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Handicap betting on football - Strategies, tips and Asian Handicap

Handicap betting on football - Strategies, tips and Asian Handicap


There are two types of handicap bets on football matches are of two types, but most of you probably know only one. That's why we created InternetZalozi.com of this article for you. In the standard handicap you need to know whether a team will overcome the scoring gap determined before the game, or whether the team will be able to keep his advantage in the match. The other type is called Asian handicap, he has a number of advantages over standard because most opportunities and elimination of equal output.

Why is offered handicap? These bets are popular because they add value ratios when both teams are extremely different. For example, if Bayern Munich play with Bolton, the German team will be the absolute favorite to win the match. This means that the coefficient his victory will be very low and you will have to risk a large sum for a small profit. In standard 1X2 bets, supporting Bolton will not have much sense, because they are unlikely to win the match.

The big dilemma ... what to do?

Consideration of proposed odds for handicap will give initial direction. The bookmaker offers different scoring lines, such as -1, -2, -3, and t.n.za Bayern Munich as they are favorites. For Bolton offered respectively + 1, + 2, + 3, etc., as the team is underdog. Let's look Handicap Bayern Munich -2. In it you will get a much higher ratio than if you bet on a clean victory. But -2 handicap means that the team must win by three goals difference to win. If the team wins the match with 2 goals difference or less you lose.

If you bet on Bolton at + 2 goals handicap, it must hope the team lost with 1 goal difference. If the team loses three or more goals, then your bet is a loser, and if the team loses with exactly 2 goals you neither win nor lose.

Alternative Handicap Betting

Handicap bets are offered frequently and champion in a tournament. For example, before the start of the Premier League bookmaker can offer handicap betting champion. Designated favorite to win the title with a handicap of 0, and the next teams defined respective handicap of +1, +2 + 3 or another. For example, Chelsea are favorites and have a handicap of 0, and you could bet on Arsenal at +3 Manchester United at +5 or Manchester City at +2.

Arsenal + 3 pledge means that if the team finished second with a difference of 2 points to the champion, then your ticket will be profitable. The advantage here is that you will win even if Arsenal if they become champions, but are very close to the winner. With this type of bets you can try to guess the point difference between the teams in the championship, based on statistics from previous seasons, thus make an intelligent and informed bet.

Asian handicap differs from the standard handicap. In Asian eliminate equal output, so that win or host or the guest. Let's say you bet on Bayern in Asian Handicap -2 and the team beat Bolton 2-0. Like the standard handicap here to obtain equality, but this time the stakes will be returned. Asian handicap offers 0.25 and 0.5 goals difference, giving you even more options for betting.

Asian Handicap with halves

Manchester United and Manchester City play derby match. Bet United Asian Handicap at 1.5 goals. So your bet is divided into two equal parts - one half goes to handicap +1, and the other half on handicap 1.5 goals. So actually make two separate bets - one for the victory Manchester United equal to or loss of less than one goal. Another bet is to win United equal to or loss of less than 1.5 goals.

For example, if United lose the match 1-0, this means that half of your bet +1 handicap will be considered recovered. The other part of the bet on handicap 1.5, will win because of the extra half goals. In short, in this example, half your bet will win, and half of the money will come back.

Asian Handicap with quarters

More opportunities offer Asian handicaps with quarters. Consider a sample match between Arsenal and Bournemouth, where you decide to support host in Asian Handicap -2.75. Quarters of naked / in this case 0.75 / not as confusing as they seem at first glance. This handicap bet is split into two - one for Handicap Arsenal -2.5, and the other to -3.

Asian handicaps offer more security and additional value compared to standard handicap bets. Assume that Bournemouth are in good shape before the match with Arsenal. 1X2 single bet you had only two choices - victory or equal Bournemouth. Even if you bet on both outputs simultaneously, you still risk a lot because you support an outsider against the favorite. However, if you choose Asian Handicap such as Bournemouth 0.75, you will actually cover two possible outcomes: 0.5 and + 1s.

Bournemouth If you play well and lose hard 1-0, the part of your bet regarding Handicap + 1 will be returned. So you will lose half of your bet - the part relating to coverage of 0.5 handicap. Bournemouth If you manage to escape the score you will earn. Additional coverage of possible outcomes in Asian Handicap gives you a lot more opportunities for betting wagers than traditional 1X2.

Handicap or Asian Handicap - pros and cons

Halves and quarters in Asian Handicap eliminates the risk of loss. Instead of supporting one team throughout handicap, you can cover two possible outcomes of a bet. Here is the big advantage of the Asian handicap. Moreover, bookmakers usually bet lower levels of profit in these handicaps compared to 1X2 bets. Not all bookmakers offer Asian Handicap, but the best companies such as Bet365 will surely find them.