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France - Argentina 30.06 Free fixed tips

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The French team won the group C, gaining seven points in three matches played.

Wards Didier Deschamps started in the world championship with a difficult victory over the team of Australia (2: 1). In the middle of the second half, the teams exchanged realized penalties, and the decisive was the own goal of Aziz Behich.

In the final third round, which for the French did not decide anything, they broke up peace with Denmark (0: 0).

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Footballers of the Argentina national team took the second place in their group D, being on the fly-out from the World Cup.

Team Jorge Sampaoli in the first round played a draw with Iceland (1: 1), when the goal of Sergio Aguero was accurately hit by Alfred Finnbogason. At the same time, Lionel Messi did not score from the penalty spot.

A few days later, the Argentines suffered a major defeat from Croatia (0: 3), conceding only goals in the second half.

And in the last round of the group stage, Argentina defeated Nigeria (2: 1), and the decisive goal scored four minutes before the end of the main time through the efforts of Marcos Rojo.

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Team France in the first fight had difficulties with Australia, winning a minimal victory. The penalty kick from Antoine Grismann woke the Aussies, who sat all the time at their gates - also after the penalty kick the score became equal. However, to squeeze the opponent team Didier Deschamps still succeeded and as a result the French took away three points.

In the second match with Peru, the French national team also did not show outstanding football, but put three points into the piggy bank - Kilian Mbappa's goal in the first half was the only and decisive. In the third match, France did not give all the best for the sake of victory, because it was, in fact, arranged and drawn to save the first line. The Danes were completely in agreement with this scenario, so the match was boring and logically ended in a goalless draw.

To justify his team, Didier Deschamps spoke at a press conference. The mentor of "tricolor" expressed confidence that his team is able to add as a football, and also expressed satisfaction with the final position of his team in the group.

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Argentina's national team at the current "mundiale" is a complete disappointment. In the first duel with Iceland, the Argentines quickly came forward, but also quickly and missed the second goal. Moreover, Iceland had several more killer moments in the first half, but forgave the opponent. In the second half, the Argentines besieged the gate of the Icelandic team, but could not score more.

In the second match, Argentina defeated Croatia 0: 3, thus placing itself in a very dangerous position. In the decisive match against Nigeria, Argentina was also not herself, although she opened the account. Nigerians have recouped from a penalty and it seemed that the days of "albiselest" at the World Championships were numbered. However, Marcos Rohoprides won the team Jorge Sampaoli, thereby leading her to the playoffs.

On the eve of the match with France, the mentor "albiseleste" met with the press. Sampaoli is convinced that with the French his team can play in their football, because the players are well aware of the capabilities of each other. Nevertheless, what Argentina football can now be considered "its", remains a big mystery.

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The last time the teams met in a friendly match in 2009, then Argentina won 2: 0

At the World Championships teams crossed twice, in 1930 and 1978 - both times Argentina won

Team France does not lose in the last seven meetings - two draws and five wins

In the last seven matches, Argentina lost three times, one match ended in a draw and three bouts won


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France did not show a powerful game, but managed to easily win a difficult group. The team at Deshama is young, but already very experienced, the players are strong not only individually, but also interact well with each other. In the qualification, France looked great, unlike its current rival, but on "mundiale" included the regime of economy of forces. Argentina, in turn, suffered its way out of the group, the game "albeseleste" is far from ideal. If Sampaoli in a short time can not fundamentally change the game of his team, it will be very difficult to fight it against the French.

In our opinion, Argentina will not be able to beat the French. Forecast for the duel - the passage of the French team. In 1xStack this bet can be placed with a coefficient of 1.70.

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In this game, bookmakers prefer France. In the group stage, she scored seven points and confidently took first place in the company with Denmark, Australia and Peru, fully justifying the status of the favorite. In this case, Didier Deschamps did not show all their capabilities, but the real fans of France will almost certainly see in a match against Argentina. "Three-color" began Mundial with a victory over Australia with a score of 2: 1, conceding the only goal from the penalty spot. Then with a minimum score of 1: 0 was defeated the national team of Peru - the only goal scored by Kilian Mbappa. And in the last round the French became co-authors of the first zero draw at the World Championship in Russia, sharing points with Denmark.

Argentina made its way to the playoffs with much greater problems and generally was on the verge of failure. In the first match, she lost points in the game with the debutant of the World Championships Iceland, playing 1: 1. Then there was a major defeat from Croatia 0: 3. And in the last round up to the 86th minute of the match with Nigeria was a draw 1-1 and only then Marcus Rojo brought Albiselest forward in the game and in the 1/8 finals. In this case, with a score of 1-1 in the gate of Argentina was not assigned a penalty for playing the hand. Jorge Sampaoli wards were expected to reach the playoffs from the first place in the group, but they got there only from the second position. And now the way to the finals is including through France. And the experts of the website Bukmeker.rf believe that with the game that Argentina showed at the group stage, pass the vice-champions of Europe it will not succeed. They predict the victory of France, believing that the team of Deschamps will score more than one goal in the opponent's net.

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Four years ago, both teams completed their way for the trophy after playing with Germany - France lost to it in the quarterfinals, and Argentina - in the final. This year, both are among the contenders for the victory, but one of them will fly out in the first round of the playoffs. France does not lose to representatives of South America at the World Championships eight meetings in a row, having won three wins in regular time, one victory in extra time, one victory in the penalty shoot-out and three more draws. And in seven previous matches against South Americans, she did not miss - the last goal in such a game the French missed in 1986 from Brazil. And the last defeat they suffered in 1978 just from Argentina - 1: 2. That in turn from the last 16 matches against the European teams in the World Championships in the main time won only four with the same number of defeats and eight draws. In the internal confrontation between France and Argentina, the advantage of South Americans, who won all four games against the "Tri-color", conceding only one goal. The series may be interrupted this week.

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the victory of France - 2.36, the draw - 3.06, the victory of Argentina - 3.42.


The victory of France; the individual total of France is more than 1,5 goals. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.00). In the second place in popularity, France won 1: 0 (coefficient 6.50). Bets on the individual total of France more than 1.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.72.

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