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Hungary - Portugal


Hungary - Portugal


Hungary: Kiraly, Lang Yuhash, Guzmich, Kadar, Gera, Dzhudzhak, Klaynhaysler, Nagy, Nemeth, Salai

Portugal: Patricio Vieyrinya, Pepe, R. Carvalho, Elizeu, Moutinyo, Will. Carvalho, Sanchez, Quaresma, Nani, Ronaldo

Decisive last match for Portugal in group "F" of 2016 in which Cristiano Ronaldo and company should make up for that game inconclusive so far.

For the selection of Fernando Santos will suffice if only point against Hungary to qualify for the second round as one of the four best teams finishing in third place in the group.

Naturally, Portugal will go on "Stade December Lumiere" with the thought of winning, again great expectations fall on Cristiano Ronaldo. Big Star is still waiting for his first goal of Europe after missing a penalty in equal 0: 0 Austria.

"I'm sure Ronaldo will go through everything and will do what is best able. He has always proven to be the best in the insertion of goals," said coach Santos, adding that Ronaldo will continue to perform fouls and penalties.

Two holders in the composition of Portugal are questionable for the game tonight in Lyon. Left-back Rafael Gereyro and shoulder midfielder Andre Gomes missed the last training team and no wonder Santos retain them for eliminations.

Magyars are unsure of the second round, the question remains of what will place finish in the group. Attila Fiola did not play in the tie with Iceland (1: 1) because of a problem with his ankle and will likely miss against Portugal.

The statistics are entirely on the side of the Iberians, who have won their five competitive games against Hungary. And now Portugal is in the role of favorite, although the Magyars certainly will not give up without a fight.