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Lazio - Inter 29.10. Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


Finishing the program of the 10th round of the Italian Serie A will be a duel between the Roman team Lazio and Milan Inter. In this pair, the bookmakers did not find an obvious favorite, considering that the teams have approximately equal chances of success. In general, it is difficult to argue with the exposed line, given the excellent tone of Inter, and the factor of its field for the Roman "eagles".


Three wins

After a series of failures that fell on the last cycle of matches, Lazio looks very good lately. In their field in the framework of Serie A, the Romans defeated Fiorentina 1: 0, then the away were stronger than Parma 2: 0 and Marseille 3: 1 in the third round of the group stage of the Europa League. In the standings of the Italian championship Lazio is in fourth position, 18 points in the asset, the backlog from the future opponent, one point.

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First loss

Before the match with Barcelona, ​​Inter won seven games in a row and won the Champions League twice. At the Camp Nou Milanese could not stand up, but you should pay attention to the strength of the opponent, yet very few people in the world manage to bring even one point from the capital of Catalonia. At the same time, you should pay attention to the fact that Inter, in general, looked very good in that game, had the opportunity to score at least one goal.



Inter in composition is very strong, Spalletti found the combination of players he needed, which brings results. Lazio also pleases his fans with quality football, but with teams of high level, such as Juventus, Lazio often has problems with the result. Our free prediction for this meeting: Inter will not lose

Free fixed tips

The tenth round of Serie A will be closed by Lazio and Inter. Last year, the teams met, and then the Milan club was stronger - 2: 3. How will the eagles respond? We'll figure out.


The "Eagles” are still on the fourth line, because it’s 18 points. Team Inzaghi won in 6 games, another 3 losses, and scoring by 13: 9. If you take home meetings, the team bounced 1: 2 from "Napoli”, and in the remaining rounds he invariably won.

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"Snakes” spend a little better game year, because they have gained 1 point more. Football players Spalletti pleased with victories in 6 meetings, there was also a world and two losses with a total score of 13: 6. In the extreme confrontation, they rebounded 2: 0 from Barcelona, ​​so there will not be much strength.


The forecast for the match "Lazio" - "Inter", X2. Still, the guests had more time to rest, and they didn’t scare away trips. We bet that at least 1 point of the "snake" will work.

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Closing the 10th round of the Italian Serie A will be a duel in Rome, where Lazio will take the Milan Inter.


Last season, the Nerazzurri won at this stadium with a score of 2: 3, but can the Eagles take their own in the new season?


After 9 rounds, Lazio takes the 4th line of Serie A, having already gained 18 points. So, Simone Inzaghi's wards managed to win 6 times and lost three times, while the total score was 13: 9. At home, the "eagles” as a whole are much better - defeat from Napoli (1: 2), and after 4 wins in all tournaments. Well, do not forget that on Thursday the Romans had a difficult trip to France for the match LE vs Marseille ...

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In turn, Inter acts in the national championship a little better, having already won 19 points. That is, in the framework of the championship Spalletti's wards managed to win 6 times, once played a draw and lost 2 times, having won back with the score 13: 6. It is noteworthy that on Wednesday the Nerazzurri failed to beat Barcelona on the road within the Champions League, but before that they won 7 fights in a row in all tournaments, although they have not scored more than 2 goals in any of these matches.


In anticipation of the fight bookmakers emit a little Lazio, but is it reasonable? In fact, the Nerazzurri will be fresher, and in general they look more confident now. So, it is better to put on the guests, especially bookmakers give an excellent coefficient.


Free prediction for the match Lazio - Inter: "Inter victory or a draw." At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.65.

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Inter comes to the match with Lazio on the third line and has already won 5 consecutive Serie A victories, in which only 2 goals were conceded. Last week, the Spalletti team took Milan and completely outperformed the opponent. Inter was corny stronger in almost all components of the game, but due to his attacking problems, Inter fans had to suffer again for the final victory. The winning goal was scored only in the 92nd minute, when not the most dangerous and, it seemed, the addressless canopy Ikardi turned his goal into a goal. On the replay, it is clearly seen that the captain of Inter made a false move to the near post first, to which Musacchio and Donnarumma reacted. The ball eventually flew over both players of Milan, and Icardi scored into an empty net.


Lazio also approaches the game in a good mood - Lazio is again in the Champions League zone, only 1 point behind Inter, and since the beginning of September the Roman club has lost only once, having won 6 victories. Unlike last season, Lazio scored far not so much (exactly the same amount as Inter - 13 goals), in the last seven rounds 4 times Lazio scored 1 goal, twice - 2, and only 1 time more than two goals. But Lazio began to play much more collected in defense, 4 times out of 7, playing to zero. Against Parma last week the game turned out to be similar - the Romans didn’t have a lot of chances, but at the end of the meeting Immobile and Correa provided Lazio with 3 points. In the defense of Lazio was reliable, Parma did not score goals.

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Lazio will not play Leyva, Inter - Nainggolan.


Lazio does not look bad this season, but if you pay attention to the results, you can see that Inzaghi wards lose points only with the top clubs - Lazio lost three times (Juventus, Napoli and Roma). Inter traditionally against the strongest clubs has increased motivation and shows his best football. Both clubs had European Cup matches this week, but Inter should be easier here too - Spalletti has a much longer bench, there should be no fatigue problems.

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Proceeding from what was written above, I think that Inter has more chances not to lose at least in this game, but unlike the last round of last season, when Lazio and Inter gave a performance with a final 2-3, this time we are less likely to see so effective football.



The Samara club will have a duel with the leader of the RPL, in which the "wings” seriously expect to take points. At the moment, Wings of the Soviets occupy the 13th line in the standings, located in the zone of butt matches. In the two extreme rounds, representatives of Samara did not lose, having played in a draw with the Urals (1: 1) and beating Moscow Dynamo (1: 0). The main problem of the team in the current season is the weakness of the attacking line, which depresses its low efficiency (5 goals in 11 matches). But the protection of the Wings acts well, which comes from the defensive style of the team play.

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The club from Samara was returning to the elite with a clear awareness that it needs to strengthen in personnel terms, signing high-quality newcomers. As a result, we saw transfers of such experienced players as Anton, Yakovlev, Kanunnikov, Polulyakhtov, Denisov, Samardzhich and Ryzhikov. From October 5, 2018, the Serbian specialist Miodrag Bozovic, who is known for his collaboration with Dynamo Moscow, now works at the head of the team.



St. Petersburg club in the extreme rounds began to make mistakes, which allowed the return of intrigue in the fight for the title. Zenit lost to Anji (1: 2), and in the last round there was a bit of Dynamo Moscow (0: 1). As a result, the advantage over competitors at Zenith was reduced to 6 points, which no longer seems an insurmountable barrier to the remaining tournament distance. Zenit is still the league's most efficient team (20 goals in 11 rounds), but Semin’s defense is not impressive (9 goals conceded).

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Under the leadership of Sergei Semak, many players began to progress in Zenith, who were not particularly appreciated by Mancini - Mac, Dziuba, Yerokhin, Shatov, Noboa and Hernani. Also, it should be noted that the arrival in the St. Petersburg club of such an odious Italian midfielder as Claudio Marchisio, who in Juventus has long been associated with the revival of the team after the famous "modgigate”. Now the Italian has arrived in Zenith, where he is still able to bring a lot of use on the football field.



Here, Zenit is the clear favorite of the confrontation, as evidenced by the bookmakers' quotes to win the St. Petersburg club - 1.72. The success of the Wings of the Soviets is estimated at 5.75, and a draw outcome of the match for 3.44. The advantage of Zenith looks more than serious, given the fact that St. Petersburg people play on the road.

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Zenit has to play from a position of strength, because the match is not in vain made for Monday, which made it possible for Petrograd to rest after playing in European competition. Wings of the Soviets are now unlikely to be able to take away points from Zenit, unless of course the St. Petersburg group will not again underestimate the opponent, as it was with Anji and Dynamo.


Bet: Zenit victory (P2) – 1.72.

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