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Ingolstadt - Bayern Munich

Ingolstadt - Bayern Munich


Group Bayern Munich:

Goalkeepers: Neuer, Ulrayh, Stark

Defenders: Martinez, Boateng, kohlrabi, Lam, Kimi, Bern, Rafinha, Tashcha, Benatiya

Midfielders: Alonso, Thiago Alcântara, Douglas Costa, Rohde, Vidal, Goetz, Ribery, Koman

Forwards: Lewandowski, Mueller Green

Injured: Badstuber, Robben


Bayern Munich will have to stamp winning a record fourth consecutive Bundesliga title in the saddest their 'European' week this season.

Dropping from Atletico Madrid in the Champions League ended Bayern's dreams of historic second treble, but now I think Pep Guardiola and his boys are focused on domestic double.

Bayern's victory with 2: 0 in the autumn half of the season was the only meeting between the two teams in the top flight, but even then Ingolstadt showed decent football difficult and the most illustrious opponent.

Myunhentsi are in an incredible series of 24 consecutive wins against novices, which is active record in the history of the Bundesliga. But Ingolstadt has the fourth most robust defense in the league and are unbeaten at home in 2016. Something that can boast only Borussia Dortmund.

Statistics show that on the pitch will almost certainly leave the two fastest players in the Bundesliga this season - Matthew Light (Ingolstadt) and Kingsley Coman (Bayern).

Bayern can win the title and equality, but given the huge disappointment along elimination in the Champions League, we will trust the champions and will bet on their victory.

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