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One of the friendly matches next Friday will be a duel between the national teams of Korea and Uruguay. South Americans in this pair are favorites, but not very big, after all, we should not forget that the match will be played in Seoul, "heavenly” after the flight, besides, it’s not a fact that Oscar Tabares will put the strongest on the match some of the shopkeepers express themselves.


Good world cup

The Korean team, in spite of the early departure from Mundial, can put the tournament in Russia as an asset. Asians managed to win at that time the reigning world champions, the Germans, with a score of 2-0, which can already be called an achievement for this national team. After the World Cup, the Asian tigers beat the Costa Rican national team in a freight train and tied 0-0 with the Chileans, the future owners didn’t miss their goals.

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Strong team

The national team of Uruguay in Russia reached the ¼ final, where it was not lucky to get to the French, who subsequently won the world championship. After Mundial Uruguay played one control match in Texas, the guys of Oscar Tabares with the score 4: 1 defeated the Mexican national team, two goals in that game on the account of Suarez. It is very important which version of the team will put Tabares on the upcoming fight. The thing is that the "Charrua" and close no two equal compositions.



The national team of Uruguay significantly exceeds the level of the Koreans in their level, much in the upcoming meeting depends on the guests, on the composition that will be released from the first minutes and the mood of the leaders. Our free forecast for this meeting: TM 2.5


October 12, 2018 at 14:00 at the Seoul Stadium South Korea will play a friendly match against Uruguay.


South Korea will be remembered by everyone, after in their last bout as part of the group stage of the World Cup, the players were able to dry out against Germany, the past champions. That match ended with a score of 2-0 and will remain in the memory for a long time. It seems that after this extravaganza, the team gained motivation and does not lose in the course of two friendly matches. In the first home match, Costa Rica was defeated 2-0, and then the game ended in a draw against Chile.

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Uruguay left the World Championship after the quarterfinal game against France, which later became the champion. Naturally, the Uruguayan national team is distinguished by its stellar composition and the ability to perform beautifully in the framework of large tournaments. Sky Blue played one friendly match after the World Cup, where they faced Mexico and defeated their opponent with a 4-1 score.


Never in history has Uruguay lost to South Korea, and for this long period he missed only two goals. Of course, the "Sky-blue” favorites of this confrontation are notable for more collected and star-filled players, but the stadium owners proved that they are not a weak team, so the Americans will fight at home. I think a lot of goals in Seoul will not be scored. Bet: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.3


Friday will be a fight between South Korea and Uruguay. The extreme confrontation between them is considered a duel four years ago, in which the victory went - 0: 1 Uruguayans. Will the Koreans recoup? See the forecast.

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"Asian tigers" adequately manifested themselves in the World Cup, only to get out of the group failed. Last month, the squad Bento did not stop, but continued to delight with their performances. At first they managed to beat Costa Rica 2: 0, after 0: 0 with Chile.


Charrua were gorgeous at the World Cup, but only 1 round of the playoffs was completed. In one fourth, the team Tabaresa lost 2-0 to the French. In September, the team held a friendly fight with the Mexicans, and defeated them 1: 4. Recall that the team skillfully attacks, and adequately defended. To achieve such a balance is not easy.

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The forecast for the match South Korea - Uruguay, F2 (0). Still, the charrua is much stronger, so it’s best to bet that the guests will not lose. Still, this is a friendly match, so the Uruguayans will not have a particularly strong motivation.


On Friday, October 12, the South Korean team in their field will take Uruguay as part of a friendly match. The fight in Seoul will begin at 14:00 Moscow time. Forecast for South Korea - Uruguay


South Korea

At the 2018 World Cup, the South Korean team was given the role, if not of "whipping boys,” then at least the outsider of Group F. This is not surprising, since the rivals in the Asian team went to Germany, Mexico and Sweden.


The first two rounds proved that this seems to be true, because "Tre Krunur” and "Aztecs” were stronger with a score of 1: 0 and 2: 1, respectively. Few people believed that "Bundestim” would not follow their example, especially when it was necessary for it to win in order to reach the playoffs, but it sensationally lost with the score 0: 2 and left the world championship.

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Despite such a sensational farewell to the Russian World Cup 2018, head coach Sin Thae Yong left his post. Under the guidance of the new mentor Paulo Bento, the "Teiju Warriors” have already managed to defeat Costa Rica (2: 0) in control matches and play a draw with Chile (0: 0).

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On the eve of the world forum of this year, the Uruguay national team was considered a team that could become one of the discoveries of the tournament. In each line, the team had performers, if not of the top class, then of a high enough level to count on success.

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In the end, "Celeste” did not meet these expectations, although it cannot be said that they acted unsuccessfully. The representative of South America won the group, which also included Russia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and then went to the 1/8 finals of Portugal, but was defeated by France in the quarterfinal.


After the Russian mundial with Uruguay, Oscar Tabares continues to work, who is preparing his charges for Copa America 2019. In the control match against Mexico in September, the team was led by Fabian Coito, and she won with a score of 4: 1.



Bookmakers are naturally considered to be the favorite of the guests, the coefficient for winning which is 2.35, while the success of the home team is estimated at 3.10, and a draw - at 3.25.

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Forecast: Uruguay will win, and both teams will score


We recommend betting on the fact that Uruguay will win, and both teams will score for 5.00

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Friday afternoon in Seoul will be a friendly match between the national teams of South Korea and Uruguay.


The last time these teams overlapped 4 years ago, when their sparring ended with a minimal victory for the Uruguayans - 0: 1. I wonder if the Koreans will be able to take revenge after so many years?


The national team of South Korea performed well at the last World Cup 2018, but never left the group. In September, the wards of Paulo Bento continued to amaze, because they did not lose any of the sparrings. So, the "Asian tigers" managed to beat Costa Rica (2: 0) and tied with Chile (0: 0). Well, it is worth noting that in August-September a couple of players from the main team went with the Olympic team to win the Asian Games ...

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But the Uruguay national team played well in the World Cup, but only one round of the playoffs was held. In the quarter finals, the "charrua” lost to France (0: 2), which later became the world champion. And in September, the wards of Oscar Tabareza held a sparring with Mexico, defeating those with a score of 1: 4. It is worth noting that now the Uruguayans have found a balance between attack and defense ...


Bookmakers are only slightly inclined to win the national team of Uruguay, but you need to be more confident. The fact is that the level of Uruguayans is simply better, and there’s nothing for them to stumble in such matches. So put the best on the guests ...


Free match forecast for South Korea - Uruguay: "Uruguay victory with a handicap of 0”. At such an outcome bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.69.

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Friday afternoon will be a friendly sparring between the top teams of Asia and South America. The advantage in class here is on the side of Uruguay, but South Korea plays at home, therefore, it is capable of giving a surprise.


At the 2018 World Cup, South Korea took the third place in the group with Mexico, Sweden and Germany, but in its assets there was a sensational 2: 0 victory over the then current world champions. After that, the Teguka Warriors held two friendly games in which they never missed - a 2-0 victory over Costa Rica and a 0-0 draw with Chile.


Uruguay flew from the world championship at the quarterfinal stage from the future champions of the French (0: 2). In principle, this is a good result for Tabaresa wards, who remain one of the strongest teams in the world. They confirmed their high status in the last friendly game, defeating Mexico with a score of 4: 1.

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Bookmakers consider Uruguay a small favorite of this confrontation. But the sky-blue will play on the road and by a minor composition, so South Korea has good chances for a positive result.


South Korea will not lose (1X) at 1.63

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Friendly match South Korea - Uruguay will be held on Friday, October 12 at 14:00 (Moscow time) at the World Cap stadium. This is a meeting of two participants of the World Championship in Russia. In the summer, South Korea was unable to reach the playoffs from its group, but in the final round, it sensationally beat the current world champions of the Germans with a score of 2: 0 and also did not let them into the playoffs. After Mundial, the Koreans held two friendly matches, beating Costa Rica 2: 0 and tied 0: 0 with Chile. Three games in a row, they not only lose, but do not miss. During this time, South Korea won twice, although before that she won only one victory in eight fights, losing six times. In a friendly match recently, she did not play the best way and won only two of the last eight matches, losing four times. In three of the last four friendly matches, South Korea did not score a single goal.


Uruguay reached the quarterfinal at the World Championships in Russia, beating European Portuguese along the way of the champions and losing to the future world champions to the French. In September, Uruguay held a friendly match with Mexico and won a major victory with a score of 4: 1 - Luis Suarez in the game scored a double. Uruguay won eight of their last nine matches, losing only once. In six fights in this segment, he did not miss a single goal. In friendly matches, Uruguay rarely loses. For example, out of 22 previous friendly matches, he lost only four with the same number of draws and 14 wins. Considering that he won all four matches against South Korea and missed only one goal during this time, the experts at the site Bookmakers.rf believe that Uruguay will win again in the upcoming game without missing a single goal.

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the victory of South Korea - 2.864, a draw - 3.50, the victory of Uruguay - 2.41.



Uruguay victory; Uruguay will not miss.

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