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Kaiser, now might be a world champion ...

Kaiser, now might be a world champion ...
He had to be the future of German football. The coaches and his teammates called him the Kaiser. The son of immigrants from Kyrgyzstan, a former teammate Mesut Ozil, Jerome Boateng and Benedikt Höwedes. Played 42 games for youth and youth national teams of Germany, most of them as captain. Now 28-year-old Sergei Evlyushkin play in the fourth division of Hesse (Kassel).
The midfielder recently released biography "Actually, now I'm world champion," which is a complete contrast to similar publications for the stars of world football. "Maybe in my book, many will find themselves as it is quite clear that I am not the only person who had big dreams for his career in football," admits Evlyushkin.
In 2006 he received the "Fritz Walter Medal" best footballer of Germany 17 years ago. A year later received the same prize, but in the higher age group. For promising qualities is the fact that in the years after that only one person was able to repeat his achievement and it's Mario Götze.
In 2007 Sergei Evlyushkin is part of the national team of Germany to 19 years, reached the semifinals of the European Championship in Austria. Its members' manshafta "are Benedikt Höwedes, Mesut Ozil and Jerome Boageng, who in 2014 became world champions in men's national team. Part of the team's Nils Petersen, who this summer became the Olympic champion. Midfielder Hesse (Cassel) did not want to hear comparisons between himself and his former teammates become world champions.
"Sergei has a large bag of medals. During the years of its development this bag has became increasingly important. As the number of awards is growing and expectations to it. It weighs. Football is a tough sport. Only the best survive in it. Not only the best technical and physical qualities, but also the strongest mentally. Perhaps his failure is right here, "said his former coach Peter Hibala.
15 years old Sergei Evlyushkin passes from the school of modest Braunshvayger in this rich Wolfsburg. Its qualities are indisputable, the conditions under "wolves" excellent. Career-born Alekseevka (Kyrgyzstan) football talent seems to predefined greatness. Regularly playing for national teams of Germany at 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 years. Then appears in the rod of the wheel development. After the European Championship for youths up to 19 years of first team coach Wolfsburg Felix Magath cut that Evlyushkin no place in his plans. Sent to play for the second team of "wolves" but there it began to go well. "The worst moment of my life," said midfielder during this period of his career.
It therefore has a change of teams. He decided to move to Rot-Weiss (Autumn), where coaching is Hibala. The club did not receive a license for a fourth division and the transfer failed. It moved to Hansa (Rostock), which does not receive regular chance to shine and was loaned in Babelsberg. In 2013 began a new search team should new season in the fourth division team Goslarer. From 2014 midfielder is part of Hessen (Kassel). A year later, he was even summoned to the national team of Kyrgyzstan for the World Cup qualifiers with Bangladesh and Australia, but did not participate in the games. Now Evlyushkin no longer Kaiser. Teammates and friends call him Ziggy.
"Sergei dominated the field in the youth teams. Industrious, skillful, dedicated. For smaller players, however, can be on top even if you have weaknesses. In men's football stuff penalized. Even the smallest. Sergei was just pushed the fence, "says former coach of the German youth national teams Frank Engel.
Evlyushkin not the only promising player who has such a fate. Study of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern shows that only 10% of 160 surveyed players managed to break into the first, second or third division. 84% do not even begin to play in the regional leagues. "Every year about 350 children start to treat in the schools of the elite clubs. At the end only 12 or 15 of them came to the Bundesliga, "says Engel.
Sergei Evlyushkin does not regret the development of his career: "I do not think I failed. I think I chose the right path. I was very fortunate to make my hobby my profession. Still I like to go every day to training. "