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Liverpool - Tottenham

Liverpool - Tottenham

The group of Liverpool:

Goalkeepers: Minyole, Ward

Defenders: Lovro, Toure, Klein Koulkar, Sacco, Skrtel, Flanagan

Midfielders: Henderson, Zhang, Lala, Milner, Ayb, Alan Teixeira

Forwards: Sturridge, belching

Injured: Firmin (questionable), Moreno (questionable), Lucas Leiva, Benteke, Stewart, Rossiter, Gomez, Ings

Punished: no

Group Tottenham:

Goalkeepers: Loris, Worm

Defenders: Alderveyreld, Wimmer, Walker Tripiar, Rose Davis

Midfielders: Dyer, Mason, Eriksen, Dembele, Ali Carol Lamela

Forwards: Kane, Son, Chadli

Injured: Vertongen, Bentaleb, Nzhie

Punished: no




This game of "Anfield" is like a final for Tottenham. These were the words of the Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp on the eve of the match that will answer whether "Spurs" have the strength to chase the title. Mauricio Pochettino's team dropped to 5 points behind leaders Leicester and error risks falling from the top.

Liverpool battle is also of great importance as "marisaydtsi" fight for participation in Europe. Assuming turn against Southampton (2: 3) in the last round of the championship seriously hit by the ambitions of Jürgen Klopp, who looked even at the top 4 at the end of the season. New gaffe can be fatal, so Liverpool will pursue victory with all his strength.

The problems are more "Anfield" where once again gained a lot of injured players. At issue is a Brazilian Roberto Firmin, who received injury before the break for the national team and only in the hours before the game will understand if you can return to the game. The situation is similar with the left defender Alberto Moreno, who will likely way for Flanagan.

Benteke was injured reserve in the national Belgian and removed from accounts still treat and midfielder Luske Leyva. In Tottenham has so kahari - are out Bentaleb and Nzhie. Unlikely to risk the Vertongen, still not fully recovered.

There is a pretty dodgy and intriguing match, as in the first season of "White Hart Lane", despite the goalless draw. It will be interesting which of the two teams will go better in their rhythm of play after the break for the national teams.

In Tottenham will definitely have more confidence after Harry Kane, Delle Ali and Eric Dyer shone for England at the controls during the week. Liverpool, however, it is unlikely to be so respectful of his "Anfield" and will surely chase the victory. With such a close match, no wonder both teams split the points.

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