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Henan Construction - Guangzhou Evergren 15.08. Free fixed tips



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On Wednesday there will be so few fit football events that our analysts decided to look into the eyes of Chinese football. To do this, of course, was not easy, but they tried. There will already be the eighteenth round of the domestic championship, in which Henan Construction will come together against Guangzhou. The strongest Chinese team of recent seasons will arrive at the stadium "Hanhai".


Bookmakers put up a line of guest support, "all-knowing" is actually assured of an easy walk for Guangzhou. "Tigers" are motivated, because after a couple of successful seasons they can not break even in the top three. As we understand, glasses the team of Chan We-Ren are needed. Hosts can trump except perhaps the venue for the event and a good form. Let's try to understand such an unconventional championship for us.

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Henan Construction

"Red Devils" have already played seventeen rounds in the Chinese championship, well, well done, what to say. At the moment, the guys are located on the thirteenth position in the standings, and in their assets are eighteen points. The situation is not the most pleasant, because the relegation zone is so close that you can smell a stale smell from Chongqing, which only lag behind by three points.

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Druzhin Chan We-Ren is in good shape - in five extreme matches the team managed to win twice, as many defeats and one world. Drank points occurred in the battle against Shanghai Shenhua. The main advantage will be the home arena, "Khanhai Stadium" will fill not indifferent people who want to see their favorites in the elite next season.

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"Chinese tigers" in the summer show good results - the guys won four games in a row. Under the hot feet were Guizhou, Tianjin, Fuli and Chongqing. It would seem that the guys in excellent condition on them and you need to put, but in the last round the guys were forced to doubt. Club in the enemy territory lost Changchun Yatai with a score of 2: 3, this time also have to go to someone else's arena.


The legendary Fabio Cannavaro's team is on the fourth position in the team event, with thirty points in their assets. The main task of the Italian is to try to catch up with Beijing, who jumped six points ahead and sat down on the first line. It should be mentioned that our current heroes have a game in reserve. With successful hands, the "Chinese tigers" will reduce the gap from gold by three points.

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Forecast for this match

"Tigers" will come to visit only for three points, champion ambitions do not allow to demand less. The hosts are strong guys, but they are at the bottom of the standings and are much inferior in composition to the guests. In this situation, you can put with emphasis on the favorite.


Bet - victory of Guangzhou with a handicap

One of the matches of the 18th round of the championship of China Henan Jianye will fight with Guangzhou Evergren, the strongest team of the Celestial Empire in recent seasons. Bookmakers believe that the guests have excellent chances to complete the upcoming fight in their favor. Motivation of Guangzhou at the highest level, because the "tigers" can not break even into the top three of the strongest division, Evergren's glasses are necessary, like air.


Not a bad form


Henan after 17 rounds played in the Chinese championship is located on the 13th line in the standings. In the asset of the hosts 18 points, only three points plus handicap in front of the departure zone, which is Chongqing. In five last meetings Henan twice managed to win with two defeats and one draw. The section of points fell on a duel against Shanghai Shenhua, the victories over Guizhou and Tianjin.

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After the defeat


In late July and early August, Evegand showed excellent results, won four times in a row: Guizhou, Chongqing, Tianjin and Fuli, but in the final round, the Tigers lost 2-3 to Changchun Yatai. In the standings of the Superleague of Guangzhou is located on the 4th line in the peloton, 30 points and the piggy bank, behind the leading Beijing, six points, but Evergrene has one game in stock; for lost points, only three points of the handicap.

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Evergren is on a visit to the Henan team solely for the victory, with a confident victory. Guangzhou loses Shanghai SIPG for secondary indicators -8. Such a head start should be compensated in the next rounds. Our free forecast for this meeting: Guangzhou Victory with a handicap -1.5 1.69

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