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Half Time / Full Time - x / x (Combination)

Half Time / Full Time - x / x (Combination)



We present another strategy, which occupies a central word draw. In this strategy, however, we will rely on the event "Half Time / Full Time."

For this strategy, we need 20 games, which assume that both teams will complete the draw. We offer you a list of teams most famous European championships, which often make equal results:

Germany: Nuremberg, Wolfsburg, Frankfurt, Duisburg, St. Pauli, Düsseldorf, Aalen, 1860 Munich and Bayern Munich second team.

England: Aston Villa

France: Le Mans, Sedan

Italy: Empoli, Cagliari

Austria: Reed, Austria Vienna and Sturm Graz

Spain: Espanyol, Real Sociedad

Turkey: Ankaragyudzhu, Antaliyaspor

Once we choose the 20 most alleged match Rule 10 combinations, each of which includes just two games. You do not have to use all 20 games in combination. You can repeat a game if you are convinced that he will finish X, but if you do not finish so you will "burn" more columns. Choose any combination event "Half Time / Full Time" and bet 2 E, making a total bet of 20 E.

Factor for this event is always the order of 5. So if you hit a combination, you will have a net profit of 30 E (5 x 5 x 2 = 50 E- 20 = 30 E net profit). In two winning combinations, your net profit rose 80 E, ie at each subsequent correct combination add 50 E to the accumulated money.

Many of you will now think that this strategy is not worth it, because not come out so often X-es. This is not entirely true. Each round out enough equal match with which to "fund" this strategy more difficult, however, to combine them in the best way.