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France will not miss title

France will not miss title

Came the decisive moment of Euro 2016, which will find out which team will become the champion of the 15th European Championships. Two teams that will fight for the trophy are clear. Portugal against France, it will be two teams that will give everything in the last meeting of the European Championship in 2016. France hosted, but Portugal has the necessary quality in the team with which to oppose the French. Arena this great event will be 80 thousand "Stade de France". The beginning of this match will be given on Sunday from 22:00 our time, and the match will be managed by an English judge brigade, headed by chief referee Mark Clattenburg. Will help four of his compatriots and the fourth referee will be Victor Kasai. Final, euphoria, two classy teams and enthusiastic fans - everything is there for a real show, suitable for the end of Euro 2016.

Where there are good offers for the meeting?


The team of Portugal was put among the main favorites of the forum. But they denied a lot of people, and while their game not like it at all, they proved that they are a team that can become a champion. The semifinals, "Mariners" sank Wales and previously dealt with Croatia and Poland. Portugal coach Fernando Santos will be able to put into play your best players. Injured players punished or not, so we can expect the best of Portugal. Portuguese game is based on a pretty passing and possession of the ball, then look for the surprise in most cases. Against a team like France orderly, moments of improvisation and imagination will be very decisive factor and the composition of Portugal can see the names of Cristiano Ronaldo, Renato Sanchez, Nani, Moutinyo, Quaresma who can always surprise you with a pass or shot. It Ronaldo is the big star of the team and its leader. What is expected of him is to give everything and lead his team to success. Player Ronaldo it needed a good situation throughout the game to punish the enemy, but Portugal is a team that really creates situations in their meetings. Portugal deserved to play this final, but if the team is ready to beat France to lift the title, will find out after the final whistle of this exciting finale.

France led all supporters and the whole country can be proud of them, because they failed to meet the expectations of all and reach the final of the European tournament home. Their remains another task to be able to call themselves heroes to be remembered and remain in the eternal football history. France crushed the hopes of Germany in the last match, which was of the semifinal stage of Euro 2016. Prior to this France side consistently Ireland and Iceland. "Roosters" deservedly reached the coveted final and the match with Germany have suggested once again for class team. France really has a very good performers of each position on the field, and Didier Delchamps can be happy that absolutely all his players are healthy and not punished, which means that we will see the best of the composition of France. The team found its great leader in the face of the attacker Antoine Griezmann. He did not stop marks and all fans of the team have hopes Grizman be kept from their hits and final match. The merit of the players is also very large. It can not indulge deserved and Pogba, sequins, Giroux and other players in the team who showed that they are a team that is ready to win against everyone. Now only need France to win the final against Portugal to be completed all the expectations that most fans of France. "Roosters" are behind all of France in exchange for the support of all the fans, the players of France are required to show the best possible qualities that bring ultimate success.

In the clashes between them Portugal and France have recorded a total of 24 matches, of which Portugal won 5 and French targets 18 as 1 time both teams have completed a draw. France is a series of 10 games with wins over Portugal in matches between the two selections. This, however, should not soothe fans of the "roosters", because the bet here is really great. A large forum, the two teams last played semi-finals of the World Cup in 2006, when France won minimal. In 2000, when the French won his second European title again on his way they met Portugal and phase it was semifinal. Then the regular time ended in a draw, 1-1 with a penalty goal in 117 minutes France won. Otherwise, the last time the two teams have played two friendlies in 2014 and 2015 in which France won respectively 2-1 and 1-0. All these facts show the superiority of France over Portugal in clashes between the two teams, but now everything is different. Portugal is quite well working team, but the same goes for France. Portugal still mourning the missed title of the domestic scene in 2004 and although now again be in the final, France is the team that has more chances of success. France has no weak spot in his team reached the coveted final and forecast our team for this final match of Euro 2016 is a victory for France and for the unmistakable representation of the French when it comes to their games against Portugal recently.

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