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Levante - Celta 27.08 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Levante in the offseason has been significantly updated, because the team came to many newcomers. We can not say that they are top, but still good strong players who are able to strengthen any middle peasants. Examples. And you know what: in the first round of "frog" just surprised. So, wards Muñiz on the road beat Betis with a score of 0: 3, although they looked no stronger than rivals.


Celta is now not in the best shape that was passed from last season. Now the team has even a new coach (Antonio Mohamed), but so far he can not build his empire in this team. That's in the first game of the new season, "Celts" at home did not beat Espanyol - 1: 1. And this is not normal, because the players then the club is excellent

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The last 7 face-to-face meetings between these clubs invariably ended with the victory of the "Celts" ... But maybe it's time for the "frogs"?


Last season, Levante completed in the rank of the 15th team Examples, but this can not be boasted. In the summer, the leadership bought Munisu a lot of new players, but in fact it is still unclear why. In the first round of the new season, "frogs" played the second number, but still managed to defeat the exit strong betis - 0: 3!


But Celta last season disappointed, completing it at the 13th line of the championship. And this despite the fact that the previous years, "Celts" performed in European competition. Now the team has a new coach, which became Argentinean Antonio Mohamed. And with him, the team had already "stumbled" - in the first match Celta home tied with Hispaniol (1: 1).

Free fixed tips

Bookmakers do not single out any of the teams at all, which is quite reasonable. At home it's easier to play, and in general the Levante is now showing more confident football than Celta. And with all this, it is the guests who are quoted above the owners. In any case, there is nowhere to retreat to the guests, and the hosts will strive to win again. So I expect a couple of goals from this meeting


Free forecast for the match Levante - Celta: "Total is more than 2". On this outcome, the betting firm Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.62.


In the second round of the Spanish examples of Levante in native walls will take Seltu from the city of Vigo. In this pair of bookmakers, the obvious favorite does not see, considering that the rivals have about equal chances of success. In general, with the line shown, you can agree, because Celta in composition and capabilities is superior to his rival, but in terms of tone, the Levantine, judging by the first round of the Spanish championship, have the advantage.

Free fixed tips

There is a victory

The first official match in the season of the Levante won, and the "frogs" did it playing as a guest against Betis, and as everyone knows, it's always not sweet for Benito Villamarin. But Levante is perfectly prepared for the season, the future hosts scored three goals at the gate of the Sevillians, now the "Granotes" are in the top five.



Celta started home match against Hispaniola, Galicians first to pass the ball into their own net, Mario Hermoso scored for the Catalans, but at the very beginning Celta managed to equalize thanks to an own goal of David Lopez. Before the start of the season Celta showed not the best results, the Galicians lost to Southampton and Mainz, played a tie with Sporting Braga and Fulham.

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Levante will try to please his few fans with a positive result and a quality game. Celta is a strong contender, but the "heavenly" have never been an exit team, their best Galician matches were held in their native walls. In this pair, you can try to bet on the home team, the best tone of the "frogs" should be affected. Our free forecast for this meeting: Levante will not lose 1.46


"Levante" very successfully started in the current championship. Will the "frogs" succeed in developing the winning streak in the match against Celta? We present you our forecast.


As for the novice of the previous championship, the "Levante" had a great first season after returning. And even when the "frogs" began to threaten to drop in the classroom, the change of coach immediately threw the team to a safe distance. "Levante" with Paco Lopez won five of the six final meetings.

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Continued the club perform at this level after the summer break. At first in friendly matches of the "frog" lost "Zvolle" - 1: 3, "Feyenoord" - 1: 2 and "Bournemouth" - 3: 4. But then Lopez's wards defeated Heerenveen 3-1, tied with Utrecht 2-2, Albacete 2-2 and Zaragoza 1-1. Although, of course, the main success of the "Levante" achieved in a duel with "Betis" in the first round, defeating the away side of the European Cup - 3: 0.



"Celta" begins the season with another Argentinian mentor. To this championship of "Celts" prepared a South American coach with an Arabic surname - Antonio Mohamed. For him, the upcoming season will be the first on the European continent, and up to this point the Argentine coach of domestic teams and clubs from Mexico.

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In the off-season with Antonio "Celta" did not win a single fight. The Celts tied with Fulham 2-2, Braga 0: 0, Cordoba 1: 1, and lost to Southampton 1: 2 and Mainz 1: 2. Here and in the first round the Galicians could not beat the home match "Espanyol" - 1: 1. Although it is still unknown how this season will play the Catalans.

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Perhaps, "Celta" in this meeting earned one point, and not lost two.



The unbeaten "Levante" series reached five meetings.

In La Liga "frogs" won six of the last seven matches.

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The losing series "Celta" is equal to six fights.

Not scored the "Celts" while only in one of these matches.

"Celta" won the "Levant" in all seven last-minute meetings.

On the home arena "frogs" lost to the "Celts" all five previous confrontations.



In general, the statistics show that Levante is playing better now. However, the only defeat for the last seven meetings in La Liga "frogs" was just "Celta". The Galician club is an extremely uncomfortable opponent for the team from Valencia. In addition, some results in the off-season indicate that such a bright victory over "Betis" in the first round was an accident. However, any series ever ends. We believe that the "Levante" will at least not lose the meeting.

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Our forecast is a victory for Levante with a handicap (0) for 1.79


August 27 at 21:15 in Valencia at the stadium "Ciudad de Valencia" in the match of the second round. Examples of Levante will take Selta.


Levante in the last season took the 15th place with 46 points in the asset, not worrying for the preservation of residence in the elite. The current season of the "frog" began with a visiting success in the match against Betis 3: 0. In that game, Morales recorded to himself as an asset. The upcoming match will be the first for the Levante in its field in the new season, only in 2018 the team played 10 games at home, having won 5 wins in a row, with this series acting, twice drawn and lost three matches.

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Celta last season took 13th place in La Liga with 49 points in the asset and goal difference 59-60. In summer, the team from Vigo held 5 matches, three draws and lost two matches. Seletta Celta began with a home draw 1: 1 with Hispaniol. Game on the road in 2018 weak spot of Celta, in 11 games the team was able to win only twice, with 1 draw and 8 defeats. The series of the team without wins on the road is 8 matches and lasts from January 21.


Levante can not beat Celta from October 21, 2013, for 7 matches, all losing with a total score of 6-16. Statistics of face-to-face meetings are not on the side of "frogs", but it is worth noting that Levante at home shows a strong game, while Celta at home points gains with great difficulty. Bet: Levante will not lose -F1 (0).


Forecast: ะค1 (0) with coefficient 1.82

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On Monday, there will be a duel in which the "Levante" will host "Selto". Interestingly, in the seven extreme confrontations between them, the present guests invariably triumphed. When will the time come for the owners? See the forecast.


"Frogs" in the past year finished fifteenth, than clearly discontented leadership. Now the club moved to new players, and instructs them Muniz. In the opening round, he was in the rivals "Betis", which was able to break 0: 3.

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"Celts" last season ended on the thirteenth line, which is also not very happy. Football players Mohamed earned in the first round only one point, because they painted the world 1: 1 with "Hispaniol".


Forecast for the match "Levante" - "Celta", TB2. At native tribunes it is always more comfortable to perform, and the second team does not need to retreat. Most likely, that we will be waiting for an extremely uneasy duel, in which we will be pleased at least a couple of balls.


Match 2 round championship of Spain Levante - Celta will be held on Monday August 27 at 21:15 (MSC) at the stadium Ciudad de Valencia.

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In the bookmaker's office Leon is the favorite of this match is Levante, bets on winning which are accepted with a coefficient of 2.45. Put on the victory Celta can be quoted 2.76. A bet on a draw in this meeting can be made with a coefficient of 3.04.


Levante finished last season in 15th place in La Liga. The team very well spent the ending of the championship, having won six victories in the last seven matches. And in their field the Valencia players won five games in a row, scoring a total of 12 goals, although before that they did not win in their native walls in ten meetings in a row.

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Celta following the results of the last championship was the 13th, gaining just three points more than Levante. She at the end of the season played unstable, rarely won (2 wins in the last 12 games), but also did not yield infrequently (3 losses in 11 last matches). At the same time for the last eight fights in a foreign field the Galicians scored only one point and conceded a total of 21 goals. With such statistics, experts from the bookmaker Leon predict the victory of Levante in the upcoming game, believing that the home team will manage to score at least two goals to the opponent's goal. In this case, you can put on the home team victory with a score of 2: 0.


The recommended bet is a victory for Levante 2: 0



• Celta won seven last matches against Levante with a total score of 16: 6;

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• in six of the previous nine matches between Levante and Celta, at least one team did not score;


• Six of the last 11 matches between Levante and Celta ended with a score of 1: 0, including five such wins in favor of the team that played on the road.



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On Monday, August 27, 2013 will be the match of the championship of Spain between Levante and Celta. The match is scheduled for 21.15 Moscow time.

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Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bukmeker.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics about rivals in La Liga.



Levante lost seven previous matches against Celta in the championship of Spain and can not beat her since October 2013 (1: 0);

In the last seven matches in La Liga, Levante scored an average of 2.7 goals per game (+ 6-1);

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Celta won only one of the last eight matches in La Liga (= 4-3) - in Levant in May with a score of 4: 2;


Celta did not win any of the eight previous guest matches in the Spanish championship (= 1-7, 3 goals scored and 21 missed) - the worst team series since 2013, when she could not win in another's field in nine matches in a row;


In the first round, Levante beat Betis and now for the first time in his history can start the championship of La Liga with two victories;

Only the second time in his history, Levante scored more than two goals in the first round of the La Liga championship. Previously, he managed it in the season 1963/64;

Four of Levante's last five goals in La Liga were scored with the participation of Jose Luis Morales (3 goals and 1 transfer);

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The last four goals of Levante at the gate of Selta in La Liga were scored with the participation of Morales (2 goals and 2 assists);

Iago Espace scored six points against the Levante in La Liga for six games against Gol + Paz (4 goals and 4 assists);


Paco Lopez led Levante won 75% of the matches in La Liga - the highest figure for the mentors of this club in the 21st century.

Forecast for the Levante-Celta match according to statistics: both teams will score, and the home team will win, which will be able to hit the target at least twice. In the composition of the Levante, Jose Luis Morales will be scored.

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