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Levante - Athletic 03.12. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


In the Spanish Example in the 14th round on December 3, 2018 at 23:00 Levante will play against Athletics at the Ciudad de Valencia stadium.


Paco Lopez and his Levante are in 9th place in the standings, with 18 points and a goal difference of 20:21. The team, out of 13 rounds, won in 5 and in so many lost opponents. At its stadium, the club has gained only 7 points, but at a party, respectively, more. Three previous confrontations football players can not win and missed quite a lot. The last game with their fans for "Frog" ended in defeat, with a score of 1-3. The players scored after a goal from Chema, from the transfer of Hasson, but in the second half, the opponent played better.

Free fixed tips

The wards of Hosu Urrutia play a terrible role in the 18/19 season, and therefore they are in the red zone, in 18th place with 11 points, for 13 rounds played. During this time, the team won only once, in the first confrontation against Leganes. After this, the club cannot succeed and looks very weak. In the past confrontation on the road "Basques" played against Atletico Madrid and lost effectively, with a score of 2-3. In that match, the double was made by Williams, the best scorer of the composition.


Away Athletic Bilbao has not lost Levante over the past four meetings, scoring exactly 2 goals. Both clubs have fairly weak performance this season, but still the hosts are holding the championship stronger than the Basques. Moreover, they will play with their fans and they will not lose in this fight. Especially Athletic on the road this season has not won even once. Bet: Levante will not lose - 1X.

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Forecast: 1X with a coefficient of 1.55


Levante is ranked 11th with 18 points. "Frogs” feel comfortable in the middle of the standings, but they do not win already 3 matches. The hurricane in the game Levante, like a hand shot, recklessly no longer play. Effectiveness in the team matches has not gone away, 3.2 goals per game is the second figure in the championship, only Barcelona has the best. But, there is already no magic that was at the end of last season or at the start of it. In the last fights, Levant played mediocre and 2 points for 3 matches is not so bad. Against Villarreal (1-1) they rebounded, against Huesca (2-2), in the last round, they rebounded. A home match against Sociedad (1-3) turned into a flop. Already the guests bounced, and the Levant, failing a 10-minute segment at the end of the meeting, nullified all the spent efforts during the match.


 Athletic dropped into the relegation zone in the last round. The victory in the first round over Leganes remains the only one. Getafe "Basques” played actively, with desire and a big advantage. The guests in this game did not shake and did not forget, from time to time, it is dangerous to snap. A goal from the owners was brewing and they scored it, but again they could not bring the matter to the victorious. How many such moments have been in Athletics. By the way, a couple of years ago they conducted a survey with the fans that they would prefer: to play only Basques in the line-up and fly into a shogun or solve high goals, but with legionnaires as part of. The first option received an overwhelming number of votes. I do not hint at anything, I just remembered.

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  In fact, Levante at home does not play as well as I would like. 7 points scored is far below average. He was able to raise thanks to victories over Leganes (2-0) and Alaves (2-1). Athletic, albeit in a crisis, but, nevertheless, a rank higher and with such rivals, Levante had problems. Even if you take the same Sociedad. The problem of Athletics is that it does not win. There are a lot of draws - 8, and 4 defeats. For Real, for example, there is one more defeat, but the team takes the 5th place. Athletic unstable, but very uncompromising. And the fact that the Levant client Athletics will not talk much. In the last 4 matches on the Levant pitch, the Athletic did not lose and scored exactly 2 goals in each match.


 There is confidence that the Athletic will not lose Levante, or even score a full 3 points. The victory of the "Basques” is very necessary and I expect that the team will play with great desire. Levante opponent is comfortable and I think it is worth the wait goals. Teams do not have a reliable defense, TB (2.5) on the field Levante made their way in 7 of the last 8 matches.

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Football players "Levante" at the moment occupy the 11th place in the standings, having 18 points on his account. Given the high density, as well as the fact that most of the direct competitors held their matches, Paco Lopez wards have a chance to break into the group of leaders.

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In the 13 matches played, the frogs won five wins, tied three times and suffered five defeats.


If we talk about the last three meetings, then in them "Levante” broke up with "Villarreal” (1: 1) and "Huesca” (2: 2), and also lost to "Real Sociedad” (1: 3).


Samuel, Shake Dukure and Armando Sadik will not play for the Levante in the next match. Four more players have a chance to recover from injuries.

Free fixed tips


"Athletic" is located on the 18th line in the standings of the championship of Spain, gaining 11 points, which is only four more than the outsider of the championship "Huesca".


Basques this season have recorded one victory, eight draws and four losses.


In November, the wards of Eduardo Berizzo lost to Espanyol (0: 1) and Madrid Atletico (2: 3), and also shared points with Getafe (1: 1).

Free fixed tips

At "Athletics" Yuri Bershish leaves the suspension, and Mikel Rico is recovering from injury.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers do not see a clear favorite: the victory of "Levante" - 2.80, the victory of "Athletics" - 2.65, a draw - 3.40.


At first glance it may seem that the "frogs" are in an advantageous position, but we would not be in a hurry to give them points. Yes, this season for the team from Bilbao is not as good as we would like, but in many ways it just has no luck.

Free fixed tips

In the asset of the Basques only one victory, but just eight draws. "Athletic" loses quite rarely being a very uncompromising opponent.


In Valencia, "Athletic", it seems to us, will try to take the maximum. We offer for consideration the rate of "victory of guests with a handicap of 0” for 1.90.

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Another option - "victory" Athletics "exactly one ball or a tie" for 1.95. In a more confident victory of the guests is not believed.


Closing the 14th round of the Spanish Samples will be a match in Valencia, where the Levant will take on Athletic from Bilbao.


Last season, these teams exchanged their victories - 1: 2 and 1: 3. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?

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After 13 rounds, Levant has 18 points in his asset, which are enough for the 9th line of Examples. So, the wards of Muñisa managed to get 5 wins, tied three times and lost 5 times, having played with a score of 20:21. Recently, however, the "frogs" do not shine at all - 3 successful draws and defeat by Real Sociedad (1: 3) for the last 4 matches.


But Athletic and completely fails in La Liga, because it is located in the relegation zone. The thing is that the wards of Eduardo Berisso obtained for 13 matches only 11 points - 1 win, 8 draws and 4 losses (total score was 14:20). On the road, the Basques show a more "squeezed” football, but they still fail - 4 draws and 2 losses. But do not forget that on Wednesday, the team beat Huesca (4: 0) in the King's Cup!

Free fixed tips

Bookmakers practically do not single out any of the teams, which is not entirely reasonable. Yes, Athletic almost never wins this season, but, after all, it does not lose so often. In addition, now the "frogs" did not go the best period, but the "Basques" were bred. So that guests should not lose in this match ...


Free match prediction for Levante - Athletic Bilbao: "Winning Athletics or a draw." Bookmaker 1hBet offers a coefficient of 1.51 for such an outcome.


The bookmakers put up a slightly strange line for the match of the 14th round of the Spanish La Liga between Levante and Athletics. The "All-Knowing" believe that the opponents have approximately equal chances for success, but it’s absolutely obvious that Berizzo doesn’t have a job in the Basque Country, moreover Athletic has historically weakly played in his native walls. In turn, Levante holds a good season, "frogs” go to the standings. Examples are in the middle, have a chance to compete for a position in European competition.


In ninth place

After 13 rounds, Levante is on the 9th position in the peloton, the future home team scored 18 points, are behind Real and sixth, only two points. In his field at Levant + 2 = 1-3, the defeat of Celta, Seville and Real Sociedad, the victory over Alaves and Leganes. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the Levant in his native walls often plays efficiently, and these matches are completed through TB ​​2.5.

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Good tone

Athletic travels to the East of the country in good spirits, having a draw with Getafe and a crushing victory in the King’s Cup 4: 0 over Huesca. At the same time, in the championship standings, the Athletic is only in the relegation zone, with 11 points in the piggy bank. In total, out of the native walls, the Basques in the season had six matches, they have the following statistics: + 0 = 4-2, 7: 9 goal difference.



Levante is a fairly decent team by Spanish standards, "frogs” have a good opportunity to improve their standings by defeating Athletic. There is reason to believe that Levante, at least, will not lose on Monday. Our free game prediction: Levante will not lose

Free fixed tips

The last of their fourteenth round of La Liga will be Levante and Athletic B. In the past gaming year, the teams pleased their fans with away triumphs - 1: 2 and 1: 3. Will these statistics continue now? See the forecast.


"Frogs” so far on the ninth line, because it turned out to earn 18 points. Munisa's squad achieved 5 wins, there were also 3 world and 5 losses with a total score of 20:21. But only in the extreme tours the team is not happy - 3 world fiasco.


"Basques” fail within the framework of the championship, since only 11 points were able to get - a win, 8 draws and 4 losses with a goal score of 14:20. With departures, everything is also bad - 4 peaceful outcomes and twice left with nothing.

Free fixed tips

The forecast for the match "Levante" - "Athletic B", X2. Yes, in the current season, the guests almost did not enjoy the winnings, but the hosts are now in difficult times, so the Basques have the opportunity to win.


In the final match of the fourteenth round of La Liga will take part a strong middle peasant tournament and an unexpected contender for departure. Maybe it is on Monday that Athletic will finally interrupt their series of failures and return to their previous positions?

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Levante is on the list of the most spectacular teams in Spain. After a third of the distance they go in ninth place with 18 points in the asset and goal difference 20:21. However, in the previous three rounds, Frogs did not experience the joy of triumphs. They made a draw with Villarreal (1: 1) and Huesca (2: 2), and also lost 1: 3 to Real Sociedad.


After thirteen games, Athletic has only one win with eight draws, four losses and a goal difference of 14:20. With such indicators, the Lions have already descended to the eighteenth line. Last weekend, the Basques painted the world 1: 1 with Getafe, and before that they lost twice in a row - 2: 3 Atletico and 0: 1 Espanyol.


Both teams have not celebrated their success for quite some time, so their full-time duel will be very intriguing. In this case, the hosts look preferable, who still go much higher in the standings.

Free fixed tips

Levante will not lose (1X) at 1.55


The three-match series Levante without victories lowered the team to 9th place after the 13th round. However, the situation with the Levantine rival - Athletics from Bilbao, is even more deplorable. Already 12 matches in a row without a victory in the championship, one point in the last three rounds and a logical result - a place in the relegation zone.

Free fixed tips

In the middle of the week, the Basques slightly raised their spirits, defeating Huesca (4: 0) in the King’s Cup, however, this success can also have the opposite effect - coach Eduardo Berisso used almost all the fighting staff, and not all players can fight for Ciudad de Valencia fully recover.


Do not forget that Athletics have enough personnel losses before the new round of La Liga. The main problem position is the left flank of the defense, where, due to the disqualification of Juri and the injury of Balenciaga, the nominal central Beck Iñigo Martínez will have to play. Also, the Basques in question participate in the match between Michel Rico and Raul Garcia. True, the last club doctors promise to put on his feet by Monday.

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Levante also did not avoid losses before the 14th round. Armando Sadik and Garcia will not play against Athletics for sure, but if Frogs have already become accustomed to losing these players this season, the departure due to injury from centerback Sergio Postigo can be a serious blow to the reliability of the host rears. Also questionable is the participation in the game of three more football players: flank defender Antonio Luna, central midfielder Ruben Rochina and defender Shake Dukure.


Indicative compositions

Levante: Olazabal - Cabaco, Chema, Pierre - Coquet, Hasson, Campagna, Bardhi, Togno - Marti, Morales

Free fixed tips

Athletic: Herrerin - De Marcos, Jérai, Nolascoain, Inigo Martínez - Muniaín, San Jose, Etchebarria - Williams, Aduris, Raúl García (Susaeta)


Levante's home games in the championship are quite productive - in 7 of the last 8 matches in Ciudad de Valencia 3 or more goals were scored. The Monday match should not be an exception either, because the Athletics attack is now clearly superior to defense (both in personnel well-being and in the level of the game), but Levant simply does not know how to play "from the stove” in his native walls.

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