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England - Belgium 28.06 Free fixed tips

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The England team had difficulties with overcoming obstacles in Tunisia's mind in the first round, but with the help of the skill of Harry Kane and luck took the victory. In the second match, the British did not encounter resistance from Panama - the debutant had no idea how he acted against such a fast and organized team as England, and therefore lost 1: 6 in all respects. Now the team of Gareth Southgate will compete for the first place with the Belgians, the exit from the group the British themselves have already formalized.



The Belgian national team also had to include the maximum turnovers in the first round, when Panama did not want to give up. Resistance debutant lasted only 45 minutes, in the second half, Belgium squeezed the opponent, scoring in his gate three unanswered goals. In the second match with Tunisia, the team Roberto Martinez had no problems - the African team scored twice, but missed five times. Belgium is burning with the desire to take the first line to itself, therefore to the match for certain will be treated with all seriousness.

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The last time the teams met in a friendly match in 2012, then England won 1: 0

At the World Championships, the teams also crossed - in 1990 the main time ended in a goalless draw, and in the extra England won 1-0

Belgium does not lose in all tournaments since September 2016

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The Belgian national team proves by its game that it was not for nothing that it was brought before the start of "mundialya" in the favorites. Team Martinez is oversaturated with stars, but more importantly - the players understand each other perfectly and show the result. If Belgium will play in their football today, it is unlikely that the British can count on points.

In our opinion, Belgium has a better chance of winning. The forecast of experts of the site AllProSports for the match - victory of the national team of Belgium or a draw and both will score. In 1xStack such an outcome is estimated by the coefficient 2.76.

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England's results in the first two matches have refuted the forecasts of many critics. For the first time in a long time, the team of "three lions" left the group so confidently. However, the main thing is not even this, but the game that Southgate wards demonstrated. The English played beautifully and brightly. These have not been seen for a long time. The national team of Tunisia England won only in the last minutes, having detached from itself a direct competitor. But in the match with Panama, the British puffed up hard. With a score of 6: 1, the team of "three lions" did not win for a long time at the final stage of the major championships.

It is worth noting that to win the group of England at the World Championships recently turned out also infrequently. Only twice in the last seven drawings. In this case, this can have some significance. The team of "three lions" in the next round will meet with Senegal, Japan or Colombia. South Americans in this whole company look the most undesirable enemy. And although they are now on the third line, it is possible that Columbia will win the group and will get to the second place of the quartet G.

The result of the group round for the England team was predicted by our experts, the material is under this link.

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Belgium together with England on this mundiale shows the most vivid game among all the favorites. In the first two rounds, the "Red Devils" managed to win two confident victories. First, the team Martinez defeated Panama - 3: 0, and then showed how to play with Tunisia - 5: 2.

However, the defeat of deliberately weak rivals Belgium was constantly noted in the qualification for the World Cup. The greatest questions to this team arise after the matches with the grandees. Although with them the Belgians practically did not meet in preparation for the World Cup. With Mexico, Belgium played 3: 3, and Portugal broke up the world - 0: 0.

Among the favorites of the world championship Belgium got recently. For the 2006 and 2010 World Championships, the "Red Devils" were not qualified. But in Brazil, the Belgians reached the quarterfinals, in which Argentina lost 0: 1.

Prospects of the Belgian national team on the mundiale were analyzed by our experts in a special material.

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In the final third round of the group stage of the World Cup, we expect a lot of interesting matches. In the central battle of the day the national teams of England will come together against Belgium. The battle will be held in Kaliningrad at the stadium with the amazing name "Kaliningrad". Local residents are fabulously lucky, a similar level of confrontation, they in their own lives still probably did not see first hand.

Bookmakers are thoughtful, they do not understand who is the favorite of this confrontation. "Omniscents" decided not to bathe and put an equal line on the event. In general, this position can be accepted, because two strong teams will come to Kaliningrad, who are on the list of those who can win the main trophy. Let's try to find a favorable coefficient, regardless of the complexity of the predictability of the event.

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"Three Lions" confidently began Mundial, first the guys on the class figured out the Tunisian team thanks to Kane's double. Later there was a duel against the national team of Panama. The first half will surely go down in history, as one of the easiest in the history of the British team. For the starting forty-five minutes, the British scored five unanswered goals at the gate of a poor rival.

Forward Tottenham Kane this time noted three goals, for the sake of justice it is necessary to clarify that two of them were scored from the penalty spot. Gareth Southgate is probably friends with the numbers and understands that the winner will get the first place in the group. In addition to this main bun, there is an opportunity to check in battle with a really top-end opponent.

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The "devils" did not have any problems in the first two matches. First the guys figured out Panama with three unanswered goals. On the second day of the game, Martinez's wards broke loose and beat Tunis with a score of 5: 2. The only negative - two missed goals from a very mediocre opponent. The Spanish specialist has food for thought before the start of the playoffs.

We speak on the facts - that in the qualification, that in the first matches of the group the Belgians did not meet the worthy resistance. On the one hand, it paints the Martinez team, but on the reverse side of the medal it is not clear how the collective will behave when everything goes not according to their scenario. Yes, individually, the "devils" are almost the strongest team in the world, but last time, in fact, the same players stopped the organized team of Argentina.

Forecast for this match

The Belgians have a lot of sent Cossacks, who work in England. Let's say more, Martinez for a long period was Everton's coach, nominal guests know everything about the opponent and are ready to win. In such a situation, it is worth placing on those who look stronger on paper.

Bet - the victory of Belgium with a 0.

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