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Legia - Spartak Trnava 24.07 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips

Last season, Legia won the Polish championship, and the Polish Cup remained for this team. In the new season, the wards of Jacek Mager have already lost a match for the Polish Super Cup - 2: 3 with the Arch. Nevertheless, the first qualifying round of "CSKA" went quite easily - 4: 0 with Cork City (0: 1 and 3: 0).


But Spartak is the new champion of Slovakia, confidently overtaking the main pursuer - Slovan. In the new season wards Radoslav Lalala managed to win 2 official matches, and also in the first round of qualification. It is noteworthy that the "white angels" were not the most difficult opponent, but they still did not surprise - home victory (1: 0) and away draw (1: 1) with Zrinski Mostar.


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Legia, with which it would be just silly to argue. The Polish club is frankly more powerful, and the game takes place at their home. In addition, "white angels" do not shine, and on the road only disappoint. Most likely, the "army team" light will prove their superiority, which I suggest to put.

Free fixed tips

Free forecast for the match Legia - Spartak Trnava: "Victory of Legia". On this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.56.

Legia gave a spurt of 8 matches without defeats and 7 wins in these meetings, became the champion and the owner of the Polish Cup. In the extra class in 37 rounds, scoring 70 points with the goal difference 55-35. In the summer, Legia successfully played control matches, in 5 matches, having won 3 wins with 2 draws. In the Champions League, the Poles started from the victorium over Cork City 1-0 and 3-0. All is well, but here's the game for the Polish Supercle, Legia lost to Arch 2: 3. In 2018, the Poles at home tribunes held 11 matches, having won 8 victories and lost three times.

Spartak Trnava confidently became the champion of Slovakia in the last season, gaining 64 points in 32 rounds, with the goal difference 41-28, the finish of the season the team stopped playing, having won only 1 victory in 5 games. In this season the Slovaks have so far played only in Europe, having passed Zrinjski Mostar 1: 0, 1: 1. If we talk about the game on the road, in 9 matches Trnava won 2 wins, with 4 draws and three failures. The series without wins on a visit consists of 6 meetings, and lasts from March 10.

Legia plays at home, and generally looks more solid than Slovaks, especially those on the road play poorly, which makes the Poles the favorites of the game in their native walls. Bet: the victory of Legia – P1.

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The opponent of the grandee of Polish football in the first qualifying round of the Champions League - the Irish club Cork City very much disappointed his fans. It was in July, at the start of the new qualifying qualification of the European club championship in the game of the team of John Colfield, there was a significant decline. And therefore, completely inadequate game practice, the Polish Legia scored four unanswered goals in the last two matches in the last two matches.

Recall, in the first fight in the arena Cork City team Dejan Clarfurich won with a minimum score (0: 1). But in the return fight in Warsaw the advantage of the champion of Poland was overwhelming, and was embodied in three goals scored. Their authors were Guinea Jose Cante, Serb Miroslav Radovic and Spaniard Carlitos (3: 0). Today, Leghia is one of the most international clubs qualifying for the Champions League. For example, in the return meeting with Cork City in the hosts on the field went simultaneously seven foreign players.

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The next opponent of Legia will be the new champion of Slovakia - Spartak (Trnava). Naturally, already now it is possible to state unequivocally, this time the team of Dejan Klafurich was much more fortunate. Perhaps, according to their level of play, Spartak players are not inferior to Cork City, but here the difference is that at the time of publication of the forecast, the new Slovak championship has not yet started, and the club from Trnava will hold its first fight on Saturday, July 21, with Senici.

In the previous first round of qualification, the opponent of Radoslav Latala's team was the champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zrinjski, that is, the club that was with Spartacus in absolutely equal conditions of a complete absence of game practice. And so in this Slovak-Bosnian two-legged confrontation was a very stubborn struggle with the final minimum advantage of red and white - 2: 1 (1: 0 and 1: 1).


In the upcoming second round of the Champions League qualification there is one very interesting factor. Most of the original favorites of this stage of the tournament first matches are held in native walls. These are Ajax, Celtic, BATE, Legia, Crvena Zvezda, Dinamo Zagreb, Ludogorets. Undoubtedly, in the upcoming fight in his arena the champion of Poland is called a pronounced favorite: P1 - 1.55, P2 - 6.75.


Summarize! In this pair of the playoffs we got a meeting of the teams, which are now in absolutely equal conditions, because practically at the same time, on July 21, they hold their first calendar matches in national leagues. But, according to the level of the game, Legia greatly exceeds the champion of Slovakia.

Our forecast is the victory of Legia (P1) for 1.55.

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The champions of Poland and Slovakia will compete against each other on the next Tuesday on the field in Warsaw. Bookmakers believe that Legia has many more opportunities to win, with which, on the whole, it is difficult to argue. Both Legia and Spartak Trnava have already managed to hold two matches in the Champions League qualification, so it's not worth talking about the fact that the opponents approach the forthcoming meeting without playing practice.


Cork City passed by

Legia's rivals in the first stage of the European Cup went to Irish Cork City. The composition of the islanders are not impressive, but the island's primacy is now in full swing, i.e. the "rebels" with practice did not have any problems. However, Legia managed to defeat the Irish twice, beating Cork City, first 1-0 away, and after 3-0 at home. Also, Legia held a match for the Super Bowl against the Arka, which ended with the defeat of the Warsaw 2: 3.

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Passed Zrinski

Spartak Trnava in the domestic arena has not spent a single match, but from the Champions League qualification managed to knock out the Bosnian champion, the Zrinjski team. The first match against the Balkans was held in Trnava and brought Spartak a minimal victory 1: 0. After that, in Bosnia, the Slovaks played a 1: 1 draw, which was enough to enter the next round of the tournament.



Legia in composition and capabilities is significantly superior to Slovaks, the goal for the Poles is to get into the Champions League group stage and there is every reason to believe that this season the army team will achieve the task. Legia begins a confrontation at home, in the first game the Poles should be defeated, you can expect from the Warsaw activists from the first minutes. Our free forecast for this meeting:


In Warsaw, the first game of one fourth selection of the Champions League will take place, in which "Legia" will fight with the Slovak "Spartacus". The teams crossed in 2012, and then the Polish team was stronger - 1: 3.

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"CSKA" again won the victory in the domestic arena. Football players Mager failed in the recent battle for the country's Super Cup - 2: 3 from the "Arches". Unforgettable that in the first round of the club without any problems figured out 4-0 with Cork City.


"White Angels" became the first in Slovakia. In the current season, the team held only two official matches - 1: 0 victory and 1: 1 with Zrinski "Mostar", in the course of the first round of qualification.


Forecast for the match "Legia" - "Spartacus", P1. The Poles are much stronger, and the Slovaks are far from in the best shape. Most likely, the first team will succeed without any problems.

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"Legia" at the start of the season showed not very stable results. First of all, this concerns fights in the domestic arena. "CSKA" could not beat the modest "Arka" in the Polish Super Cup, losing 2: 3, and lost in the starting round of the championship "Zaglembe" from Lubin 1: 3. It should be noted that both fights took place at the stadium for the Warsaw club. At the same time on the eve of these failures, "Legia" won in both matches of the Champions League qualification "Cork City". First on the road with a score of 1: 0, and then at home - 3: 0.

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"Spartacus" has been among the contenders for the "gold" of the championship of Slovakia for several last seasons, but it was possible to obtain medals of the highest test only in the last championship. The Slovakian Championship has not started yet, but the team from Trnava has already suffered the first defeat in the domestic arena. In the duel for the Supercup of the country the Slovaks lost to "Senice" 0: 1. More successfully, "Spartacus" played in the first round of qualification. The opponent was not the most serious - "Zrinski". The Bosnians managed to get through home victory with the score 1: 0. While on the road the return match ended in a draw 1: 1.



"Legia" won 5 of the last 6 matches in the Champions League qualification.

In the last 14 home games in the Champions League, "Legia" lost only once.

In the last five games, Spartak scored only two goals.

In none of the four previous matches of "Spartacus" did not break the total more than 2.5.



"Legia" is very good in qualifying in home games. In the six previous ones, the Poles missed only a goal, and in five of them there were no more than three goals. "Spartacus" is also not a very effective team, but also misses a bit.

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