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Lille - Marseille, Prediction, 25/10/2015

Lille - Marseille, Prediction, 25/10/2015

Lille is the strongest defense in Ligue 1, but with the second weakest attack. Dogs on goal difference after 10 rounds was 5: 5, which means it falls an average of one goal of their game.

Lille clean sheet in 3 of his last 4 households, but despite scoring difficult on the rise.

In Marseille early positive impact of the appointment of new coach Michel is now completely deleted. Southerners have not won already 5 rounds and this leaves them in 16th place in the standings with 2 points less than Lille.

Matches of Marseille is one of the most effective, but mostly households. Their goal-difference of 4 visits is 2: 6, an average of two goals per game.

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