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Kazakhstan - Georgia 06.09. Free fixed tips



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We bring to your attention the very first match in the history of a completely new football tournament - the League of Nations. According to the original rules, the teams of Kazakhstan and Georgia are included in the fourth league of their status D.


And according to the results of the subsequent draw, the current rivals, together with the national teams of Latvia and Andorra, entered the group A. According to experts, in this group there are three contenders for the final championship victory, and already in the first round two of the three favorites will compete in the internal match.

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In the qualifying campaign of the Russian Mundial, the Kazakhstan national team, together with the national teams of Poland, Denmark, Romania, Montenegro and Armenia, was a participant of the fifth group. In ten matches held, Alexander Borodyuk's team did not win a single victory, three times in their arena played a draw with Poland (2-2), Romania (0-0) and Armenia (1-1), and in seven games lost to their opponents . As a result, only three points, and most recently, the sixth total place.



Somewhat better than his nearest opponent came in the qualifying campaign of the last planetary championship team of Vladimir Weiss. Let's remind, rivals of red and white were teams of Serbia, Ireland, Wales, Austria and Moldova.


In five home matches the Georgian team earned two points, tied with the teams of Moldova (1: 1) and Ireland (1: 1) at home. And three more squads of Vladimir Weiss's squad scored in the guest battles with the teams of Wales (1: 1), Moldova (2: 2) and Austria (1: 1).

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Naturally, such an outcome can not be called an ideal, but nevertheless, in the final standings of the fourth quartet, the guests of the upcoming fight took not the sixth, but the fifth place. And earned points from the Georgian team turned out more than the national team of Kazakhstan.



Almost a year passed after the completion of the qualifying qualification of the Russian Mundialya. However, it is unlikely that significant changes have taken place in the level and class of the game of the current rivals. According to the status of a home match, bookmakers give their preference to the guests. But, is it possible to name the team of Stanimir Stoilov a pronounced favorite of this meeting: P1 - 2.45, P2 - 3.00.

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Naturally, in their arena the national team of Kazakhstan will aspire to establish total control of the ball in order to earn the first victorious points in the end. But, after all, the team of Vladimir Weiss arrived in Astana for points. Recall, the previous, friendly match of the current rivals in Astana (2013) ended with a Victorian hosts (1: 0).


A more realistic outcome of the upcoming fight is a draw, as well as a bet on the minimum number of goals scored.


Our forecast - the total is less than (2.5) for 1.55.

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This match will go down in history as the first in the new tournament - the League of Nations. In it there are teams that are considered the main contenders for the first place in their quartet.


In 2018, Kazakhstan held three friendly sparring, where he looked very worthy. He celebrated victories over Hungary 3: 2 and Azerbaijan 3: 0 and minimally lost more powerful Bulgaria 1: 2. In the League of Nations, Kazakhs count on winning the group in order to get as close as possible to their main goal - entering the European Championship.

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The Georgians have similar plans. So far, this team is happy with its latest results - in 2018, it beat Lithuania 4-0, Estonia 2-0, Malta 1-0 and lost 0: 1 to Luxembourg. However, all these are rivals of low level. Georgia systematically prepared for the League of Nations and honed the skill of winning.

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Bookmakers give a slight advantage in the match to the Kazakhs. Yet they play in their own field, and in such duels it is very important. Most likely we will see very cautious football, because both teams plan to start successfully in the tournament.


Total is less than 2.5 at 1.63

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The French team in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup tried not to spend more energy than it was necessary and did not suit the scoring extravaganza, limited to victories in one ball.


However, in the 1/8 finals the French showed that when they needed, they could score a lot and join the game as necessary: ​​"les Bleus" defeated the national team of Argentina, and despite the score 4: 3, they did it fairly confidently, scoring three the ball in the second half and leaving the opponent no chance.

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In the quarterfinals the French were no less confidently defeated Uruguay - 2: 0. In the semifinals, the team of Deschamps simply "suffocated" the fast and attacking Belgian team - 1: 0.


The finale was fun, but there was not much intrigue in it. The Croatians scored twice, but France answered four times and did not leave any questions - the gold of the tournament went to the really strong team led by the fantastic Kilian Mbappa (4 goals), which was perfectly played by Olivier Giraud and Antoine Grizmann (4 goals).

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Summer, which we will not forget

The five most vivid impressions of the World Cup-201820/07/2018

Didier Deschamps called on the games of the League of Nations of all the strongest and it is unlikely that there will be something to change in the game scheme.



The German car failed miserably at the World Cup-2018 in Russia. Sensational defeat from Mexico at the start (0: 1), the heroic kambek against the Swedes (2: 1) and the incredible defeat from South Korea - 0: 2.


It's hard to believe, but in the end, the current world champions could not even leave the group.

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Contrary to some reports, there were no conflicts in the camp of the German national team, so the failure of the team in Russia can not be explained by any quarrels between the players. At the same time, according to sources close to Mannschaft, much explains the discontent of a number of new players with their status in the team.


World Cup 2018. Mbppe, Neimar and the best of the best

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Joachim Lev unhooked from the application of the attacker of the "Bavaria" Sandro Wagner and midfielder "Manchester City" Leroy Sané, and reservists never gave a chance, while the veterans failed.


Leo retained his position, despite such a loud failure. In addition, it was decided to return to the composition of Sanaa. Let's see what conclusions the coaching staff made after the mundialya.



Teams in the last fight, which was friendly, played a draw - 2: 2. Before that, two games won the French - both times 2: 0.


Yes, the French have done well for the 2018 World Cup, but this may be the problem at the moment. The main task is fulfilled, and the players have already started club seasons. Germany has a different situation - a failure at mundiale, and this game will be the first after him, and even in his native walls.

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Levy's squad just does not have the right to make a mistake, so we put Germany on the win with a total of 0 for 1.82.



In the starting League of Nations the national team of Kazakhstan was in the fourth ranked League D, where it got a place in the group 1. To get into the League With the "Hawks" you need to win your quartet, which will play six matches.

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Rivals Stanimir Stoilov's opponents were immediately four national teams - in addition to Georgia, this is also Andorra and Latvia.


The form of the hosts of the upcoming game leaves much to be desired, since they managed to win only two matches out of 15. Nevertheless, if you understand, in fact, Kazakhstan demonstrates all the signs of real progress, because in the previous three games, two victories were won.


For comparison, before the national team could not win in 12 duels in a row, from which they did not lose only in three cases.



The Georgian national team also has to make its way through the fourth league of the tournament in order to confront stronger rivals.

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It will be very difficult to do this, because if Andorra of the Caucasian team is completely in the teeth, then with Kazakhstan and Latvia will have to make a lot of efforts for success. Since getting into League C is provided only by a victory in the group, the "Crusaders" must be higher than all competitors.


At first glance, Vladimir Weiss wards have a good form, as they won three previous matches out of four.

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However, it should be noted that all these victories were won in their field (against Lithuania, Estonia and Malta), and the last time for today the team won a visit more than two years ago - in June 2016, Georgia sensationally took over Spain in the control match . At the same time in the most recent meeting the team just lost out on Luxembourg (0: 1).



Bookmakers give a slight preference to the hosts, the coefficient for winning is 2.60, while the success of the guests is estimated at 2.62, and the draw at 3.10.


We recommend to put on the fact that Kazakhstan will win, and both teams will score for 5.80.

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September 6 at 17:00 at the stadium "Astana Arena" will take teams from Kazakhstan and Georgia in the match of the first round of Group D of the League of Nations of UEFA.


Kazakhstan team for 2018 on the football field met with rivals in 3 international friendly matches. Kazakhstan's soccer players managed to beat Hungary 3: 2 and Azerbaijan 3: 0 in the friendly games and lost 2: 1 to the national football team from Bulgaria.

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In turn, Georgians took part in four international control sparring games this year, winning a 4-0 victory over Lithuania, 2-0 with the Estonian national team and 1-0 with the players from Malta. In the last friendly match, held in June, the wards Kahaber Jumberovich Tskhadadze lost 0: 1 to Luxembourg footballers.


Since 2005, the teams have had 4 matches. In the selection for the World Cup in the first game Georgia won with a score of 2: 1, then the players played a goalless draw. In friendly matches Kazakhstan won 1: 0, and in the last friendly match the teams dispersed the world with a score of 1: 1. In the upcoming meeting again, one should not expect many bright moments and goals, the class of teams is approximately equal. The rate: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.14

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In the European Championship 2020 will be attended by 24 teams and at the same time among them probably will be several debutants.


It is ensured that this will be a new tournament - the League of Nations. It is a two-stage selection for the Euro, during which relatively weak teams will not play against the grandees, but will play a ticket to the continental championship among themselves. For example, Kazakhstan and Georgia - they never played at the European Championships. Now these two teams were in the fourth division of the League of Nations - the weakest. Andorra and Latvia also play in their group. First you need to take first place in your group, and then win the playoffs - the semi-finals and the final.

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In the match in Astana bookmakers slightly more appreciate the chances of the home team. Kazakhstan held its last match in early June, when defeated with a score of 3: 0 Azerbaijan. He lost only one of the last four fights, having won two wins. For comparison, before that Kazakhstan could not win 11 meetings in a row, losing nine of them. And for those 11 matches, he scored only six goals, and for the last four games he managed to score eight goals.


In his last match, Georgia lost to Luxembourg with a score of 0: 1 - it was also in June. Before that, she won three matches in a row with a total score of 7: 0 and did not lose in five consecutive meetings. In general, Georgia lost only three of the last 13 matches and scored six victories, and in four more cases tied. In six meetings on this stretch she did not miss a single goal.

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Kazakhstan and Georgia played four games with each other, having won one victory and twice drawing in a draw. In the upcoming game, experts believe the site Bukmeker.rf, the home team will be stronger - in this case, the bet on the victory of Kazakhstan with a handicap (0) will be profitable.



the victory of Kazakhstan - 2.53, the draw - 2.98, the victory of Georgia - 2.91.

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victory of Kazakhstan with a handicap (0). In the bookmaker office 1xStock predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 5.00). On the second place in popularity, the victory of Kazakhstan 1: 0 (coefficient 6.00). The rates for winning Kazakhstan with a handicap (0) are accepted with a coefficient of 1.82.


The new tournament under the aegis of UEFA has the honor to open teams of Kazakhstan and Georgia. They will be the first to play at 19:00 Moscow time.


We in recent years have become accustomed to the fact that Kazakh clubs can already be considered the middle peasants of European football, but the national team can not reach a qualitatively new level. In the qualifying tournament for the Russian Mundial the team again disappointed their fans, although it started with an excellent matchback against Poland. In the remaining nine fights, the "hawks" could still take the points only from the Romanians and Armenians and deservedly took the last place in the group.


This state of affairs did not suit the Football Federation, and in March of this year it was announced that it would be replaced at the coaching post. After four years of work in Astana, the main team of the country was received by the Bulgarian specialist Stanimir Stoilov. Official meetings under his leadership of a new mentor Kazakhstan has not yet conducted, but in the friendly looked very good. "Yellow-blue" on the road beat the Hungarians, the houses defeated Azerbaijan and lost to the Bulgarians on their field.

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Let the fans of the Georgian national team do not take offense at me, but in this country there was never a team. Players of decent level have always been lacking, there was no shortage of talented young people, but the "crusaders", with the exception of certain matches, did not show good results for a long time. In qualifying tournaments, they occupied the maximum for themselves the third place in the group, when the selection for the World Championship in South Korea and Japan in 2002 was held. How can you act like that when you have Shota Arveladze, Temuri Ketsbaia, Georgy Demetradze, Levan Kobiashvili, Kakha Kaladze as part of the band? And this is by no means all the "nuggets" of Georgian football. There was a period when the team was coached by Alain Gyress, Klaus Topmöller and Hector Cooper, but even such "monsters" of the coaching department could not solve the secret of the Georgian soul, the team failed one qualifying tournament after another.


It's clear that we did not see this team in Russia in the summer. Moreover, the mountaineers in their group did not win a single match. On the other hand, we should admit that under the leadership of Vladimir Weiss, the team began to play more organized in beautiful combinational football and could spoil the nerves of many rivals.

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I would not have given these teams on an equal footing in Astana. First, do not forget about the artificial cover, which immediately adds a plus to the direction of the bet on the hosts. Secondly, Stanimir Stoilov has no problems with the composition, in the base 6-8 players of Astana are expected to play well, well-played and well-known to the coach. The guests are also questioned by the attacking line. Levan Mchedlidze, Giorgi Kvitaya and Tornike Okriashvili have just moved away from injuries, so it's unlikely that the coaching staff will risk the health of these players. Therefore, I will propose to put on Kazakhstan through the bottom. Guests without their best performers in the attack will not be so dangerous, and Stoilov remembered my pragmatism while working with Astana, so in case of anything, the "hawks" will be extremely careful on the defensive, even if they lead in the count, tear the rival on counterattacks they will not run.

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