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Hoffenheim 1899 - Borussia Dortmund 22.09. Free soccer tips



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One of the central matches of the fourth round of the German Bundesliga can definitely be called a duel between Hoffenheim and Dortmund Borussia. Somewhat strange that this match is not held for the Sunday program, because both teams in mid-week played in the first round of the Champions League. And, if Borussia held an away match, but in close Belgium on Tuesday, Hoffe played Wednesday against Shakhtar in Kharkov.


"Peasants" - good fellows

"Blue-white" had a very strong and energy-consuming match against Shakhtar, which ended with a score 2: 2 in favor of Hoffe. Moreover, Nagelsmann's team even had good chances to win in that game, but the ending of the "peasants" was not enough. In the tournament Hoffe on the 11th line in the table, 7 points in the asset.


With the victory

Borussia Dortmund won a labor, but very important victory over Bruges in the Champions League. While the business of Favre in Dortmund is not bad, the team is in second place in the table BL, losing the leading Bavaria 2 points. But you should pay attention to the fact that Wolfsburg, Mönchengladbach, Hertha and Mainz have the same number of points as the database, so the loss of points in the upcoming game "drops" the bumblebee on a couple of lines down.

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Hoffenheim was not used to playing at an intense pace on two fronts, and Nagelsmann also does not have two equivalent compositions. In this regard, Borussia seems preferable, although it should be said that Favre's team is still far from the peak of the form. In this pair, the bet on the guests looks good. Our free forecast for this meeting: Borussia will not lose


Saturday will give us the game of the fourth round of the German championship, in which the "Hoffenheim" will fight with "Borussia D". The teams crossed last season, when the fans were pleased with home winnings - 2: 1 and 3: 1. What will be the outcome of the upcoming duel? We'll figure out.

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"Blue-white" does not impress at all, because only 3 points were able to earn. Footballers Negelsman were able to win the national cup, but then the team was at the peak of form. In addition, the team looked mediocre in the recent confrontation of the Champions League with Shakhtar.


"Bumblebees" are still looking decent, but they also have difficulties. Favre's squad won the victory in almost all fights, but they were given with a big stretch. And with the effectiveness of the team is not all smooth.

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Forecast for the match "Hoffenheim" - "Borussia D", X2. In general, the Dortmunds are stronger, and they will rest for a day more. Most likely, the victory will go to "bumblebees", but we will insure ourselves and put on the fact that they will not yield.


In the central match of the fourth round of the German championship there will be two teams that represented the country in the Champions League in a worthy week.

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Hoffenheim made his debut in the Champions League away draw 2: 2 with Shakhtar. But it was the Germans who were closer to victory. In the national championship, the wards of Nagelsmann's wards are not the best way - in three rounds one victory and two defeats and the current eleventh place. But the goal of the peasants remains the same - the struggle for the highest places in the Bundesliga.


Dortmund Borussia is in the second place in the championship. In her native walls she convincingly beat RB Leipzig 4: 1 and Eintracht 3: 1, and on the road played 0: 0 with Hanover. On Tuesday, the players of Favre held a match with Brugge in the Champions League, which culminated in a difficult victory of Bumblebee - 1: 0. As you can see, the Dortmund club was well prepared for this season.

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In all ten matches between the teams in Sinsheim Hoffenheim invariably scored. And in the last six meetings, both teams scored effective shots. Given their desire for an attacking game, this trend should continue and we will see many goals.


Total is more than 2,5 at 1,544


Several German teams have a double load: internal and external. "Hoffenheim" and "Borussia" started well in the Champions League. How will their personal meeting take place? - get acquainted with our forecast.

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"Hoffenheim" debuted in the Champions League and was close to creating a sensation. A newcomer from Germany did not keep his winning account in an away game with a European regular habitat - the Ukrainian Shakhtar. The historic meeting for Julian Nagelsmann and his players ended with a productive world 2: 2.


Before that, the "village" suffered a second defeat in the Bundesliga. This time from a modest "Fortune" from Dusseldorf. The hosts with three points take the eleventh place.

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Among the week, "Borussia" took three points in Bruges (1: 0). In the third round of the Bundesliga the "bumblebees" won another major victory. Following the "Leipzig" on "Signal-Iduna Park" could not resist the former winner of the German Cup - Eintracht. Sensational draw with "Hanover" did not allow "black and yellow" to have a 100% efficiency score. The team of Lucien Favre is in second place.

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"Hoffenheim" missed all the matches and has not yet played a draw.

"Borussia" still did not lose this season and did not score on the road.

Personal meetings last past ended with a score of 3: 1 on the field "Hoffenheim" and 2: 1 in Dormund.

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"Hoffe" and "Borussia" are in the same position, both clubs have given a lot of strength in the starting round of the Champions League. With rare exceptions, the "bumblebees" steadily took their glasses off the Rhine-Neckar Arena. We believe that the "black-and-yellow" will open an account their goals on the road and, at least, will not yield.


Our forecast is the victory of the second with a zero handicap with a coefficient of 1.88

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Experts of the information and analysis site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 4th round of the German championship Hoffenheim - Borussia Dortmund, which will be held at the Virsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena stadium on Saturday, September 22, beginning at 20:00 ( MSK).



In this game, bookmakers slightly more appreciate the chances of the guests. Borussia scored seven points for three starting rounds and now shares second place with five more teams, two points behind the leading Bavaria. In the last round, the Dortmund club defeated Frankfurt Eintracht 3: 1 in their field - Diallo, Wolf and Paco Alcacer once scored. It's interesting that these are all newcomers to the team, who did not score for Borussia in the Bundesliga. Given the past season, Borussia won two of the last six matches in the top division of Germany. However, from the middle of March she did not win two duels in a row. On the road and at all, Borussia can not win six meetings in a row, losing three times and drawing in a draw. And for these six meetings, she scored only three goals and never more than one per game, while missed, for comparison, 13 goals or an average of 2.2 goals per game.

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Hoffenheim scored three points for the first three rounds. Last weekend he lost at the exit of Düsseldorf Fortune with a score of 1: 2. And the team of Julian Nagelsmann conceded 0-1, recouped in the 86th minute, but still lost, conceding the second goal in the 88th minute. Given the last season, Hoffenheim six fights in a row alternates wins and losses. In addition, he continues his beznichnaya series, numbering eight fights - five of them he won and lost three. On his field Hoffenheim won the last six matches with a total score of 20: 3. And he does not lose eight fights in a row in his native walls, having won seven victories and once having drawn. In six meetings on this stretch Hoffenheim scored at least three goals.



Last season, these teams exchanged home victories. In general, none of the last 11 official fights between Hoffenheim and Borussia ended with the victory of the team that played on the road - six home wins and five draws, if we take into account only the main time. Also worth noting is that in 13 of the previous 14 matches between Hoffenheim and Borussia in both tournaments, both teams scored. And in 11 meetings on this segment the effectiveness exceeded two goals.

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Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that the victory in this game will win Borussia, and the best bet will be to win guests with a handicap (0). In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 7.00). In the second place in popularity, the victory of Borussia with a score of 2: 1 (coefficient 9.00). You can bet on the win of Borussia with a handicap (0) with a coefficient of 1.86.



the victory of Hoffenheim - 2.69, a draw - 3.62, the victory of Borussia Dortmund – 2.48.

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The database at the start of the season plays pretty mediocre. We can say that they achieve results, and you can look for positive in this, but you can also recall the start of last season under the leadership of Peter Bosch. The same was the victory in a controversial game. In fact, we see two assured victories at home, but not on the game. With Leipzig decided all the good implementation of some and the worst of others, with Eintracht managed to play reliably in the defense, and again realize the miser that was. Who saw the game, remember that the first goal was late, and before the goal, the DB does not remember anything. Goal came from the standard, but with the game moments are given with great difficulty.


Hoffenheim started with two defeats in the championship, but successfully debuted in the Champions League. There are problems in the defense, including personnel. One of the reasons for the stakes against Hoffenheim in the last round was just staffing problems in the defense.

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Borussia on the road so far looks timid. With Hannover and Brugge, and before that, Greuther Furth BD looked frankly weak. Hoffenheim, of course, surpasses all listed, especially at home. Restoration after the European Cup should be approximately the same, but Hoffenheim should "charge" better, yet they played a good game in Kharkov, unlike Dortmund. Against the background of the games in the Champions League I do not think that we will see an effective game here, especially among the week will be a tour, and a Sunday match.


September 22, 2018 at 16:30 at the stadium "Virsol Rhein-Neckar Arena" in the fourth round of the German Bundesliga Hoffenheim takes Borussia Dortmund.

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For the three rounds Hoffenheim is in the eleventh place with three points, which were won in victory just at home stadium. This happened in the second round against Freiburg, where the hosts won 3-1, and thus scored their first points in the new season. After this match, already on the road against Fortuna, the club was defeated 1-2. For the history of official fights, "Rural" very rarely fail, and most often win.


Borussia Dortmund achieved the second place in the standings and scored seven points. On the team's account there are two wins and one draw. Just in a draw the team played in a guest match against Hannover 0-0. In the history of the last official matches played, "Shmeli" is not very well played at the exits, but it is possible that this series of failures will be quickly interrupted in the new season.

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Yet never in the last five matches at the Hoffenheim Stadium have not been crowned with success for the guests. Four matches were tied with goals from both sides, and in the last match the victory was for the owners of the stadium. In this match, the guests have all the chances, if not for victory, then for points. Bet: Borussia will not lose - X2.


Forecast: X2 with a coefficient of 1.5

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