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France - Peru 21.06.2018 Free fixed tips

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France "In the opening match against Australia, the French defender gave the victory to the defender Aziz Behich, who scored a goal in a draw with a 1-1 draw. Thus, the "blue" came out on top in the group. Selection for the world championship France finished in the top position in Group A, out of ten matches conceding only one: on the away 2: 1 of the Swedish team. After that, the "tricolor" held seven more friendly matches, of which it is worth noting the victories with the same score 3: 1 over the Italians and the hosts of the championship - the Russians, as well as a 2: 2 draw with the world champions - the Germans. But there was one defeat: 2: 3 from the national team of Colombia. "Peru" Peruvians after a unbeaten series of fifteen matches in a row in the first round at mundiale lost 0: 1 to the Danes, although throughout the meeting had an overwhelming advantage. At the World Cup wards Argentinean Ricardo Gareki qualified from the fifth place in the South American selection, playing a play-offs against the New Zealand team, which was beaten 2-0 by the sum of two meetings. Then the Latin Americans had five friendly matches, of which four won and one (with the Swedish national team) was reduced to a draw. After the defeat in the first round from Denmark, the Peruvians need a victory to leave the group, so the team will provide worthy resistance. In turn, France very insecure started on the mundiale, winning a victory over the game. Thus, the conclusion suggests that the promising team of Peru this fight so simply will not give up and if it loses, then with a difference of not more than one ball.

France became the only grandee in the first six groups, which in the opening match was able to win. "Three-color" was not without a share of luck to beat Australia. The last World Championships France also began with a victory, and even more confident. The French defeated Honduras in the opening match - 3: 0. Although more like the current start of the team Deschamps its result on the home Euro. In 2016 France at the expense of a fantastic blow Dimitri Payeta pressed Romania at the last minute - 2: 1.
Anyway, in both cases France played the next match against Switzerland. At the World Cup, they beat the neighbors 5: 2, and at EURO they played 1: 1 with them.

The reasons for optimism in the French team is. "Three-color" lost only two of the previous fifteen fights. Yes, and did not score the French only in one of these matches. In the friendly matches before World Cup team Didier Deschamps beat Russia - 3: 1, Ireland - 2: 0, Italy - 3: 1 and lost to Colombia - 2: 3.
On the prospects of the French team in the group, our experts told us in a special blog.

Team Peru to a duel with Denmark suited with an excellent unbeaten series, so the Incas looked with such optimism for the upcoming championship. Prior to the match against Denmark Peru did not lose 15 consecutive meetings. Peruvians perfectly completed the selection, beating Uruguay 2: 1 and Ecuador 2: 1, as well as a draw with Argentina - 0: 0 and Colombia - 1: 1.
In friendly matches, the Gareka team generally looked solid, defeating Croatia 2-0, Iceland 3-1, Scotland 2-0 and Saudi Arabia 3-0.
It is worth noting that Peru just knows how to add to the course of the tournament. In the first six meetings of the selection, the Incas earned only four points, and in the final five matches they added 11 points to their piggy bank.
On the perspectives of the national team of Peru in the group, our experts told us in a special blog.

France scored in all ten of the last matches.
At the same time, France lost only one meeting.
Not missed the French only in three matches during the reporting period.
For Peru, the defeat from Denmark was the first in 10 recent meetings.
In this match, the Incas missed the third goal for the period.
France and Peru played with each other twice. At the Olympics in 1960 France won - 2: 1, but in a friendly meeting in 1982, the top team took Peru - 1: 0.

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An interesting situation around the first matches in this group. France won, but it is scolded, and Peru lost, but receives flattering reviews.
Unfortunately, good words will not add points. Peru started with a "steering wheel" and the chances of getting out of the group are now very few. The only real option is to win from the favorite in the upcoming meeting and then the situation will radically change. South Americans really looked good against the Danes. They had several chic opportunities to score, including when the score was 0: 0. However, the players missed (which is only a penalty), or dragged Schmeichel. Of the positive quality, one must note the good physical readiness of the red and white and the high speeds on which the Incas interacted. But the minus is in a far from perfect defense. The Danes also had a couple of killer moments. But the pressure on the Peruvians will only intensify.
They criticize France mercilessly and most of all at home. Initially, Deschamps had questions about the choice of players in the application. More controversy surrounding the scheme for the first match. It seems like she did not really fit under Grizman and under a specific opponent. MbaPpe was very active in starting the game, he can be noted, but then something went wrong with the young talent. Australians really brought a lot of trouble tricolor. The defense allowed positional errors. Lauris had surprisingly enough work. Well, lucky the French with the introduction of modern funds to help the judging. And the first goal (the penalty was appointed after watching the video), and the second (the gate capture system worked) is a matter of technique in the literal sense. In general, there is some kind of understatement: so what is this France team capable of?

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In this game, bookmakers are betting on the victory of France, and many expect that she will win with a difference of not less than two goals. In the first round, Didier Deschamps defeated 2: 1 Australia - a goal from a penalty and an own goal at the end of the meeting brought them three points. The quality of the game of the French left much to be desired, but the team is clearly not at the peak of the form - it should show its best readiness in the third round of the group stage or in the 1/8 finals and try to hold on to this level as many matches as possible. Meanwhile, France looks a bit heavy and this is understandable. It is hardly worth waiting for from her enchanting football and in the game with Peru. So South Americans will have a chance to achieve a good result, but will they use it?
Team Peru in the first round played with Denmark. Before the start of the Championship, experts believed that it was in this fight that the fate of the second ticket to the playoffs will be decided. Peruvians looked like outsiders of the pair, but had every chance of winning. At the end of the first half, with a score of 0-0, they got the right to a penalty, but did not realize it. And then they missed and eventually lost without scoring - a 0: 1 defeat. Now we need to beat France - any other result can leave Peru without the playoffs now (if, for example, Denmark beat Australia - there will be theoretical chances, but too low). Specialists site Bukmeker.rf believe that the match against Denmark was to take away from the national team of Peru too many emotions, so that the game with France, they may already not be enough. As a result, South Americans will suffer a second defeat in a row and again will not be able to score.
The victory in this game can lead France ahead of schedule in the 1/8 finals. It will happen if Denmark does not lose to Australia. Draw with the Peruvians will leave the "Tri-color" favorites of the group, but slightly complicate the task of reaching the playoffs from the first place. For the national team of Peru, as mentioned above, there is only one acceptable result - victory. If she, for example, draws a tie with France, and Denmark defeats Australia, then in the last round of Peru will need to defeat the Australians and expect that France will lose to the Danes. The defeat from France will leave the Peruvian team chances only if Denmark loses to Australia. At the same time, in the last round, South Americans should win and wait for the defeat of the Danes from the French, who will even be satisfied with a draw.

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