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Lazio - Eintracht 13.12 Free fixed tips



Free fixed tips


"Lazio" and "Eintracht" ahead of schedule in the playoffs and can easily finish the group tournament. Will the Germans go the whole distance without a loss? - details in the forecast of our experts.


"Lazio” to the fifth round created a decent margin of safety. Team Simone Inzaghi scored three wins in four fights. She beat Marseille twice, Apollo once. The meeting of the first round with "Eintracht” ended in favor of the German "eagles” in view of the clear advantage. The score is 4: 1 in Frankfurt. Two weeks ago, the Romans departed a room in Cyprus, where they gave way to the local Legend.

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Eintracht in the Europa League exceeds all expectations. The winner of the German Cup scored the maximum points (15) and this indicator is on par with Chelsea and Salzburg. The beginning was simply enchanting - the team of Adi Hütter knocked out "Marcel” at his own "Velodrome”. Continuation is even better. The defeat of "Lazio" and all the same "Olympic" in Frankfurt. Plus, winnings in paired meetings with Apollo.

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"Lazio" did not lose points in his field.

Eintracht won all the matches of the group stage.

Personal meeting of the first round in Frankfurt ended with the score 4: 1.

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Lazio, who solved his tasks in the group tournament, did not resist Apollo in the fifth round match. In Serie A, the Roman "eagles" stumble. All four of the last match of the team Simone Inzaghi ended in a draw. We are sure that the priority for the young coach is now the internal championship.


The German "eagles" soared high in their Bundesliga, and in December began to lose points to the maximum. We believe that for guests to complete the first stage of LU on a positive note is a matter of honor.


Our bet is a double second chance with 1.77 odds


Another two rounds before the end of the group stage, these teams guaranteed themselves getting into the next round of the tournament, and now they can play at their pleasure.

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Lazio scored nine points and has nowhere to move from second place. In this Europa League, the Eagles had the best duel with Marseille - wins 2: 1 and 3: 1. With Apollo, the wards of Inzaghi exchanged home wins - 2: 1 and 0: 2, while they defeated Eintracht 1: 4. Now the Romans are determined to take revenge.


Frankfurt is one of the main discoveries of the season. In the Bundesliga, they unexpectedly go to the group of leaders, and in the Europa League they lead the H quartet with an absolute score of credits. Eintracht twice dealt with Marseille (2: 1 and 4: 0), beat the outsider of the Apollo group (2: 0 and 3: 2), and also laid on Lazio's blades (4: 1).


The Italians are favorites of this meeting, as they will take on a completely unmotivated opponent in their own stadium. However, Eintracht does not intend to abandon the attacking style of play, so we expect teams to exchange effective strikes.

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Both score at 1.5



For the Laziale, this match does not solve anything. The same can be said about the opponent. Teams have already secured a way out of group H. Only the number of points and match statistics can change.


At the moment, Lazio takes the second place and has 9 points in its assets. For 5 matches the club from Rome had two losses and three victories. The team of Simone Inzaghi lost to Eintracht (4-1) and Apollo (2-0).

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In their native walls in the group stage of the Europa League, the Italian club did not lose. Definitely "Lazio” will try not to spoil these statistics. Also, the motivation for the team may be an improvement in performance in the column of face-to-face oppositions with an opponent from Frankfurt.


In 4 of 5 fights in the group with the participation of the "Romans" ended with a total of more than 2.5. In the same games, the Roman club missed into their gates. Only in the last meeting we managed to keep our gates "dry”.

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Inzaghi will not be able to count on Lukas Leyvu, who is on the list of injured players.



German club, which in its group did not suffer a single defeat. As a result, the team has the first place and 15 points. All 5 fights "Eintracht” from Frankfurt won, scoring with at least two goals. Missed the "Eagles" in 3 of 5 matches.

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Two away meetings "Eintracht” won. The team also won 12 of the last 15 games in the Europa League. In addition, it is worth noting that in the last 4 matches in this tournament "Frankfurt" won in the half, and in the match.


Boring fights with the participation of "Eintracht” can not be named, because in 6 of the last 7 games scored at least three goals. It is likely that in the upcoming fight will be the same.


On the field will not be able to get players like Allan, Chandler and Torro. These players are injured.

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In the last match between these teams 5 goals were scored. Eintracht won both in the half and in the game as a whole. Predict that this time something like this will happen. The recommended bet - Eintracht will win at least in one half. This outcome is given a coefficient of 2.01.


Given the statistics of recent performances in the European arena, we can assume that the "eagles" will try not to spoil it. In the home game, Lazio is the favorite - 2.10 vs 3.20 in favor of the Romans. We believe that Eintracht may well take away points from Olimpiko. A good option for the bet would be the outcome of "X2" with a coefficient of 1.73

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In Group H of the Europa League on the eve of the last round, everything is surprisingly simple. Eintracht is six points ahead of Lazio, Lazio is five points ahead of Marseille. The German team will not fall below the first place, the Italians secured the second. There is no intrigue.


Eintracht’s only motivation is to finish the group tournament with six wins. The team of Adolf Hütler has five won matches, including 4: 1 with Lazio at home. On the other hand, in the Bundesliga, the Frankfurt players are fighting for a place in the zone of the Champions League, which means that you can save power if the meeting with Lazio does not have any tournament value.

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Surely will not play the basis of the owners. The Eagles have not won five games in a row, but Claudio Lotito assures that Simone Inzaghi is safe. Departure to Atalanta on Monday is much more important than the match with Eintracht, therefore, most likely, only Francesco Acerbi, Wallace and Joaquin Correa will most likely enter the field, and that’s not a fact.


Lazio has excellent statistics in the Europa League at Olimpico - at home the team has not lost 17 matches (13 wins, four draws), won seven of their last eight meetings. In this season in Rome, only the Napoli and Inter lost to the Byankt. The victory over Eintracht can be important, primarily psychologically. Lazio does not win from the eighth of November - a month without home victories does not please the Roman public, and tifozi will demand a result, although it will in no way affect the decomposed LES.

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It does not make sense for Eintracht to try to take three points by all means, but the guests will not play a little later. In the last ten games Lazio missed, so that the chances of the guests will be. On the other hand, the Eagles have not scored only in three games this season.


Indicative compositions

Lazio: Proto - Luis Felipe, Acherby, Wallace - Basta, Berisha, Leyva, Cataldi, Durmisi - Correa - Caicedo


Eintracht: Trapp - Russ, Hasebe, Falette - Da Costa, De Guzmán, Fernandez, Kostic-de Souza - Haller, Rebich

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The match between Lazio and Eintracht in the tournament plan does not matter, both teams went to the next round of the European Cup and already fully concentrated on the internal tournaments. It is also important to recall that both the Italian and German "eagles”, recently experienced problems with the results, fell out of the Champions League zone of Serie A and the Bundesliga, respectively.

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The only thing that can motivate Lazio for the match against Eintracht is the desire to take revenge for 1: 4 in the first round. But it is much more important for the "heavenly” to play three games in the Italian championship, where Inzaghi’s rivals will be: Cagliari, Bologna and Torino. Outwardly, the rivals do not seem very complicated, but all three teams are strong enough, especially the first two, so the Romans may not have enough breathing space. There is no doubt that the main guys will not exhibit the Inzaghi match on Thursday, the shopkeepers will go into battle.


Similarly, the same can be said about Eintracht, who also failed in the last two meetings. In the home game with the "wolves” Frankfurt looked very weak, and even on the road against Hertha, the advantage of the "eagles” was only "on paper”, but in fact the Berliners controlled the game. Eintracht is on the decline, and ahead: three matches a week in BL: Bayer at home, Mainz away and Bavaria at home. For this term, you can even fall out of the top ten national championships, so that Hütter now thinks about Lazio least of all.

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In matches in which the teams play far from the base, the advantage is often on the side of the hosts, plus the game itself risks not very effective. The Romans still have some kind of motivation, so I’ll stop the choice on the hosts, but in terms of totals, I’ll bet on TM.


Lazio goes to second position and is not going anywhere. Hence the logical question, but does the Romans need this match in order to stand for the main team and play for dinner? The answer is surely more than obvious - no. And then there are rumors in the press that the team will be weak-willed and probably diluted by reservists. There are a lot of worries in the domestic arena, Lazio is far from being in a good position there, so the game will be without a great desire to win at any cost. Surely there may even be some experiments on the part of the coaching staff of the Romans, such a friendly match with increased responsibility.

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Eintracht Frankfurt in general is the first in the group with one hundred percent figure. The team passed the group tritely in one breath, sweeping everyone and everything from its path. The balance of the balls also speaks eloquently about this - 15: 4. And here the same question poses, but will the German club play the same way as the Italian will play? For Eintracht Frankfurt, Eurocube matches are not so commonplace either, so they will try to take the sixth victory out of six.я

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