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In cases judge them

In cases judge them

Absurdities Bulgarian football proved to life in recent years, or more precisely decades.

Allowing a team like CSKA go bankrupt and be replaced by Litex renamed and admission of bronze medalist as Lokomotiv Sofia to reach the lowest levels of native football.

Alas, things go a little bit to improve in recent months, yet not quite.

What about the departure of the two owners of Botev Rumen Chandarov and George Samuel after fans humiliated publicly and drove Nicky myth as coach of the team?

Examples are really ...

Why did not stop with the nonsense and not only focus on the positive things? Why are such people who always looks at foreign panning and why always looking for cheap sensation?

Another example is Dr. Simeon Simeonov. President of "Danube" and doctor by vocation. Someone saw him in a nice car. Immediately he decided that his and cheap sensation is ready. On the other side of Ruse club immediately embraced an idea to help children with health problems, and the event in Popovo - only one medium.

There are people who do not want to fuss around them, and instead prefer to quietly do their job and thus helping football. Examples - a lot. There are those like Uncle Wreaths of "Slavia" to whom his pleasure to "barking" by media.

Instead, we look at their cars look their privacy, see other things that actually does not refer to what they do for football. And look for a cheap sensation.

Do people! Let's not chase those who entitle for our football because they are becoming less and less, and something like that can certainly affect negatively.

Not everyone wants to be in the newspapers, not everyone wants to look in your pocket, especially when every lev spent in an honest way.

Let us learn to respect and protect your privacy, because cheap advertising is definitely not good advertising. This applies to a number of people in our home football who do not like ostentation. There are exceptions, but they are few and know. It will be good at least we journalists can help absurdities in our football to become less.

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