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Girona - Valadolid 17.08 Free soccer tips



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Last season, Girona took the 10th line Examples, which can be considered a success. However, the leadership still changed the head coach, so the team will be led by Eusebio Sacristan to the new season. In the summer, the composition of the "white-red" did not increase much, and many leased players left. Nevertheless, in the sparring team showed themselves worthy, primarily because of the small number of goals conceded.


But Valladolid last season held in Segunda, where he took the 5th line. After that, the team had to fight in the playoffs for the right to get to the Example, where the team held 4 matches - 3 wins and a draw. And now Sergio Gonzalez will bring his team to the match Examples, but in fact it is the same team, because there was no worthy amplification.


Bookmakers are more inclined to win Girona, which is quite reasonable. The hosts in general are more powerful and experienced, and at home it's always easier to play. In addition, "white-red" is a little missed, and I suggest using it ...

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Free forecast for the match of Girona - Valladolid: "The individual total of Valladolid is less than 1". On this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.5.

The second round of the Spanish elite championship will sprout on the nearest Friday. The first who will appear on the whole world, will be a pair of Girona - Real Valladolid. Let's be frank, the event is not the most interesting, it's hard to imagine a picture that you will gather all the relatives, in the style of a diesel, buy a box of "Crown" and, like King Arthur, seat all the relatives in a circle in order to see this event.

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The battle will take place in Catalonia at the stadium "Montilivi", the venue and was a key factor for bookmakers when choosing a favorite. The position carries a certain amount of logic, because the hosts at a stable level held last season, and the guests only returned to the elite and may become a little pale from all the surrounding pathos. It is necessary to include an analytical machine and look for a coefficient.



"Girondins" not long ago released Pablo Machina, a Spanish specialist and was a kind of blacksmith Eitri, who forged a dignified weapon for Girona. This character is gone and replaced by Eusebio Sacristan, we remembered him working with the second team of Barcelona. It can not be said that in the camp of "blue-garnet" the expert gave stable results, there were frank failures. He also worked in Real Sociedad, who fought for Europe.

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"White-and-red" responsibly came to the preparation for the season - for the last month, the guys played five friendly matches. In four cases, the victory is listed, and you can also remember the pockets from Reus Deportyu. Replay failed a couple of nouneymov and Tottenham Hotspur himself. As well, that in the opening match the guys will go to their home arena, "Montilivi" often become a witness to the triumph of their favorites.


Real Valladolid

"White-violet" - a new-old warrior in La Liga, the team is playing in the elite, then falls to the bottom, in order to hang out with Sponge Bob and his backward but kind friend Patrick. This season, the guys managed to return to where plays Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico. The road was long, but Pusela coped. Now the main thing is to start a confident season, because as one wise person said: "Who has wrongly buttoned the first button will not fasten properly."


"White-violet" can also boast of productive fees. The team beat Rayo Vallecano, Almeria, lost to Nuremberg and painted a couple of draws. Sergio Gonzalez need to drive into the head of the wards, they say, despite the status of a beginner you need to gain points consistently, or else the team again expects a long fall in the Segunda. It's sad that at the very start you will have to go to a difficult stadium.

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Forecast for this match

The Catalan team, despite the status is not very reliable - last season at the home stadium was consistently pleased by the crowd. In nineteen matches, the guys won nine wins. Guests will come with shaky knees, because they have not felt so much attention to their own person for a long time. In this situation, you can bet on the favorite.


Bet - the victory of Girona.

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Date of the match: 08/08/2018

Open the program of the first round of the Spanish examples will be a duel between Girona and Real Valladolid. Bookmakers in this pair on the side of future hosts of the field, which is quite logical, considering at what level, the Catalan team held last season, as well as the fact that Valladolid is a newcomer to the elite. Surely, guests will need some time to adapt in the example.


Good results

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Girona was actively preparing for the season, the hosts from July 27 to August 8, held five control matches, in which, four times managed to win with one defeat. Luz is from Reus Deportiu, a victory over Melbourne Heart, Kerala, Sabadell and even Tottenham Hotspur. At the same time the team has a new head coach, the place Machina took Eusebio, who previously worked in Real Sociedad. It is very important that Girona managed to keep the composition with which this team in the previous championship fought for the European Cups.



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Real Sociedad also looked good at the pre-season gathering, future guests managed to defeat Almeria and Rayo Vallecano, played a draw with Malaga and Deportivo, lost to Nuremberg. In general, as for a beginner, such results should be called excellent, but whether the team from the center of Spain will also succeed in playing in official matches.




Girona last season in the native walls played quite successfully, managed to win 8 wins in 19 matches, scoring 26 goals in them. Team for the season has become more experienced, the next term is the challenge to compete for a place in European competition. Our free forecast for this meeting: Girona will score first 1.59


In the starting match of the first round of the Spanish examples Girona and Real Valladolid will fight. In the last in-person meeting of the teams held last year, the victory with a score of 2: 1 was won by the "Girondins". I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?

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Girona last season took the 10th line of the tournament table Examples and earned 51 rounds in 38 rounds played. After a short summer break, the hosts held 7 control matches. In these meetings, the wards of Eusebio Sacristan scored 4 victories, playing in this case twice in a draw and having suffered only one defeat.


Valladolid, in turn, took the 5th place in the standings of Segunda and made his way to the playoffs for the right to play in the highest Spanish division. In two confrontations for the rise of "white-violet" beat the Gijón Sporting (2: 5) and Numancia (4: 1). After leaving the vacation, the guests played 7 friendly matches, in which they suffered one defeat.

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Bookmakers in the coming confrontation on the side of Girona. This is true, because the hosts in general are more powerful than their opponents, so do not expect "white-violet" goals scored.

We propose to bet on the outcome of the "individual total of the heads of Valladolid less than the 1st" for the coefficient of 1.5

Pleasant impression left "white-red" last season. They even claimed a place in the zone of the League of Europe. Slightly relaxed at the finish of the championship, the team was stuck in the middle of the standings.

Pablo Machin drew the attention of Sevilla. His place on the bridge was taken by the experienced Eusebio Sakristan. Under his leadership, "Girona" looked very good in control matches. Only at the end of the preparatory period did she slightly worsen her results.

The key players managed to keep. Aday Benitez, who is disqualified from the left, can not enter the field.

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Not very brilliant "white-violet" last season in Segunda. Not without difficulty they managed to get into the playoff zone following the results of the regular season. The team looked very good in the decisive games. She managed to win a ticket to the top division. Powerful spurt "Valladolid" has done largely thanks to the appearance on the coaching bridge Sergio Gonzalez. He was able to pull the team out of the crisis.

Serious personnel loss suffered "pusela", saying goodbye to the leader of attacks Jaime Mata. There was not a decent substitute for the scoring forward. In the infirmary are the right winger David Mayoral and midfielder Luismi Sanchez.

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"Girona" won four of the last five control matches.
Eight of the 14 victories in the last championship, "Girona" mined the house.
"Valladolid" last season suffered 9 losses out of 13 just on the road.
"Girona" never lost a "Valladolid" at home in history, winning four of the last five home matches.
In four of the last six confrontations, both teams scored.

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"White-red", having settled in the top division, will try to improve their achievement. "Girona" looks worthily in native walls. Last season, she beat the home game even Madrid "Real". "Valladolid" in general played well in the control meetings, but he was not opposed by the strongest opponents. It will be difficult to "cling to the purple" for the glasses.

Our prediction is the victory of Girona for 1.86

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