless draw, and in extra time they missed the ball from Khetaga Hosonov, which eventually became decisive.

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Three days later in the first round of the Russian championship, the "red-green" broke up the world with Ufa (0: 0). Moreover, "Loco" could lose, if Guillermo did not repel the impact of Sylvester Igbun from the penalty spot in the end of the second half.


The rookie Grzegorz Kryhovyak, who is preparing to enter the field, has already arrived at the Moscow team's location. But Benedikt Hevedes is not yet ready for the debut.

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Moscow "Spartak" this summer actively conducted friendly matches, which, by the way, looked very good.


The negative can only be attributed to the defeat of the "Rijeka" (1: 3) and a draw with "Ashdod" (1: 1), but the rest of the meetings wards Massimo Carrera won.

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In the first round of the Russian Premier League "Spartak" at home defeated "Orenburg" (1: 0), and the only goal in the opening game scored a newcomer team Samuel Gigot.


In the infirmary of the team are goalkeeper Alexander Selikhov and midfielder Zhano Ananidze, but Louis Adriano has already returned to the general group.

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In the upcoming match, bookmakers give a slight advantage to the guests: the victory of "Locomotive" - ​​3.10, the victory of "Spartacus" - 2.45, a draw - 3.10.


In a slightly more cheerful mood for the game fit "red-white", which in the asset has three points. At the same time, the "red-green" in two official games of the new season could not score a single goal, albeit against a good game in the defense.


It seems that the "railwaymen" have not yet gained their best form, so we propose to consider the rate "guests will not lose and total more than 1.5" for 1.95.


Many expect the derby to be an ineffective game, but it seems to us that the goals here are quite likely given the match status. You can also look at the "total more than 2" bet for 1.70. 0


In one of the bouts of the second round of the Russian Premier League will play two Moscow clubs - Lokomotiv and Spartak. In the last in-person meeting of the teams, which took place in March this year, a draw was fixed 0: 0. I wonder if the opponents will be able to identify the strongest and excel in the upcoming game?

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In preparation for the season, Lokomotiv spent 5 friendly matches, which scored just one victory. A week ago, "railroad" in the duel for the Russian Super Cup in additional time lost to CSKA (0: 1). As for the starting round of the championship, then the wards of Yuri Semin painted the world with Ufa - 0: 0.


Spartacus, coming out of vacation, played 11 control fights. In these confrontations, "red and white" won 9 wins, playing a draw and losing once. It is also worth noting that in the first round of the Premier League team Massimo Carrera with a minimum score of 1: 0 Orenburg.


Bookmakers in the coming confrontation give on the winning teams about equal odds. However, the team only gaining momentum, so do not expect them to enchanting game with a lot of goals scored.

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We suggest betting on the outcome of "total less than 2.5" for a high ratio of 1.59


Lokomotiv will meet with Spartak in the second round of the Russian championship, a duel will be held at the stadium "RZD Arena" on August 4th at 19:00.


The locomotive performs quite strongly in the domestic arena and shows itself well at the international level. Last season, "Railwaymen" became champions of Russia, having 60 points in their assets for 30 meetings held. In the attack, "Loco" looks pretty convincing, the ball went to the gate of others 41 times, defense also did not fail, conceding 21 goals. In his last matches Lokomotiv played a draw with Ufa 0-0, was weaker than CSKA 0-1 and beat Akhisar Belediye 2-1.

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Spartak from Moscow is a pretty famous club not only on the domestic scene, but in Europe. Last year, "Red and White" managed to take 3rd place in the Russian league, where players were mined 56 points in 30 meetings. In the attacking line, "Spartacus" looked impressive enough, the opponents were disappointed 51 times, the defense had problems, 32 balls were missed. In previous matches, Spartak managed to beat Orenburg 1-0, played a draw with Ashdod 1-1 and beat Trabzonspor 4-1.


The last match between Lokomotiv and Spartak ended in a goalless draw. Now in the central match of the tour it's difficult to single out someone, so most likely the fight will again be "dry". The rate: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.14

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